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  1. LessPlay Journeyman

    I remember within the last year or two changes were made to several ZEMs. I'm not sure if they were all just removed or adjusted to spread out the population. I believe this was when the removed the EXP mod from halflings? Does anyone know if the ZEMs are something that can be looked up or if info is no longer available?
  2. Protagonist Augur

    They were normalized.
  3. Zinth Augur

    ZEM = Zone Experience Modifier, Halflings are not a zone... But positive/negative values were removed, all get 100% exp now no matter the class/race

    There is an old ZEM list out there but other then that nothing really public about it
  4. a_librarian Augur

    They definitely did not equalize all zones xp modifier. There also isn't an up to date list of what they changed. All I know is Kaesora kicks major b*tt
  5. Zinth Augur

    correct the ZEM was not equalized, the racial/class modifiers were equalized
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  6. Protagonist Augur

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  7. Skuz Augur

    The only changes to zone XP I recall were where some had been hotzones, due to a bug in the code the reversion to non-hotzone status was failing and so each time it became a hotzone it was getting a bonus added on top of the prior bonus(es) leading to a few places becoming way better xp than what was ever intended.
    When that bug got fixed the zones went back to the xp they should have had all along.
  8. a_librarian Augur

    Neither of these links support your claim at all, lmao. They did not say the word normalized a single time. They said "adjusted" and "increased and decreased" to "encourage variety". The dev post even says people should go explore and find out what the new updated ZEMs are.
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  9. a_librarian Augur

    City of Misty got destroyed by that adjustment btw. It basically overnight went from a well traffic'd zone to being dead. I think their guiding principle was to squeeze ZEM out of zones where large amounts of low health mobs were. CoM got shafted by it.
  10. Protagonist Augur

    25 minutes. Called it.
  11. Zinth Augur

    this is an OLD list, most likely NOT up to date, but it shows you how varied they were and that "newbie zones + indoor" usually gave more exp than outdoor:
    (one of the zones that used to be hugely positive but changed to negative "Lake of Ill Omen- (-)14.3%")

    East Commons-0%
    East Freeport-0%
    East Karana-0%
    Gorge of King Xorbb-0%
    Gukta- Outpost of Marr-33.3%
    High Keep-100%
    Highpass Hold-6.7%
    Innothule Swamp-0%
    Kithikor Woods-0%
    Lake Rathe-0%
    Lavastorm Mountains-0%
    Lower Guk-6.7%
    Misty Thicket-0%
    Nagafen's Lair-6.7%
    Neriak- All-33.3%
    North Freeport-33.3%
    North Karana-0%
    North Qeynos-0%
    North Ro-75
    Oasis of Marr-75
    Qeynos Hills-0%
    Rathe Mountains-0%
    Runny Eye-33.3%
    Solusek's Eye-73.3%
    South Karana-0%
    South Ro-0%
    Splitpaw Lair-20%
    Surefall Glade-33.3%
    Temple of Cazic Thule-13.3%
    The Feerrott-0%
    Upper Guk-100%
    West Commonlands-0%
    West Freeport-0%
    West Karana-0%

    Butcherblock Mountains-0%
    Castle Mistmoore-20%
    Dagnor's Cauldron-0%
    Greater Faydark-0%
    Kedge Keep-33.3%
    Lesser Faydark-0%
    Steamfront Mountains-0%
    Stonebrunt Mountains-0%
    The Estate of Unrest-73.3%

    Burning Woods-0%
    City of Mist-13.3%
    Emerald Jungle-0%
    Field of Bone-0%
    Fironia Vie-0%
    Frontier Mountains-0%
    Karnor's Castle-13.3%
    Kurn's Tower-100%
    Lake of Ill Omen- (-)14.3%
    Skyfire Mountains-6.7%
    Swamp of No Hope-0%
    The Overthere-0%
    Trakanon's Teeth-0%
    Warsliks Woods-0%

    Crypt of Nadox-13.3%
    Dulak's Harbor-13.3%
    The Gulf of Gunthak-13.3%
    Torgiran Mines-13.3%

    Acrylia Caverns-20%
    Akheva Ruins-13.3%
    Dawnshroud Peaks-0%
    Echo Caverns-6.7%
    Fungus Grove-0%
    Grieg's End-20%
    Griming Forest-6.7%
    Hollowshade Moor-0%
    Katta Castellum-13.3%
    Marus Seru-0%
    Mons Letalis-0%
    Netherbian Lair-6.7%
    Paludal Caverns-113.3%
    Sanctus Seru-13.3%
    Scarlet Desert-0%
    Shadow Haven-33.3%
    Shadweaver's Thicket-0%
    Shar Vhal-0%
    Ssraeshza Temple-33.3%
    Tenebrous Mountains-0%
    The Deep-13.3%
    The Grey- (-)13.3%
    The Maiden's Eye-0%
    Twilight Sea-0%
    Umbral Plains-20%

    Kerra Isle-20%
    Stonebrunt Mountains-0%
    The Warrens-100%
    Toxxulia Forest-0%

    Plane of Innovation-58.7%
    Plane of Justice-58.7%
    Plane of Nightmare-58.7%
    Plane of Storms-58.7%
    Plane of Torment-58.7%
    Plane of Valor-58.7%
    Ruins of Lxanvom-58.7%

    Cobalt Scar-0%
    Crystal Caverns-13.3%
    Dragon Necropolis-13.3%
    Eastern Wastes-0%
    Great Divide-0%
    Iceclad Ocean-0%
    Icewell Keep-13.3%
    Kael Drakkel-13.3%
    Siren's Grotto-13.3%
    Sleeper's Tomb-20%
    Tower of Frozen Shadow-13.3%
    Velketor's Labyrinth-13.3%
    Wakening Lands-0%
    Western Wastes-6.7%
  12. Skuz Augur

    That was likey due to the hotzone bonus bug which was fixed, City of Mist was hot-zoned multiple times, Burning Woods was another zone & it was affected even worse by that bug so when it was fixed was much much worse than it was because the XP there was simply too good by far.
  13. jeskola Augur

    Apparently you should have wrote "they were evened out".
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  14. Xylonite Journeyman

    With how old the game is now, they should just release a list of Zems fir zones tbh, alot of underutilised zones should then be given zem boosts to drive traffic to them.

    Right now its pretty much the same zones each expansion on every server that get hammered for levelling, give some of the less travelled zones a boost tbh
  15. Zinth Augur

    Well if people quit going for the "fastest path" to level 50 + Gear, then there are plenty of other very lovely zones, and that is the way I plan to go this round, not that they are people free, but they worst clusters aren't there, it won't be just as fast but it might be a lot more enjoyable ;-)
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  16. HoodenShuklak Augur

    I never got the zem craze. If you want to level fast then pick the easiest mobs with the strongest charm pet, and then try to get the least competition to ensure plenty of mobs.

    That being said, it would be a nice touch if they did some kind of insane bonus zem that rotated to places people never go.

    Like deep skyshrine... this is an incredible zone that is mostly unseen by 98% of people. There's gotta be a lot of zones like that but even less traveled.
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  17. Skuz Augur

    All about mob density & time to kill vs xp per mob, ZEMs do factor into that but there are some places the zem is nothing special but the xp per hour is great & no I'm not telling you where.
  18. SunDrake Augur

    Ew, gross.
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  19. Lemerian Journeyman

    No, ZEMs were not normalized, evened out, or however you want to describe it. Some were nerfed, that's it. Kedge keep and Sol a still have massive modifiers, for example.

    It wouldn't be the first time the devs said something that didn't exactly play out. Another example, instance zone mobs give the same experience as the non-instanced version of the zone even though they said they nerfed that.

    Try relying on actual data taken from actual mob killing instead of just reading patch notes
  20. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    Completely agree with this. They never once stated "all zems are now equal" or anything that to effect. It says "the intent is that they even out overall." So for example, if they did something like this:

    (made up new ZEM numbers)
    Kerra Isle - Old ZEM 20% - New ZEM 40%
    Paineel - Old ZEM 0% - New ZEM 30%
    Stonebrunt Mountains - Old ZEM 0% - New ZEM 30%
    The Warrens - Old ZEM 100% - New ZEM 60%
    Toxxulia Forest - Old ZEM 0% - New ZEM 30%

    Obviously these are not "normalized" since all values are not the same. But did it "even out overall" compared to the old values? Absolutely. Instead of a huge range of 0-100% for these Odus zones, now it's a much smaller variation of 30-60%. Again I made these exact numbers up as an example for new ZEM, but I believe this is essentially how this change was designed. Absent a dev confirmation or some extensive xp data gathering by a player, this seems like the most likely scenario imo.

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