Zoning randomly locks up EQ completely.

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Random_tank, Nov 17, 2019.

  1. Random_tank New Member

    Different zones, different PCs, different times.

    You try to zone and EQ locks up, the character never shows up in the new zone. After restarting PC, the character arrives in the new zone.
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  2. phaeril Augur

    With 6 toons, the previous patch i would lose at least one toon every few zones... let's be generous and call it 1 in 20. This is on mangler, reports of others frequently having this problem in our guild is common.
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  3. Symbius Augur

    Happens to me all the time. I haven't found anything that causes it.

    Hit a zone line and the White text appears on the screen. The next black screen with the loading bar never shows up and the game just freezes there.

    I have to go to Task Manager, end task and then relog into the game by booting the character offline.
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  4. Aanuvane Augur

    Been suffering this for months. It is so frustrating.
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  5. lancelove Augur

    Yes, and it seems to have gotten worse since the patch. It has been happening for awhile. Now, the same thing is happening at the start up screen as well.
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  6. Elmdor Lorekeeper

    Since the patch earlier in November, this is happening very frequently on 2 of my 4 PCs. Both are on win7. Is it possible that something was broken regarding win7? Before this patch, I almost never crashed on EQ, now it is happening roughly 50% of the time I zone.
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  7. Elmdor Lorekeeper

    This is still an issue, and it appears to have nothing to do with Win7. Since I made this post, I've reformatted the PCs involved, installed Win10 on each, and individually given them clean installs of EQ. I don't use any custom UIs or mods of any kind. I've experimented with all graphical settings, memory allocation settings, etc. and I've reset UI layouts multiple times.

    Crashes migrate from PC to PC and happen in repeated episodes. Ie. One PC will repeatedly disconnect on zoning for 15 mins, then be ok for awhile, then start again a few hours later or the next day. When a crash happens, the loading progress bar will progress about halfway and then the EQ client will instantly crash to desktop without an error message. Crashes can also happen when camping to character select, or logging in from character select.

    I'm a 4 boxer, with each toon on a different pc, and the likelihood of a crash is greatly increased if multiple toons are zoning at once. My hunch is it's related to server stability or allocation of resources.

    My request is to you, Devs.. please work on this (maybe look at internal server changes you might have made in the November patch?). I've never had crashing issues for 20 years til the November patch, now they are happening every day, and I know I'm not the only one. I love EQ and I want to see it through to the end (which hopefully never comes! :) ), but this is an intractable issue for me.
  8. Aanuvane Augur

    I am having one heck of a time zoning three accounts from Brell's Rest to Underquarry to Arthricrex. One account might make it through, the others crash repeatedly and it takes many restarts to eventually get all three accounts into Arthricrex. I'm not having that problem moving between GL/PoK and Alra nor into Tempest Temple nor into missions. But from Brell's rest on, nightmare. My accounts are freezing and I have to try multiple times to get them to load in each zone and then zone into the next zone.
  9. Grok Elder

    This happens to me every time i zone. I run 12 guys and at least 1 just freezes with no feedback when zoning. The eq debug log says that it cannot connect to the zone server. There are no windows event log errors. This is definite the single worst thing about EQ for me.
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  10. Aanuvane Augur

    Though I am still encountering this problem, I am finding that it's less since I turned off logging and specifically for my Brell's Rest, Underquarry, Arthicrex issue - I deleted those zone files and let them get replaced and I can now zone through without having to restart multiple times.
  11. Travestii Elder

    I'm not sure if my experience is the same as others, but when I crash, the server seems to have a hard time detecting it, because sometimes I can come back an extended time after the crash and when I try to log back in I still get the prompt that I have an active character in game.
  12. Kezzan Journeyman

    Still happens to me too. I posted this over a month ago in Bugs Report forum and received no response from devs. Good to see other players posting about this.
  13. Ratalthor Developer

    Can anyone provide any additional info or reproducible steps?
  14. Bubossi New Member

    I'm playing this on Ubuntu using wine, so maybe it's not exactly the same, but when this happens to me there's some packet loss between here (Brisbane Australia) and the servers. Perhaps there's some important packets not being resent when one goes missing.
  15. Drampire New Member

    I've had this problem most of the time while zoning into an unloaded guild hall, however, it also randomly happens in other zones regardless if they are already populated. It's not just a regular crash, and the only fix is a hard reboot. You can't even close it in task manager.
  16. Drampire New Member

    Just happened again after casting throne to guild lobby. If it helps any, it's always very early into the zoning process. Almost immediately after clicking or casting into a zone.
  17. Ratalthor Developer