Zone Access gained via by levels (includes Key/Progression bypasses)

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  1. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    I was going thru the old Patch Notes when I found this list and decided to update it and expand it to include all zones that are locked behind a level restriction as well as newer zones that have been added to unlock at certain levels.

    Of note, if you are above the Required level listed you will NOT be able to keyring any keys you might obtain; flags will still be added (99.9% sure), but keyringed items will not. Zones listed in {} are ones which have had this level requirement to enter the zone.

    *Also, with the exception of Time B and Anguish (and **Tacvi when Txevu Zun is dead and you have certain number of people in your group) all other Raid instances require that the person requesting the raid DZ/task must be properly flagged. So while you can join a Demiplane, TSS, Solteris, MMM, Crystallos, or Discord raid you are not able to request them without having completed the proper flags.

    The zones and minimum level requirements are as follows:

    - Required Level 40 -
    The Howling Stones (this also grants the Hand of Glory key apparently now too)

    - Required Level 46 -
    Old Sebilis
    Skyshrine to Cobalt Scar
    {Plane of Fear}
    {Plane of Hate}
    {Plane of Sky}
    {Plane of Nature}
    {Plane of Mischief}
    {Plane of Tranquility}
    {Plane of Justice}
    {Plane of Innovation}
    {Plane of Nightmare}
    {Plane of Disease}

    - Required Level 55 -
    Sleeper's Tomb
    Veeshan's Peak
    Vex Thal
    Locked areas of the Temple of Ssraeshza
    Plane of Storms
    Plane of Valor
    Plane of Torment
    Crypt of Decay

    - Required level 57 -
    Bastion of Thunder
    Halls of Honor
    The Temple of Marr
    Tower of Solusek Ro
    Drunder, The Fortress of Zek

    - Required Level 60 -
    Plane of Water
    Plane of Air
    Plane of Fire
    Plane of Earth

    - Required Level 62 -
    Plane of Time

    - Required Level 65 -
    {Muramite Proving Grounds}

    - Required Level 68 -
    Theater of Blood

    - Required Level 69 -
    {Riftseeker's Sanctum} (The reason why so many argued that Anguish should be 69 not 68)

    - Required Level 70 -
    Demiplane of Blood*

    - Required Level 72 -

    - Required Level 74 -
    Frostcrypt/Ashengate Raids*

    Expansions after the above, from at least how the patch messages make it sound the locked zones are just opened without a level requirement after a certain point. This could be wrong and the patch messages were just overly vague; so the below listed zones may also have level requirements. The unlocking has occurred somewhat consistently around March or April.

    Zones which previously were locked but now opened due to the above:
    Meldrath's Majestic Mansion*
    Brell's Temple*
    Fungal Forest*
    Kernagir, the Shinning City*
    Lichen Creep*
    Volska's Husk*

    If anyone has any updates or corrections to this please post them below, and if they decide to allow us to edit posts older than 30 minutes in the future I will edit them in sometime.
  2. Yther Augur

    Might note on the TSS (Frostcrypt / Ashengate) raids, that's it is to participate, but requesting raids still requires flagging. I've verified Crystallos as open to all levels (level 1 toon zoned in).

    If I remember correctly, you can't use Madronoa at 62, but can at 65. At 62-64, you have to go the long way through Yxtta to get there.

    Yther Ore.
  3. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    I had included the raid requester requirement at the top, but I added * to the ones in which the Requester must be flagged to request the raid.

    The ** by Tacvi means that the requester must have the Signet of command or Txevu Zun must be dead and the minimum group/raid size must be met to request it.

    I didn't see the part about Madrona until after I had saved that reply; and when I went to try and edit it again to add that part the 30 minutes was up lol.
  4. Yther Augur

    Nice, I missed the asterisk notes at the top. And the new forums reminds me of that old game show, Beat the Clock. :(

    Yther Ore.
  5. Lighteningrod Augur

    This is false. I have /keyringed every key on toons over the zone entry level just fine.

    The only one I've found which doesn't work anymore is the hole key. Even though it's still for sale, it will not /keyring at all since the hole was opened with UF.
  6. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Good for you, I have personally seen the exact opposite to be true. As I said, the ones which are really flags would show up but the ones that are only keys have not. Maybe they changed that after it was bugged. The Hole was always technically open, though you had to be rezzed in before. I really don't remember they ever saying it was unlocked completely; just that they fixed it so you didn't splat when you just jumped in the direct way down.
  7. Borek-VS Augur

    The Hole was never keyed, in the sense that Sebilis or Howling Stones was. It was just that the normal access point required you to open a door with a key - if you fell in, it was never locked.
  8. doktartp Augur

    Shrinking through the door in the water to the hole is what i remember, but its been a few years.
    DA falling in hole, pulling out my dial up cord, etc lol
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  9. moogs Augur

    Necro like no tomorrow.

    We're well past the 30 minute edit timer, but you still need to do the Hand of Glory quest if you want to see all of Howling Stones.
  10. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Is it just the last door now? I mean I keyringed it on Quarm, but all of the other doors in the zone were open. It could be that they relocked that last door just to make it have a point.

    Also on a related note, I've been told by some that once the zones are unlocked, that now even the requester does not need to be flagged? Anyone know this one way or the other for sure. I know there was some talk back when RoF was unlocked but it was never really verified or discussed outside of that one time.
  11. moogs Augur

    Howling Stones is one of my favorite zones from about 45-50. On my new characters, I have to go through the process of unlocking the doors for each wing. Not that it's a problem - I like the zone - but you don't start out with access that the Hand of Glory would provide.
  12. moogs Augur

    If you have a specific example in mind, I'll be glad to test it on a new heroic character.
  13. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Deathknell and maybe a few from newer expansions that are unlocked.

    Also, it may be a level thing with Howling Stones.
    Actually, K thank on Quarm (start at 51) only the north door was locked. Which can be opened with the candle.
  14. moogs Augur

    So I took an heroic character to Plane of Innovation and could not enter the factory door. "It's locked and you're not holding the key." I obviously have not done the raid event on this character but I don't feel that this should be necessary by the time I'm 85 and have max skills and everything else that comes with being heroic. I'm all for continuing to do solo/group progression but these areas which remain locked behind raid progression from 13 years ago should probably be looked at.
  15. CrazyLarth Augur

    lol find someone who has done the quest then if your too lazy to.
  16. Torezz Lorekeeper

    there's not much inside the factory, unless you're raiding. Then you get the key. Otherwise, there are many other spots you could go. Unless you only want to get in there because its forbidden to you.
  17. moogs Augur

    It's not a question of laziness. I have it done on my main but I think that the area should be unlocked and open to all after a certain level. No need to kill a raid boss for the key.
  18. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    I think you have to get in there to get some oil for the Artesians quest.
  19. moogs Augur

    There's good XP in there. The clockwork guys and others are good up until 63 or so. Good place to level alts. An heroic character should be able to open the door; same with other content pre-dating TSS.
  20. Jedis Arch Mage

    This information does not seem to be accurate. Cannot zone into tactics on a TLP at 57. Need to be 62.