Zephyr Named Need to be TONED DOWN

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Geko, May 21, 2019.

  1. NeverPayForLag Augur

    Do you solo TBL named with Warrior and merc and group gear?
    I tried that in beta with full raid equipment but without full AA for mercs. It was no fun...
  2. Axxius Augur

    Mercs were horribad at the start of the expansion. They were buffed significantly since then and don't suck quite as badly now. A bug with merc AA gain was also fixed, and it's realistic to get the appropriate ranks of merc AA now - and that makes a big difference.
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  3. Natal Augur

    I think he is referring to real AC, not what you see on Magelo. Puffing your chest is not providing him with the advice he wants (just saying).

    7k AC is fairly normal for a group warrior. I am a frontline raid warrior and I don't think my AC has ever been at 9k displayed. Those high AC values don't really help you much anyway because of diminishing returns.

    The biggest issue with nameds in current content is not their melee damage output, it is spell damage output.

    I would suggest he run a glyph when tanking a named. That reduces incoming damage a lot, especially spell damage. Save up AA, or specifically farm them in something like GMM HAs, to top up to 220 as a reserve.
  4. Geko Journeyman

    So a lot of people here are mentioning the merc - and this 100% could be it. I pulled with Final Stand / BP click / Resolute Defense. I probably should have flashed to help the merc have time to do something.

    The highest hit on me was 26k. I have roughly 250khp buffed.

    Next time I will try to set up with Fortitude / Flash of Anger and then spam with my Shaman.
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  5. Whulfgar Augur

    My toons name is Whullf.

    I am raid geared. With 2 swords, and a melee dps powersource on, zero trib going and just self clickies I am at 7800ac.

    If I put in an ac ps, and sword / board grp buffs I'm sitting at 8957. (merc cleric buffs so no ac buff)
    So it is absolutely with out a doubt doable for a raid warrior to hit that 9k ac mark.
  6. Whulfgar Augur

    I am curious how long does it take for you to kill named ?

    And why are you not answering what is the grp make up ?
  7. Morthakia Augur

    I was also talking about displayed AC. My point is simply that he is sitting at 7000ac when the “maximum potential” ac for a group tank is closer to the 8500 - 9000 range. Hence he is currently “missing” a number of ac-increasing things that could make him more viable as a tank. Given TBL is the most recent expansion, I think it is fair to expect that a tank be at least in the 7500 - 8000 range if they want to tank named mobs with a healer merc. Basically, if you want to tank named with a healer merc in the latest expansion, you should probably have at least completed the content through the prior expansion. That said, this is just my opinion and others are welcome to disagree.
  8. Geko Journeyman

    To answer your question. Damage is not a problem... I use Warrior / Shaman / Monk / Monk / J5 Healer / J5 Healer. All are 110. The warrior is in all Battleworn Visible and GMM Non-Vis gear. AC aug was he is mostly in Conflag + augs. Some 70ac / 400hp augs ... some 80AC / 400HP augs ... then lots of 45 - 67AC augs that have like 250 - 450 HP on them.

    The Shaman is the worst geared ... but just spams heals on multi bind.

    The 2 monks are vastly different in gear. 1 Monk is geared like the warrior (Has GMM 2hb ... 347/23 )
    The other Monk is a DPS beast. He has the Ascending Sun Battle Staff ( 434/23) (Buffed HP of 275k / 5500ac or so) Normally this monk actually out tanks the warrior, but with final stand the warrior out tanks the monk by a fair margin.

    Btw Whulfgar ... if you are still on the 7th Hammer. We are on the same server.
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  9. Geko Journeyman

    I would be interested to see this 8500 - 9000 AC Group Geared warrior ... because a friend of mine who is a full raid geared tank has about 9500AC.
  10. Bigstomp Augur

    This happens to raid tanks who miss a button too. There's 6 seconds of time from when you engage until the first heal has to land if you pressed your (normal, not panic) buttons.
  11. Whulfgar Augur

    I'm in the process of currently gearing up a 110 alt grp geared warrior. Just so I can test out the major dif between raid an bro like I do every expansion.

    Once I finish it out I'll post my results. I've moved off of Tunare server long ago. The raiding scene on that server was ruined by the open raid system there.. so I being a raider at heart left for greener pastures hehe.
  12. Yinla Augur

    Before engaging put a HOT on the warrior and trigger Ancestral Aid, this will help keep him alive while the mercs are warming up.

    Also I've always found it better to have the mercs on different setting so they are casting at different times, I use blanced and reactive for this.

    And try and keep the mob facing away from the rest of the group, a lot of the AEs are directional.

    Good luck. :)
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  13. Nifty Slacker Augur

    I think Yinla's method of having healer mercs on different settings is a good idea. Just as a comparison, my paladin, with 6600 ac, can tank mearatas namers, but there is always a good cleric in the group, one that I am not boxing. When I do box a healer, I bring a very undergeared druid along with about 15k aa's. According to the parser she can out-heal a cleric merc... I need to parse more comparrisons though. It could have been a fluke.
  14. Frael Elder

    I'm fully group geared and hit well over 9k ac with tribute, discs and merc buffs.

    Edit: I use 2 healer mercs in my setup. I used to box a druid for extra healing but replaced him with dps. (Even a boxed druid is a better healer than a merc.)
  15. Allayna Augur

    Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.

    You can’t just PL to 110 and pick up rot loot in zones from higher levels and then steam roll the latest expansion? You have to fill type 7/8 aug slots with quality augments, work on type 5s appropriate to your class, have an understanding of the class, including disc rotation. As a tank, have heroic AAs completed, all defensive AAs completed, tears of alaris, class appropriate clickies. Block wasteful spells on a merc (promised). As a boxer, have an understanding of the toons you box (shaman permanent hp aura, growth spell, roar line, HoTs, cures, as much of the spiking damage comes from curable DoTs, and direct heal lineup, alliance would help too since there are healer mercs).

    It always comes back to this. There is a certain amount (considerable amount) of knowledge base that goes into playing Everquest. The second piece to that is tuning, this is the latest and greatest expansion, there is a certain expectation that you’ve done the prior expansions and learned and earned all of the above walking into TBL.

    The game is friendlier to new players, but it is still a steep hill to climb.

    Favorite part of this thread was the monk out tanking the warrior....
    Nothing to see here.
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  16. Tucoh Augur

    1. Have the shaman keep alliance / Incapacity on the warrior (and maybe your geared monk).

    2. Try equipping one or both monks with 2x conflagrant rods http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?item=129385

    3. Take a fresh look at this link and make sure your hitting your warrior's cooldowns correctly. http://pb.gamerlaunch.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=11328956&gid=518180

    4. Save up the Dragon Scales glyphs for named on your warrior. They'll last through the fight and are an immense defensive ability.

    5. Get used to having the shaman keep their synergy up on the group, and saving your spiritual squall for after an AE. The 3x waves of spiritual squall activate your synergy, giving a massive 45k pre-crit group heal that will probably fully restore your group's health. If you don't have the synergy AA maxed out yet, start working on it.
    [51001/49721] Luminary's Synergy II
    Max Hits: 3 Matching Spells
    1: Increase Healing Taken by 10800 (Before Crit)

    6. Consider replacing one of your mercs with a bard. You can level up a new bard via fellowship XP relatively quickly, even quicker if you start with heroic. The bard will dramatically increase your group's defensive, offensive and utility capabilities.

    The difficult named in Stratos are a blessing in disguise. Once you step up your game, your group will have no problem cutting through TBL named and when you've completed Stratos hunter you'll look down at where you were before you started and shake your head at your past failures as you taste present victory.
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  17. Funk Augur

    I'm sorry but this is bad advice, if you have a monk with the best weapon in the game you do not switch to horrible one hand blunts to gain a heal proc.

    Opening with everything you got as a warrior should easily get you through.
    1. Always on - Aura, Blade Guardian, Brace for Impact, Harmonius Precision, Field Champion, Proc ( scorpion potion or at least chestplate of dark flame clicky.

    2. Open with Culminating Stand + Pain Doesn't Hurt + Resplendent Glory, Warlords Bravery and Tenacity. Pull the mob and pop flash of anger. You should live through the fight, especially if you have a monk with Ascending Sun Battle Staff.

    3. The mercs on different settings is good also. I sometimes 3 box warrior, monk, bard with 3 healers just so I can play lazy, and set a reactive, balanced and efficient. Or two reactive and one balanced.
  18. Thrillho Augur

    Ohhh no you don't
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  19. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    It might be that alot have gotten lazy in terms of having box configurations that rely on melee belt slow vs. spell slow.
  20. Allayna Augur

    There are items in game to remedy this.

    I am a paladin. I can tash, 50% slow, malo, cripple and snare a mob. I'm not talking about any belt. None of this matters.

    DPS is king in EQ.

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