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  1. Babaa New Member

    Hallo all,

    the following ZEM information was gathered during Luclin Era on Aradune Server. The values should stay the same ( only exp caps per mob much later due to live exp starting in The Serpent Spine in the first levels of a character may lead to false impressions like , wow this is a great exp zone !).
    I hope this will help you and you will appreciate the information.

    There is a standard exp value which applies to most outdoor zones. I marked them with 0 because there is no additonal bonus exp when you kill there. Good standard exp zones are Overthere and Maidens Eye where you can compare the exp of a mob with other zones for a wide level range of mobs.
    The only ,,popular,, zone that is kinda missing is Howling Stones.

    The best ZEM I found out is TOFS = 86 %. In other word if you use 50 % exp potion and hunt in poor Marus Seru or Dawshroud Peaks (which have 0 ) then you still get much less exp than with no exp potion in TOFS.
    The exp bonus works the same for normal level exp and AA exp.

    However, there are other aspects like plat, gems or loot, amount of mobs you can kill, respawn timer, easy or hard to kill or handle certain camps......but my post is only to show you the exp aspect.

    So here are the values, drums.......:

    Ovethere 0
    Iceclad 33 % Bonus ( kinda best bonus ofr an outdoor zone ! )
    Dalnir 33 %
    TOFS 86 %
    Field of Bonus 0
    Lavastrom 0
    Sol A 66 %
    Netherbian Lair 6,6 %
    Marus Seru 0
    Downshroud Peaks 0
    Crystal Caverns 26,6 %
    Cazic Thule 46,6 %
    Upper Guk 40 %
    Lower Guk 40 %
    Emerald Jungle 0
    Castle Mistmore 46,6 %
    Kaesora 46,6 %
    Sol B 53 %
    Fungus Grove 0
    Burning Woods 0
    Maidens Eye 0
    Trakanon Teeth 0
    Cobalt Scar 0
    The Deep 33,5 %
    Karnor Castle 26,6 %
    Chardok 46,6 %
    Skyfire 6,6 %
    City of Mist MINUS 24 %
    Sebilis 33,5 %
    Velketor 80 %
    Seru 13,5 %
    Akheva 13,5 %
    Acrylia Low Level Mobs 33,5 %
    Acrylia Inner High Level Mobs 60 %
    Sirens Grotto 7 %
    Dragon Necropolis 46,5 %
    Griegs End 28 %
    The Grey MINUS 13 %
    Sssra 60 %
    Grimmling Forest 12 %
    Swamps of No Hope 0
    Lake of Ill Omen 0
    Warslik Woods 0
    Kurns Tower 33 %
    South Ro 13 %
    Paludal Caverns 46,5 %
    Warrens 46,5 %
    Blackburrow 33 %
    Permafrost 46,5 %
    Najena 53 %
    Kael 13 %
    Echo Caverns 6,6 %
    The Hole 33 %
    Unrest 17 % for Graveyard Mobs
    Unrest 46,6 % for Mobs in the House

    Have fun exping and please stay safe all.

    (smart) Ogre Shaman
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  2. Crabman Augur

    How did you calculate this. Also how is there 2 different zems in the same zone?
  3. Febb Augur

    Are these based off even conned kills?
  4. Protagonist Tank

    When you're listing multiple ZEM for the same zone, I'm going to immediately throw out all of your conclusions as being based on anecdotal observation and too small data sets. ZEM is a zone-wide value. It does not change inside the same zone. That's what the Z stands for.
  5. Crabman Augur

    thats what I was thinking the Z stood for lol
  6. Babaa New Member

    Hallo all,

    to answer your questions and to explain how to get to these ZEM:

    Go look your exp bar before you kill a mob and then go look your exp bar after you killed that mob. The exp difference is the exp of this kill.
    If that mob is level 40 and gave you 1 % exp and if you killed it in a standard exp zone like Overthere then you compare it with the exp of a level 40 mob in the other zones, for example TOFS where it gives you 1,86 % exp, then you see the ZEM which is 86 % for TOFS in this example.
    Of course you did that not only on 1 mob but on many mobs and see if that value changes.

    So for Acrylia and Unrest with different ZEM: This is caused by the difference of the level of mobs. A level 14 mob in Unrest only gave me 17 % more exp than a level 14 mob in Field of Bones. A level 19 mob in Unrest gave me 46,6 % more exp than a level 19 mob in Field of Bones. And I repeated this of course to check if this can be true. And a level 19 mob in Fielf of Bones gives the same amount of exp like a level 19 mob in Overthere etc..., so the exp values of Field of Bone mobs are true which means that exp results in Unrest are also true.

    You are all welcome to go out and test the exp and the ZEM of these zones, too.

    By the way, I forgot to mention, that the AOC raid instances of Ssra have no 60 % exp bonus like normal Ssra zones or picks of Ssra. The AOC raid intance of Ssra has the value 0. I did not test it if this applies to the other AOC raid instances , too.

    And one more thing for the exp in groups:

    If you solo you get 100 % exp of that 1 mob. If you have 2 chars in a group then both group members get 79 % of the exp value that the solo player gets. If you have 3 people in the group, then everyone in that group gets 64 % exp that the solo player gets. For 4 people it is 55 %, for 5 people it is 50 % and for a full group of 6 characters it is 51 %. This means you get more exp for everyone in a group if you fill in the last spot. And 1 full group kills faster than 1 solo player which means that group exp is faster exp than solo exp as they only must kill 2 mobs in the same time than the solo player does to kill 1 mob.

    Have fun exping and please stay safe all.

    (smart) Ogre shaman
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  7. Mattling Lorekeeper

    Your numbers look pretty consistent with what I've compiled.

    I do have to say though that there a lot of external factors that affect XP rates that aren't taken into account by the ZEM.

    Chardok trash has huge HP pools in comparison to like Sebilis trash, often taking 3x longer to kill despite being the same level. City of Mist is a weirdly unique zone, mobs hit far harder there than any at level comparison but have roughly half the HPs.
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  8. Protagonist Tank

    .... none of that is how ZEM works. Like, you wholesale invented mechanics to explain things you were watching happen.

    It's vaguely impressive, but in a "How the purgatory did you manage to get that lost" kind of way. You literally got not one single mechanic right.

    Even your group XP calcs are wrong. The devs gave the actual numbers when they changed it last year.
  9. Kylo Classic Augur

    Let him have his fun, he spent all that time making the zem list. Checking it twice. And if they have the same zems in the same zones on mischief as they do on other servers, then the list would be helpful to some people that want to have the game be about min-maxing. But it's not just about zems, it's also about mob density. Pointless having a really high zem, and only 4 mobs to kill in the entire zone because everyone else heard about the really high zem in the zone.

    The fact that it's not alphabetical makes it more fun to read.
  10. Faydra Augur

    This, nice first attempt Babaa. Looks mostly accurate from my last few runs through Aradune.
  11. Karanthal Augur

    I've not seen any official calculation on this, do NPCs offer flat xp per kill or is there a bonus modifier base on level different as well? If the ZEM is applied before a level modifier you would see larger differences in gained XP for red cons vs white.

    The list a useful reference point, with loot being random on Mischief some of the less used zones might get a little more traffic.
  12. Moranis Augur

    To me, the term "ZEM" is only as useful as the analysis behind it...the engineer in me wants to see the math behind this analysis. I've been fumbling with the idea of trying to do something like this myself, but never really found the time or a clear "best" method.

    This seems intuitively pretty good though - nothing jumps out at me as surprising. In my last stint on Aradune, I did notice that CoM exp was hot garbage and at the same time noticed that ToFS exp was off the charts. Additionally, most of the outdoor zones aligning with little to no fluctuation in EXP seems accurate as well.

    I'd be interested also in any actual data from Protagonist besides links to Dev posts or patch notes saying arbitrary nonsense like:

    Why not both? There were as many increases as decreases and the intent is that they even out overall.

    Many original EverQuest zones have had their experience modifier adjusted for balance reasons and/or to encourage variety in leveling.

    These comments address the notion that things were changed, but don't mention at all the degree with which they were "changed" or "evened out".

    One thing I know affects EXP on live is Mob HP so I think it would help to know the EXP / Mob HP for different zones.
  13. Bewts Augur

    Curious... is getting group xp with 5 afk bots across the zone and OOR of xp of the soloer still a thing?
  14. Zinth Augur

    This seems way off... the exp bonus for 2 in a group is 20% which would make it 120exp split into two = 60exp each (going off a 100exp base mob aka 100%)

    3 people 40% split in 3

    4 people 60% split in 4

    5 people 80% split in 5

    6 people 80% split in 5 (yes the 6th char is FREE exp)
  15. Bewts Augur

    A little more is an understatement.

    The only question that remains is how the tables get allocated because there are some fantastic underused locations where concentrations of named spawn that if they share a fairly broad loot table can very quickly become preferable to farm for drops.

    The random element turns this from a static camp, bide your time and wait out the RNG to a how many named do you need to kill to obtain the items you want or can you loot and sell enough to simply buy it from someone else who has it for sale
  16. oldkracow 9999 Is the Krono Account Limit

    Believe that was fixed awhile back.
    Now if you leave the location by distance the table adjusts on (x) in group.
  17. Schezar New Member

    List cleaned and sorted by level according to eqprogression info. Also noted (O)utdoor or (D)ungeon for play types and planning. Enjoy.

    4-12 D Blackburrow 33 %
    4-18 D Warrens 46,5 %
    8-17 O South Ro 13 %
    10-17 O Lavastrom 0
    11-20 D Najena 53 %
    11-31 D Unrest 17 % for Graveyard Mobs
    11-31 D Unrest 46,6 % for Mobs in the House
    14-23 D Permafrost 46,5 %
    16-28 D Upper Guk 40 %
    20-30 D Sol A 66 %
    21-35 D Castle Mistmore 46,6 %
    28-43 D Lower Guk 40 %
    35-48 D Sol B 53 %
    38-60 D The Hole 33 %
    55-60 D Cazic Thule 46,6 %

    1-15 O Field of Bonus 0
    1-21 O Swamps of No Hope 0
    1-28 O Lake of Ill Omen 0
    7-18 D Kurns Tower 33 %
    14-22 O Ovethere 0
    20-26 O Warslik Woods 0
    26-33 D Dalnir 33 %
    30-36 D Kaesora 46,6 %
    32-39 O Emerald Jungle 0
    32-41 O Trakanon Teeth 0
    37-46 O Burning Woods 0
    37-48 D City of Mist MINUS 24 %
    41-51 D Karnor Castle 26,6 %
    44-60 D Chardok 46,6 %
    43-51 O Skyfire 6,6 %
    47-60 D Sebilis 33,5 %

    27-35 D Crystal Caverns 26,6 %
    28-40 D TOFS 86 %
    28-34 O Iceclad 33 % Bonus ( kinda best bonus ofr an outdoor zone ! )
    34-52 D Kael 13 %
    39-44 O Cobalt Scar 0
    44-60 D Velketor 80 %
    48-56 D Dragon Necropolis 46,5 %
    52-60 D Sirens Grotto 7 %

    7-21 D Paludal Caverns 46,5 %
    17-24 D Netherbian Lair 6,6 %
    22-29 O Marus Seru 0
    25-32 O Downshroud Peaks 0
    33-42 O Grimmling Forest 12 %
    34-38 D Echo Caverns 6,6 %
    42-49 O The Grey MINUS 13 %
    44-57 DAcrylia Low Level Mobs 33,5 %
    46-56 O Maidens Eye 0
    47-55 D Seru 13,5 %
    49-60 D The Deep 33,5 %
    50-56 D Fungus Grove 0
    51-54 D Akheva 13,5 %
    52-60 D Griegs End 28 %
    52-60 D Sssra 60 %
    55-57 D Acrylia Inner High Level Mobs 60 %
  18. Vedian Journeyman

  19. Gnothappening Augur

    I had an odd occurrence happen. I pulled 2 mobs of the same level and mezzed one. I killed the first with a group of 6 and the second with a group of 5. All group members max level. The AA % was slightly higher for the 5 man group than it was for the 6 man. It wasn't huge, but it was like 0.102 % AA for 6 versus 0.113% AA for the 5 man on the same character.

    I'll test it again at some point but it is a pain finding two mobs of the same level.
  20. Machen New Member

    Same # of aa's? There is a low aa bonus that could have caused this if group 1 has more aa's than group 2.

    Also I suppose the new perks could skew it too if one group had the xp bonus perk and the other didn't. A few other things too...