Zonewide loot drops a little too common? Baz flooded

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by FcsevenXIII, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. Raptorjesus5 Augur

    Only the neck, cloak and face pieces are really worthless from what I can see. I assume the reason for this is because every named mob and it's mother ALSO drops neck/face/cloak pieces.

    Rings/Earrings are still worth something if only because you need 2 of each.

    All the zonewide visible armor slots still sell pretty darn well. And fear touched and dreadmotes still sell incredibly well so I don't really see a valid complaint here.
  2. iniari-TR Augur

    named spawn rate is a rather tricky equation. the chance % for a particular named to spawn depends on several factors; repop ( generally 22 min) , how many PH's can spawn a particular named, # of players in a zone, how fast mobs are being killed, and of course RNG.

    psychologically we feel that if there are a lot of players killing lots of mobs there will be a greater chance to have nameds spawn, when in fact its just the opposite. when there are a lot of players killing lots of mobs very fast the spawns are weighted more for normal mobs then nameds. since the equations for the zone only allow X number of rare spawns to be up at any one time. and finding a named on roaming or multiple ph's in different areas of a zone makes it seem that named mobs are a lot less common.
  3. Cicelee Augur

    I think offline trader is the reason for the flood of gear more than anything else. I have been able to sell almost 150k of gear in the past couple of weeks since I started setting up my offline trader. If I could not do offline, I would probably just hand it over to others or tribute it if it was tributable. If offline trading were available in prior expansions, players would probably see similar results...
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  4. Raptorjesus5 Augur

    I have never ever heard nor experienced the number of players in a zone effecting how many named were allowed to be up at any given time. Where are you getting this from?
  5. Kurayami Augur

    You are very correct here about the offline trader making a big difference. I simply would not set up my trader usually as killing my computer when I'm not even at it just to make a few plat wasn't worth it to me. Although my offline trader has been doing rather well, been making like 100k-150k on average every workday when I leave my trader up most the day.

    As an important note, there are ALWAYS complaints about bazaar prices, always have been and always will be. Were complaints about it back in the EC tunnel days too, just less items avail on average to complain about, more people selling w/ their main toon, etc. If you don't like a price, go farm it yourself, the solution way back then and now. If you can't farm it yourself, well guess you know why it costs so much, huh?
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  6. iniari-TR Augur

    there was a post by a dev during one of the beta's explaining the equations they use for named spawns . - was during UF beta iirc.

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