Zek is dead!! When is the free server transfers off this ghost town?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by otownhooligan, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. otownhooligan New Member

    *CRICKETS* *CRICKETS* playing on a dead server.
  2. Goshdern_VZ New Member

    No doubt, I wouldn't mind getting my sk off there too. he's just rotting on a dead server... Want to revive zek somewhat (maybe)? try a pvp progression that once it catches up to live it merges with zek (and then maybe start another). Otherwise let us move our chars to servers with other people to play with please!
  3. Blackburrow23 Lorekeeper

    Pay the 2500 daybreak cash or go to FV for free. The population is not the Devs problem and Zek-ers shouldn't get a free ride. The crappy people in Retail like Pegate and Emokids are the reason why the server is dead.
  4. otownhooligan New Member

    when I see 30-40 afk toons in the top of PoK library owned by Daybreak just to keep the server population up, that concerns me. Our guild cant even raid due to no one to recruit for such raids. Bazaar has no real market. You wanna buy gear, materials, potions? You can't on this server, because the market is so low. Basically the people left here to pvp have the same opinion. We want to pvp, but we would rather enjoy the game as well. A lot of the customers you have on Zek have multiple accounts. I have 4 myself with lots of high level characters on them. I will NOT pay $25 per character to move to a server that has an active community. I would be paying 100's of dollars to do so, just like everyone else on Zek. At this point, I'd rather quit the game all around. Most of your new business is from players on progression servers. If that's the future of EQ, at least give something to Zek and let them enjoy the game on another server at no cost. If they transfer to Povar or Cazic Thule, that just ups the population on those servers and raises your subs, because people have quit playing. Instead of sitting afk on Zek 90% of the time, these people can raid again and enjoy the EQ community once again. I hope someone from Daybreak can address this post in a serious manner and shed some light on any future plans to help us long time players a chance to enjoy the game we once loved.
  5. otownhooligan New Member

    Its free to transfer to Zek from any other server for a reason. It's dead. No one is asking for a free ride. We have asked for a pvp progression server as well, and nothing. When you have people that still remain on this server for almost 20 years and the zones are empty. Who can you pvp with? That aspect of pvp in EQ is dead. Those same loyal subscribers cant afford to pay 25.00 per character, especially when they have 16-24 characters to move over that time span.
  6. Rumplestilskin Journeyman

    At some time in earlier years you made a bad decision about what server to start on, and you might actually be part of the problem with Zek's demise. Like a disease, you should be contained and not allowed to move to another host server. But if you must, you need to pay the price $$ so you won't take your new home for granted. Remember, it's your $ (and mine) that keeps this great game going.
  7. otownhooligan New Member

    You were obviously not playing this game when the pvp servers merged. Free transfers from Zek were offered then, for like a week. That's when the server was crammed with people pvping. That has been long ago and since then the aspect of pvp is irrelevant.
  8. Blackburrow23 Lorekeeper

    OPs request was to get a free transfer off the server. He wasn't asking for a PVP progression which I completely support. The tilte of the post is "Zek is dead!! When is the free server transfers off this ghost town?" I moved my characters off in waves. Only really wanted 6 off the server but I spent $50 to get started and I saved my monthly station to move the others.
  9. otownhooligan New Member

    I thought it was free to move to only Zek, not FV too.
  10. Blackburrow23 Lorekeeper

    Your right. I am mistaken. Only Free transfer is to zek or the test server.
  11. Fluid Augur

    Soap box attack, ignore me at your whim. PvP in EQ failed because of difference between theory and practice. The theory was a PvP server would be self policing in that no guild would allow cheap shot artist in and they would actively use their PvP ability to make life miserable for jerks and weenies. The exact opposite happened. I can safely say I never saw a single instance of player policing in my time there. Complete and total zero as a concept, no established guilds or high ranking players spent minute one using their PvP ability to patrol any leveling area or help a PC. Zero, zero, zero!

    On the bright side it did suck all the weenies and cheap shot artist away from the regular servers to Zek where they had an unfettered reign using bugs, exploits, and technical flaws to PK players. One of the reasons EQ is still here after all these years is because they had the foresight to give these players a sandbox that kept them away from the people who had better things to do.

    I kind of predict any PvP server that will start now will fail for the same reasons. Not that it couldn't work, just that it won't because there will be no guilds shepherding and policing the newbie areas. I don't know why this is, but even the guilds genuinely interested in PvP have a 'screw you' tude to anyone that isn't a part of their clique. Players that frequently toss a buff or a heal just never get to a PvP server because they can do that just fine on a regular server. Every once in a while I think I would like to get back to Zek, then I remember the futility and false promise of player policing and just give a sigh and head back to the other live servers.

    Come up with a valid way to make player policing work before you ask for a PvP server and you just might get a few converts.
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  12. Blackburrow23 Lorekeeper

    Apparently on Rallos Zek they had pk and anti pk guilds and there was some sort of policing in the high levels. Success or failure doesn't matter and is subjective. Do I consider the original progression servers a success? Nope, their population is way down and at the rate Daybreak is releasing new progression servers in order to cannibalize their own market share is confusing. If people started on Ragefire(or Lockjaw), then quit for Phinny, then quit for Agnarr, then quit for Corniv... I wonder how many times the TLP player wants to hit the reset button on something they've already done to death. The TLP aren't getting new quests so there is only so much to do after leveling.

    A PVP server would eventually see the same fate of population drift but I'd be fun for the year or two that the population was high.
  13. Hellseed New Member

    there should be a vote for PVP progression server to renew the love of facing tougher opponents that an npc can never challenge you by...and with a huge population in a pvp there would be policing naturally
  14. Hellseed New Member

    vallon zek was the greatest for pvp...was based off race unlike zek....everyone can kill everyone...a Brand new vallon zek would be phenomenal

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