Zek Mourns the Loss of a Legend (Armourcarr)

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  1. Myysterio Lorekeeper

    We've recently found Armourcarr, a long term staple of our server died back in August and as he spent 24 years on Rallos Zek and Zek servers buying and selling stuff in the bazaar and building amazing things in housing. Armourcarr opened the Bazaar on day 1 of luclin and kept it going for more than 2 decades. Zek won't be the same without you.

    If you happen to wander by the Zek server, the town is public and is "Cedar County Meadows" and the characters he used to build the houses are Armourcarr, Fentallen, Gonefishing, Jodiarius, Kaeadas, Timedeenchanter, Toriblack, Ventodiavolo, Vinney, Warrhouse, Windakin, and Zemanova. There's also a couple guild halls that he likely had something to do with but I'm not certain of. He clearly put a ton of passion into his creations and he was well regarded even on our chaotic little trash server.

    Anyone know how we can get with any of the support team to shut off the upkeep on the properties so we can keep them up as his memorial until they shut the lights off on our server? If not, we'll need to start taking donations to put a bunch of plat and alt currency on them to keep em going, which we're more than willing to do.
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  2. Kilrath New Member

    I second this request to suspend his housing upkeep. Not only has he put a lot of effort into his housing, they are also museums of rare items he has collected for 24 years. Before the bazaar existed he used low level alts in the EC Tunnel to auction goods on Rallos Zek, much to the PK'ers dismay since he kept them below the killable threshold. He also managed to off load his gold and plat back to his main and escaped many plots to sac his treasures. He sold me a piece of my Ranger epic later in Luclin as my guild was no longer raiding that content. If there was something you needed and he didn't have it, he would find a way to track it down and get it for you. I left the game for 10+ years to come back and find him still in general chat hawking wares. He caught me up on the politics of what has become of Zek and his loss will be a void in Everquest.
  3. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    RIP Vinney. I am so sad to hear of this. My condolences to his family. He was well thought of to many of us.

    I wholly support this idea of "nullifying" his plot rents and turning them into shrines. He added so much to the game artistically that these plots should be available to all players forever to go see and understand what great things you can do when you think outside the box.

    Not to be nasty but I would rather go wander around his neighborhood enjoying his art than look at a stone in the middle of .....what zone was that again?

    If not then it might be easy to max out the up keep on all his properties so long as someone has access to escrow on each plot. A bag of Doubloons are only 11 Loyalty Tokens and there are 100 doubloons in the bag. It takes 1 doubloon to cover 1 day.

    This other post has a listing of his housing

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  4. Yueyenie Lorekeeper

    Vinney Cordi (Armourcarr) was a big part of EQ history. All of his property in Cedar Country Meadows on the ZeK server is open for anyone to go visit. There are lots of themes and museums for rare and no longer dropped items. He spent hours upon hours to create some of the best housing themes I have ever seen in Everquest. Often these houses have hidden doors, mazes, outdoor areas, and mystery rooms all inside of a house. I really don't know how he did it. Some of the themes include:

    The Twilight Zone (When you enter its all black inside with and hour-glass, but there is a door)
    The Upside Down House
    Fishing Camps (Inside the house itself)
    Tree Mazes
    Tree Houses (Inside the house)

    Just to name a few. He wasn't just a friend to the Zek community, but to the EQ community as well. I know he was on this forum posted some of his house ideas to share with the EQ community. Some of his designs include:

    The Coco Clock
    Spectral Sword Chandelier
    Aviaks Bird Cage
    Telescope Observatory
    Starship Gnome Teleporter

    As well as many, many others. If you get a chance your welcome to come see any of his houses on the ZeK server. I'll be posting a list of all his houses and were there are. So please Daybreak, don't let his house plots expire. It's something really unique to Everquest housing community as well as the game itself. All of his property in Cedar Country Meadows is open for anyone to go visit. There are lots of themes and museums of rare and no longer dropped items. It is really a must see for any playing EQ. Anyone wanting to help donate to help keep the properties from expiring would be appreciated. I'll be posting list of all his properties below.

    Anyone needing help finding and going through any of his houses can message me in game (Yueyenie).
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  5. Yueyenie Lorekeeper

    Vinney Cordi (Armourcarr) Cedar Country Meadows

    Peacekeepers -- 200 Terminus Heights (Guild Hall)

    Armourcarr -- 101 Terminus Street
    -- 105 Brimming Heights
    -- 104 Market Street

    Fentallen -- 101 Betwixt Avenue
    -- 102 Park Circle
    -- 108 Park Circle

    Gonefishing -- 102 Brimming Heights
    -- 102 Market Street
    -- 103 Betwixt Avenue

    Toriblack -- 105 Terminus Street
    -- 102 Terminus Street
    -- 101 Terminus Heights

    Jodiarias -- 106 Park Circle
    -- 104 Guild Way
    -- 103 Betwixt Avenue

    Kaeadas -- 104 Park Circle
    -- 113 Vanward Street
    -- 101 Vanward Heights

    Timdenchanter -- 103 Terminus Street
    -- 101 Brimming Way
    -- 104 Terminus Street

    Ventodiavolo -- 103 Park Circle
    -- 107 Betwixt Avenue
    -- 102 Market Heights

    Vinney -- 107 Terminus Street
    -- 107 Park Circle
    -- 101 Brimming Heights

    Warrhouse -- 101 Park Circle
    -- 111 Brimming Way
    -- 107 Brimming Way

    Windakin -- 108 Vanward Street
    -- 101 Market Street
    -- 108 Brimming Heights

    Zemanova -- 105 Park Circle
    -- 101 Market Heights
    -- 108 Brimming Heights

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  6. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    For those of us willing to roll a lowbie on Zek, and wander in and donate a bunch of upkeep through Loyalty (bags of doubloons, etc), are there any worthwhile things to know, being Zek and all?
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  7. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    The stumbling block to us donating is that our characters have to be given access to add to escrow on the plots.

    If anyone else has this access then they could be a central donation point to spread it to all the plots.
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  8. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    Please make these plots no rent.
    I knew one player that left EQ that had villages of plots all hand placed creative work when Market Place did not have housing items. Everything from graveyards to churches.
    Her bazaar name was Pinkpajamas she was famous and just vanished.
    All her plots ran dry and vanished but the no rent plots.

    So please make these plots no rent for the servitude they put forth to the EQ Community and the love of people.
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  9. Yueyenie Lorekeeper

    Just to clarify, all his properties have open access for anyone to enter and visit them. He has always encouraged players to come check out what he called the 10 great wonders of Everquest, also offering free candy from bowls inside the houses. As for the comment about needing access to donate, while you do need access to enter properties and to place and take items out. No one needs any kind of access to donate to the escrow account. Simply click the plaque stone at the base of the plot to open up the real-estate tab or use the EQ button and click "manage" while standing inside the plot. From there click on the Escrow tab to open up the real estate currency box. Open up your inventory and click on what currency you want to donate putting it on your cursor and then just drop the currency straight in the real estate currency box in Real Estate Management. No access is needed to donate, access is only needed to withdraw. But everyone also has access to enter all his housing including his guild hall. If you do happen to visit any of his house, please post your experience here, thank you.
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  10. Drencrom Beimeith's Supervisor

    It's really not that expensive, plat-wise. I maintain a dozen properties and a Palatial GH by myself. GH is paid up until the year 2100.
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  11. Myysterio Lorekeeper

    His plots can be donated to without access to them. Just gotta go to the plot, click the stone, go into manage and it will let you dump all the plat you want on it.
  12. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    Now that we have the escrow issue sorted out (which I already knew ;) ), I was more asking about what do I need to know about Zek, and getting where I need to go and donate, without getting ganked 25 times, etc. Don't know anything about Zek, PvP rules, etc.
  13. Bernel Augur

    You can port to the Guild Lobby right away. You can get the Throne of Heroes button from the special tab of the AAs, or just type: '/alt activate 511'
  14. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    Good point. So, I assume PoK/GL/neighborhoods are PvP-free? Or are there other rules which apply?
  15. Myysterio Lorekeeper

    long as you are under level.. like 5 or 10 or something there is no pvp anywhere. Housing is no pvp, but in houses is.
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  16. Tatanka Joe Schmo

  17. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    Probably a third of the lowbie gear I used on Zek came from Armorcarr. Cheap too, not about ripping players off, but an attitude of helping.

    Due to free transfers to Zek and me playing every TLP in the system and having full character stables on Vox, I have, for years, sent aged out TLP characters to Zek to offload all Tradeskill materials and consolidate them to one character and transfer it all to live server. I have played a stupid amount of low/mid level characters on Zek and ran Armorcarr's doors off routinely.

    You are sorely missed and were a force for good in EQ, on Zek and in general chats.
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  18. Raptorjesus5 Augur

    Wow this guy was a legitimate EQ legend. Sad to hear. Played Zek many years ago before it was a ghost town.
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  19. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    Just an update, I created a level 1 and went to Vinney's neighborhood. One detail I forgot about is that only the owner (or designees) can change the type of upkeep used. The houses I checked are set up to use plat, so my idea to create a char and cash in some loyalty for alt currency coins won't work, because we can't point the house to use something other than plat.

    Don't have the spare Loyalty to buy bags of plat at this time. Will log in again another time when I can. The houses I checked are good for about a year from now.
  20. Parts Journeyman

    I remember him, he won lots of housing competition stuff on EQ, his stuff was cool to wander through, im gonna check it out again.

    I was remembering him a few days ago before I saw this actually, about a time when he got REALLY mad at me because I started to time spawns and farm old world tradable rare items on Zek for the droppable loot to sell in the bazaar and he got mad cause he couldn't get the items for a bit and kept trying to train me and mess me up while killing the targets, I recall he transferred items off Zek to trade them too. I was like dang thats hardcore. Short lived "rivalry" lol.

    RIP to this fellow and his history on EQ, cool dude.