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Discussion in 'Melee' started by redline, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. redline Journeyman

    Does anyone use throwing axe's on a zerker, and what if any do you use? I find them way underpowered and not even worth tossing.
  2. Treiln Augur

    Do you use your summoned axes? Zerkers have some "throwing axe" only disc/AAs that do decent damage.

    What level are you per se?
  3. redline Journeyman

    110 with all aa's minus tradeskill stuff.
  4. skabe Elder

    Keep a good supply of current summoned axes in inventory at all times (me i run with 1000) plus a smaller supply of the ones you need for any older disciplines you might use that require an axe.

    Summoned Axe = ranged attack.
  5. Angre Augur

    Throwing axes is a part of the Berserker's Persona. There is much more to the axe throwing aspect of a Zerker than you may realize. Its a part of us and intertwined into the fabric of a Zerker, but could use some tweaking to raise the dmg it does when we are confronted with the range attack only situation.

    Mangling Axe Throw(I pull with this. Some disciplines increase damage of ranged attacks, but not the range of the Axe Throw)
    Mangling Frenzy (Increases Throwing Damage)
    Mangling Volley (Throws 4 axes)
    Axe of Rekatok (Wildly throws an axe that gives you the chance to proc one of 3 detrimental attacks)
    Dichotomic Rage (Yes, though it doesn't throw an axe, it does use up one Axe as the Demolisher as a regeant)
    Jarring Jolt (Though its purpose is to reduce agro, it IS an Axe Throw)
    Binding Axe (Roots the mob and is a throwing effect)

    There are more examples of disciplines that effect other throwing/ranged attacks and enhance the damage of the effects above and also increase your damage when you are doing a Ranged Attack I believe. But I admit that Ranged Attack don't do much damage when compared to a Ranger. It wouldn't hurt or over power the Zerker if we were given more damage when we Range Attack.

    I believe I have covered them all.


    NOTE: I carry a 40 slot bag full of summoned axes and maintain it before every raid.
  6. Angre Augur

    Just thought I would share this Hot Key. I use my bandolier. I have one called Ranged that is set up to put me in Ranged Attack Mode. In my hotkey, it makes it very simple.

    /bandolier activate Ranged
    /pause 3


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