Zieri's EQ Question of the Week! #3

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Zieri, Sep 20, 2021.

  1. Zieri Developer

    Hey all you cool Shir and Kerrans! :cool:

    New week, new question! I love seeing all the participation these threads get. :)

    What is your favorite city, including NPC-only cities, and why?

    I look forward to hearing your responses!
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  2. demi Augur

    Old freeport .. I enjoy my jade tiger familiar it transports me to old freeport for few min .. just for nostalgia .. I wish you'd bring back the big Cats crats or whatever crate those were from cause i have a few more alts that could use the tiger sense they are no trade..
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  3. ZenMaster formless, shapeless

    I'm not sure if it counts but I like Esianti.

    I love the diverse biomes and Middle Eastern architecture.
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  4. Rainlover Augur

    Kelithin. It was my first home. And the only home to kill me in the first 5 minutes by falling out of it.
  5. Dre. Augur

    Kelethin for the convenience.
    Paineel for the architecture.
    Neriak for the ambience.
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  6. Bigstomp Augur

    Rivervale. As a young ogre the halflings were mean to me. Now I can just press rampage. And halfling corpses are everywhere. About 5 minutes later I can do it again.
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  7. Windance Augur

    Katta Castrum in TBS.

    Why? Its a huge city zone with teleport pads to get around. Once you learned the runes you could get around really fast/easy. The TBS quest lines had self balancing quest rewards so the missions everyone did became worth less, and the hard missions that few took the time to master became worth 4x the coi ns and the coins were tradable and had cool vender stuff.

    Kaladim because my first character was a dwarven pally. Small zone, easy to learn, good for starting out.
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  8. Black New Member

    Neriak is my favorite old school city. So many great memories. But the other day, I was catching up on progression with an alt and realized I really enjoyed the look and feel of the city in Argin Hiz.
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  9. Sissruukk Rogue One

    Kaladim - its the home to hard working individuals that know how to party.
  10. Tucoh Augur

    Old Freeport, because my memory of it is probably better than how it really was, but I can't return to it to correct that memory. Also it was my first starting city.
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  11. Dragnath Lorekeeper

    Neriak, first starting zone. I walked around lost for a few minutes then fell in the water and drowned because I didn't know how to swim up. At least my bind point was easier to navigate. I still find Neriak confusing to this day, but there is a lot of nostalgia.
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  12. Windance Augur

    I completely agree. Never spent enough time there to truly learn my way around it. Same with var shal. I pretty much have to have the map open and use find.
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  13. HeatherPurrs Augur

    Highhold Keep. The design is flat out fun and just feels right.
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  14. henry0918 Journeyman

    Kelethin for the convenience.
    Paineel for the architecture.
    Neriak for the ambience.
    Shar Vahl on luclin , I like the vibe

    Npc only city like temple is droga ?
    And why are the new zones and city so lame we can’t attack npc anymore?
    I wish you guys could just wake up and make eq back to its glory days like 2000
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  15. Meeko Developer

    Kurn's Tower

    I spent so many hours leveling up many alts there towards the beginning of my EQ experience. Plus the sight of it rising out of the Field of Bone is amazing.
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  16. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Stone Hive is still one of my favourite zones, love the bixie hive.

    Zone is bright and colourful and who can resist that lovely squeal when the bixies die. :)

    Close second is Stillmoon Temple, for the same reasons except the bixies. :p
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  17. Benito EQ Player since 2001.

    I'm a fan of Sanctus Seru. The Colosseum is insane.
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  18. Rainlover Augur

    as for moon cities, the dark Katta Castellum was something to behold; and the ...twist... of the people living in the dark being the "Good" side vs. those in the light being the "Bad" of luclin was something interesting as well.
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  19. Raytan Elder

    A very tough question. I spent a lot of time in Katta Castellum, and really liked it like Rainlover. I liked most of the starting cities over the years, but maybe preferred Grobb when the Frogluks took it over :). And I've really liked some of the newer cities. I liked Katta Castrum a lot, but maybe a bit busy. If I only had to pick one, I might go with Shadow Haven. There's so many good ones to choose from, but the Casino may make the difference :).
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  20. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    My favourite city is Felwithe because High Elf on Toast is much higher class than Avocado.

    My second favourite city is Shar Vahl, because who doesn't like roasted cat on a stick, am I right?
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  21. Zunnoab Augur

    I have a hard time deciding this, but Shar Vahl is definitely way up there. I started just before LDoN came out and starting in Shar Vahl was amazing. I'm so used to the city I actually forgot people often got lost.

    New Tanaan better known as the Plane of Knowledge is way up there too. It's iconic, and I remember the first time someone had me follow them to the book in Shadeweaver's Thicket and follow them to Halas or Faydwer, one of the two, and I was afraid I would be lost and not find my way back if they went LD. Now I'm remembering Shadow Haven, and how it was a risky journey at low level making my way there. (I did not think or know about going through the Plane of Knowledge and Nexus, which were already live by the time I started playing.)
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