Zonewide loot drops a little too common? Baz flooded

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by FcsevenXIII, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. FcsevenXIII Augur

    Just wondering if this is intentional. On tunare we have tons of 2k hem gear flooding the market. These items are bottoming out at 500pp. I am assuming the increased drop rate is because the developers want players caught up? Or is the rng out of whack?
  2. Siddar Augur

    Yep its HoT spell drops all over again.
  3. Daegun Augur

    Welcome to last month.
  4. Tarvas Augur

    It is craziness in my eyes. But as long as people who need it get it its all good.
  5. Shang Augur

    This is one of the fundamental problems with expansions instantaneously outdating all previous content.

    A large percentage of the game is only killing in the new expansion.. Thus, increasing the rate at which these new-expansion globals drop.. They could be really rare, but the odds aren't in their favor.
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  6. iniari-TR Augur

    im sure the folks that try to hoard a billion plat arnt too happy, but having loot drop from trash mobs is a lot better for the average players then having it only on named mobs.
  7. Derd Augur

    It's been great for gearing up alts, and after seeing your price point i checked baz on drinal. Picked up a good handful of over 7 k tribute items for a couple thousand plat. And i'm sure for the casual group player being able to gear up without having to kill named has been a help. I dont really actively go after gear for alts so i admit to being very pleased at the drop rate :) My reg group has moved on into t2 and it doesnt seem to drop gear quite as often but i have very few days to base that on.
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  8. Qbert Augur

    T2 doesn't drop gear as often from trash I'm sure partly because there is far less of it to drop. There is one "set" of non-visibles in t2 (none of which has the type3 aug slot, /rude), as opposed to many, many varieties of non-visibles for every slot in t1 that drop from trash.
  9. TheQxx Augur

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  10. Retrievil Elder

    Everything is way too common this expac. Maybe its because most of the named are so easy. Id really like to know why all the nameds in Kael are blue, and yellow in all the other T1 zones. The named, apart from the odd ability, are easier than the trash mobs.

    The bottom has fallen out on attunable gear faster than any previous expansion. Fear touched stuff, apart from chest (50k), is all going for around 10k on Povar.
  11. Leerah Augur

    What exactly are you guys complaining about? Not earning enough plat?
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  12. Axxius Augur

    In case of RoF, those drops are not rare at all. Probably set to something like 1/100 drop rates for each item. Kill 100 trash mobs in a zone like Xorbb and you'll get a handful of those drops, some even more than once.

    Gearing up alts, new and returning players has never been so easy. And I think it's intended.
  13. Kurayami Augur

    Well speaking from a returning HoT player's perspective, VoA is quite a horrible XP, the traveling is horrible, the difficulty for reward scaling is horrible, SEPULCHER especially is horrible, know this very well as I have done some aug camps there recently.

    RoF is a big apology XP as far as I'm concerned, and part of the apology is easy to get 2k hp/mana gear for everyone. Even some rather good augs can be purchased too, although those tend to be a lot more expensive. Something like this was bound to happen, it happened before with defiant gear, and now they have RoF gear, 20 different t1 neck types just so everyone accidentally gets one! I can't say it is a horrible idea for those who want to catch up, be able to have a chance in hell of getting up to speed. No one is being forced to use this extremely easy to acquire gear, if you'd rather work for it in VoA or HoT or go XP by XP, that is totally up to you.

    However the bulk of people are going to want to catch up sooner rather than later, sounds a lot nicer to just throw a basic crap suit of gear together to somehow get to 92, then have a plethora of 500 pp to 3000 plat gear waiting for almost all slots, and find yourself suddenly 40-60k hps stronger.
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  14. FcsevenXIII Augur

    I can't speak for the others in this thread but I guess I would have two complaints.

    1. The huge amount of time raiding VoA to get get gear of this quality has evaporated and poofed.

    2. None of this gear is selling. I can't seem to sell anything from RoF aside from fear touched tunics and dreadmotes. Not even the tradeskill components are going for much.
  15. Drathus Augur

    Couple of points . . .

    1. The level range on the T1 random drops is 92 Req. and 95 Rec.
    2. It is not prestige.
    3. It is very common

    It has both an obvious upside and a down side.

    The problem we have encountered is getting drops we specifically want seems to be quite hard. We have been camping the Worker's Champion in Valley of King Xorbb for 3 days, 3 hours a night. We have yet to seem him spawn once. I understand the RNG, but it has become quite boring and we would have left long ago, except our mage really wants the pet focus ear.

    I would much rather have the named a little more common and these random trash drops a little more rare. I assume they made the named more rare so the hunter achieves become more of a challenge and made up for it by adding some random drops from trash. However, Everquest has always been about hunting for named and attaining drops (for us) . . . and the challenge of the fight once a named spawns. If no named are spawning for us . . . at all . . . it is very dull.

    Edit . . . and yes, obsoleting the previous expansion by adding all this level 92 gear and giving 100 Alaran to everyone with RoF was not such a great idea with only two tiers of content released.
  16. Retrievil Elder

    I'm not really complaining. Its just an observation.
    However, this content is supposed to last up to a year (unless t3+ arrives). If you can fully equip your character in a week of hunting, or with less than 100k in the bazaar, people are going to be "done" with RoF very quickly. I like to camp augs and stuff for guildies who need, and nobody even needs them anymore, they are that common.
  17. Kurayami Augur

  18. Siddar Augur

    When defiant gear for levels 20-50 sales for more then RoF attunable gear for level 100s there is a problem. When some ground spawns for collection quests are worth more then the majority of buyable RoF group gear there is a problem. When semi common tadeskill items have close to same price as RoF attunable items there is a problem.

    HoT attunable gear held up fairly well at 5k as price floor for majority of item. VoA gear was stable in 10k mim range. RoF gear seems to be tending towards a 500pp floor with the main use for the items being tribute where 500pp gets you 7k tribute.
  19. Talif Augur

    Really not sure where the problem is here.
  20. Koutarou Elder

    Believe only visible-slot attunables (the 7 armor slots - pets have only one wrist, plus primary and secondary) work.

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