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  1. Uncle replied to the thread Personal Loot Reward Update in Renewal of Ro [Heroic III] zones.

    so on a side note guildee just informed me they ran h3 storm and 5/6 got red/white adrons and the 6th a scout got mage shoulders off the...

    Mar 14, 2023
  2. Uncle replied to the thread RoR Tier Crates.. the missing link.

    honestly the smart loot for heroic crates imho > daily rng crate couple runs = all crate loot just ahve to be geared enough to run...

    Jan 31, 2023
  3. Uncle replied to the thread Monolith partially leveled before 1/10 patch does not level right.

    so much for not wantng players to go back to old content...... AWESOME

    Jan 10, 2023