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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Bandersnatch, Jun 23, 2017.

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  1. High Voltage Augur

    Is all this because, entirely out of the blue and completely unexpected, Berserkers have to click some buttons now to be on top?
  2. Lheo Augur

    bleh without big hits DBG just killed the fun to play a zerker (Grats Devs)
  3. Bandersnatch New Member

    Seemingly people seem to think this is about dps or whose on top ... More than anything this is about streamlining the class as stated....

    Summery for those thinking this post was about zerkers being top dps ....

    Detrimental effects- shouldn't be a thing in order to remain competitive ... or atleast to the extent of being rooted /blind

    Pre-reqs- Shouldn't be based on how many hitpoints i currently have , we're already squishy

    Quality of play- Disconcerting worked just fine , but admittedly needed a nerf ... just not as big of one as we got. Also as much as i liked it being the go to disc. I'd be happy with the duration remaining the same (currently) so long as it's useful.

    Other classes need to be brought up to snuff. if dps classes aren't able to come close to zerkers then they need a boost. Zerkers don't need to be taken down a notch ... especially with the dps requirements needed for current content in some instances with the hit point locks to artificially extend the encounter etc ... anyone that's done queen and only gets a few moments of dps in between syncopaths know's what i'm talking about here. not you top few raiding guilds :)

    I've never stated that Zerkers should rule the world in all things concerning dps ... I've not said melting faces is hard right now ... it's not too complicated ... but in it's current state zerker dps is incredibly clunky... in ways others don't have to suffer through. I'm not asking for a 1 press i win button , and would never ask for that ... I'm wondering why we can't stack burn cooldowns the way other classes are able to effectively execute. why we got nerfed so much it forced us back to old discs. why those discs in our main burn blind us or root us in place ...

    If you get nothing else from this post you should get that quality of life is important to all classes ... This game is enjoyable when i play my bard or rogue or BL or shaman .... I fulfill the roles I take on easily. I am currently unable to fulfill my primary roll as a zerker because of stacking issues. If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge anything .... Not while you're rooted and blind you can't. Please help me be more effective at dodge ball !
  4. Israfel Elder

    Perhaps this is a slightly unrelated question, but how strong is the berserker alliance ability? I don't quite understand it.

    How many berserkers need be present for it to be effective? Is it changed in any way by this nerf to sustained?
  5. Rakknar Elder

    Disconcerting Disc. is a whole whopping 6k dps now!

    Tested with shaman, chanter, bard buffs. I clicked it off after its 1m 36 secs duration. Used only my normal rotation of standard attacks (discs). No burn. 3 minute parse (its refresh time, longer parse wont make those numbers move too much more but feel free). I did several parses today over the course of an hour.

    Again DBG didn't make an adjustment...just a gutting. Its manalink guantlets, manaburn (ever see a bard pull 300k dps), dichomatic psalm, warrior 2 hander and rytan's nerfs all over again. Guess which classes i play :)

    I am not implying zerks didn't need an adjustment. Its the magnitude of change from what is initially given to what we are left with. I think I am done trusting DBG to develop their game. Perhaps for the next expansion they should just skip adding any new spells, discs, or AAs. Just make some content.
  6. SonOfABiscuit Augur

    LOL @ this whole thread. Everyone knew this was a long time coming.
  7. Rakknar Elder

    And every class will still lose to zerker dps! So does being closer but still losing the dps race genuinely make you happy?
  8. segap Augur

    It was obvious to most that zerkers were broken and tuning needed to occur. The severity and timing is very debatable. Last year necros were broken. Most agreed mana burn was the issue. Yet, in typical DBG fashion, they blindly threw darts and changed things they should not have. This year, they did the same with zerkers. This disc should never have existed. It was solving a problem that zerkers did not have in TBM (or was highly masked because of dicho). Yet they started off with tweaking other things and ignoring the real problem. This resulted in cascading nerfs.

    Problem #1: They let broken stuff out of beta and leave it in the game for months
    Problem #2: They don't ever seem to understand the real root cause
    Problem #3: They always over do nerfs

    What I will say after seeing raid parses is that zerkers are still capable of being at the top. It's just more competitive with other classes now. As others have noted, however, is that content that many were beating before with massive zerker dps will be tough for lower tier guilds. Add to that summer population drop off and it will be a struggle for many the next couple months.
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  9. Bamboompow Augur

    Same as it ever was.

    Top guilds have everything on farm and are probably bored. They won't take a hit, so now is a good time to nerf away the whole litany of content everyone knew was going to be too good to be true since.....oh back in Beta. Everyone else now gets to ride the struggle bus. Top guild parces drop moderately. Others not so well established, fail events, cancel raids and lose players. Yeehaw!

    Again same as it ever was.

    We probably all now expect this. We have been desensitized to bad practices. Its like calling up a certain large cable media conglomerate whose name starts with a "C", ending in "ast" about their product that starts with an "X" and getting really bad customer service. Since everyone expects the bad service, the company who name begins with a "C" and ending in "ast" has no reason to improve.
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  10. Maedhros High King

    People saying Disconcerting and Frenzied resolve arent worth hitting... what the hell are you doing when Brutal, Cleaving, and Avenging are down, just stubbornly refusing to hit Disconcerting and Frenzied resolve out of spite?

    On an event like the Prince raid in Chardok yesterday on my berz alt, Rinamor, with Freelance raids, I was hitting Discon every 3 minutes, which is the new strength of that particular disc. I hit Frenzied Resolve early so it would be up again in the event as 10 minute refresh is now your number 2 fastest refresh dps disc. Any event that is up for more than 11 minutes, which is everything in EOK except Droga, and Queen and maaaaybbee Karzok when you get good at it, you should be getting at least 2 Frenzied Resolves in.
    I popped down Cleaving, Avenging and Brutal timed with the shammy epics, and I easily topped the parse at just under 200kdps for the 16 minutes or whatever. I am no berz expert, and there are raids with better adps that an elite berserker can do even better than that. Sure its not the 400ks I was getting close to before nerf, but now you have to work for it, and can enjoy it more when you do get the top parse.

    I do feel that the 75% nerf to the power of disconcerting was a bit much. 50% would have been plenty, but its not like the class is suddenly doing monk dps, you have very little to complain about.
    All the crying about needing to root and blind yourself is ridiculous. Those are the constraints of the class, if you dont like to be blind and rooted you could just not click those abilities, and accept your lower parse numbers.
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  11. Denhbers Elder

    Screw anyone who thinks rooting oneself is acceptable gameplay in EQ. Screw being rooted. I'd rather just not play the class. No reason to play if I can't maximize it. I came back to EQ specifically because of not needing to root myself. Now I need to root myself again? I have better things to do with my life.
  12. Horyuken Augur

    This is great for the game moving forward. It is difficult to make a proper encounter (raid or group) when all you needed to do was go heavy on berzerkers. Guilds with 6-8 had a distinct advantage over guilds with 1-2. It was the same way with Rogues in SoV, guilds would load up because the dps would over come any event mechanics. This will help the devs deliver a more balanced raid picture in the next exponentiation, or at least I hope!
  13. Reval Augur

    it will make people happier I guess. I was really happy when I beat berserkers before, and now I guess I'll experience smaller happiness but more often.
  14. Sindaiann Augur

    Our top zerkers still bring the pain, gap is just smaller now
  15. ShadowMan Augur

    And their are people who say screw needing the backside of the mob constantly. Or screw taking 60 seconds to ramp up on a mob. Or screw having slightly more survivablilty to then do 40% less dps. Or screw having 20 spell sets to swap through. Or screw playing a class that requires mashing 1 button non stop to cast 4-5 spells on refresh.

    If your not happy with your class then play another or work on trying to get it changed more. The dev who loved trade offs and downsides is gone so making a logical, reasonable request might go a long way if handled properly beyond the new methods you got to get around it.
  16. Tanols Augur

    Going into EoK beta and for years prior to that it was obvious that Zerkers had a huge gaps in disc rotations where we were dpsing without aid of discs/AA. That some of them were just plain broken and not working as intended. (still true for a few abilities) Result was that even though our burst dps was great, it quickly faded after 3-6 min fight durations. Sustained dps was the suck!
    So we asked for something new to fill in those gaps in our refresh timers/disc use duration timers and to boost sustained dps. What we got is Disconcerting.
    From the beginning this should have been designed as a stand alone discipline. Non stacking with other AA/Discs, or slightly less powerful than existing disciplines and AA, or restricted to boosting our spammed disciplines and combat abilities (what was asked for!!).

    Some of the player base pointed the finger at adps and claiming that was the cause of massive inflation of berserker dps. Result: nerf to shaman epic/zerker AA so we can no longer stack our biggest burn combinations with shaman epic. They added in a second nerf that restricts usage of Glyphs with certain disc and AA. These changes affected all melee dps not just the Berserker class.
    Nerfed zerker dichotomic being twincastable when Scarlet Cheetah Fang is running. (had to be done as much as I hate to admit).
    All along the real culprit for Berserker's being OP was the design flaws in Disconcerting.

    The end result is we have had to roll with the punches on a lot of changes to how we dps. We are left with some hard choices to make as to when and how we use what we have due to the stacking restrictions. Or have the option of requesting that adps change up what they are hitting and when to tailor it to what stacks best with our burn orders, which affects all other melee in the group.

    Bottom line is Disconcerting needed to be changed. Perhaps they were a little heavy handed. Perhaps not. A lot of flavor of the month berserkers may disappear (no great loss in my opinion.) A lot of boxed Berserker's will also start to collect dust. Those that pay attention and put in effort to maximize their dps will still do well but with the changes it is going to take work. Our days of easy mode OP dps are over!

    As far as positioning issues due to being rooted or blinded ... its still a pain in the nether parts but since they gave us an AA that leashes us to mob targetted and or option of clicking off root ... that arguement lost a lot of its teeth. The having to be below 90% hps to activate abilities is my greater complaint but again IF you are paying attention not a major inconvenience.
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  17. Behelit Augur

    we mourn for the Frenzy-disc that could've been!
  18. Angre Augur

    Can I interrupt this broadcast to ask for the url for the Berserker Board?
  19. Treiln Augur

    Did you play a Zerker before disconcerting? You know, back when you were rooting and blinding yourself and still juggling the top 3 spots on parses?

    If yes ----> then you're upset your easy "I win" button is gone
    If No ----> then you rolled fotm and upset that your easy "I win" button is gone.

    If you played before Disconcerting, you can still play your Zerker now. Ready for an obscene analogy?

    You lived for 16 years just fine before you met "the girl". Life was good for a year. Then her parents nice her across the country. You made it 16 years before she came along, I bet you can make it another 16 with her fine.

  20. Bamkan Augur

    I'm the brother that relies on him to drive me to work so I can survive. He decides the parents were unfair and takes his life.

    I and my 40 odd brothers/sisters can no longer get to work.

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