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  1. Veldaria New Member

    I am trying to zone into Shards Landing with my main, and it won't let me zone in, nor will it let me log in from the server select into Shards Landing. I can log in with my alt into PoK but I can't access my main. She's stuck in limbo...
  2. TibalMurphy Elder

    I would ask if you have the RoF expansion but I think free play has RoF, could be wrong but I'm pretty sure it's unlocked.
  3. Absor Augur

    What server? The zone might be down on your server, but we need to know which server that is.

  4. Darkark Augur

    This was happening to a guildy a couple of weeks ago. No-one else had the problem (and many of use were running through the zone between farming RoF raids). In the end her ISP replaced her router (for free) and everything has been fine since. I'm not sure what the connection between a router and crashing in Shard's is, but that being the fix at least points to it being a client side issue.
  5. Borek-VS Augur

    I've been having erratic zoning problems the last few days (on AB). One character can't zone (various zones), then a few seconds later can.
  6. Khoza Augur

    If you can't log in one particular character, you might also want to check your UI files. If your alts use a different UI than your main, try resetting to default on the main. If they use the same files, try renaming your UI_char_server.ini to something different so it has to make a new file. If that fails, you'll still have your old setup available. If it succeeds, you'll have to rebuild your UI (or just use the copy UI feature from another character's file) but at least you'll be able to log in.

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