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    It was the same toon in the same group. The only thing I did was drop one guy after killing the first mob. Maybe the AA exp gauge is off, but the only thing that changed was that I dropped a single guy from the group. Same type of mob, same zone, killed a minute or so apart with nothing killed in between.
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    when did they ever say every level 40 (pick a level) mob gives the same xp (not counting ZEM)?
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    ok can you show me the patch notes?
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    ty very much
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    I made a post similar to this about 6 months ago and I tried to explain the exp dif in higher level mobs like so:

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    Now that the game shows you exact exp down to the thousandths of a %, you should be able to calculate much more accurate ZEMs... Get on it!!! Would also be nice to have a %per hour tracker on gamparse or such. Let me track my hourly exp rate!!!
  10. c313 Augur

    Very disappointed that Field of Bonus has no bonus.
  11. Bewts Augur

    You would think at some point a math nerd would endeavor to show taking key driving inputs such as ZEM, mob population, mob HP, respawn timers, the best overall locations… kind of like other saber-metrics used in measuring pro sports players.

    Then develop and align zone / camp quality by level. I would expect anecdotal observations would probably be confirmed quickly but there may be some oddities identified where you run across very good alternative places for a level tranche.

    In example, it may become clear that while TOFS is ideal, there is a niche 41-44 level alternative driven by low mob HP, high mob density or quick respawns could offer a better by the numbers alternative than finding enough people to join you on Floor X of TOFS.
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    Nero a thread that's more than a year old, that has valuable info, to tell people clearly more capable than yourself to 'get on it' for you.

    Seems like you have all the tools to get on it
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  13. Brildon Augur

    ZEM only means so much, mob density and HP pools will generally make as big or bigger difference in leveling rates then just the ZEM
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    Example being that revamped splitpaw after an expansion or two actually is mediocre xp it's just that there are so many mobs and so little hitpoints is what makes it good. So many more factors than just how much xp you get. Group make up, mob density, hit points per mob, kill time, etc.
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    Infected Splitpaw is the last zone that I enjoy playing in. The increased hit points and damage spikes from mobs after this just aren't fun for me.