Your most akward, funny, strange misstells!!

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by ARCHIVED-magnus1500, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-magnus1500 Guest

    Post your experiences with Misstells, here's something I lived through..

    One time in Bazaar while i was buying I was talking with my bud and it went a little something like this.

    me: yeh i'm omw after i get some new armor.

    him: alright cool, take your time

    me: aiight see u in a few, stay on LFG so we can find more players

    6 minutes later, I check LFG for players and notice he's off LFG...

    me: you found a group?

    him: nope, not yet

    me: then why are you off LFG?

    him: oops musta took it off by accident

    me: jacka**!

    him: yeh no one can hear wat we say in group baby, what type of bra's do you wear?

    me: **SMURF**?!!?

    him: OMG i jsut sent that to my friend!

    me: I dont even want to know!

    him: Omg lol! maybe we should cyber later

    me: ...
  2. ARCHIVED-Jasazick Guest

    lol thats pretty good.

    I had a guildy who would often do a "planned" mistell to break the mood during a raid, etc. he had some classics, but I could never get away with posting them here! =)
  3. ARCHIVED-iuli Guest

    I've had a couple of occasions when i badmouthed some people, and sent them the tells by mistake.
    There was a really poor chanter in one of my PoV groups. Anyway she had to go away and I gave her sow... I was chatting with my warrior friend.
    Then she sends me a tell: "thanks"
    I was in the middle of sending a tell to the warrior: "she must be the worst chanter I've ever grouped with. glad she's gone"
    then I hit <enter> just as i received her tell. oops.
  4. ARCHIVED-Villaine Guest

    The always classic AFK for sex, its a really easy typo to make and I do it constantly LOL

    Villaine Immortalus
  5. ARCHIVED-magnus1500 Guest

    Haha lmao! you know how many times,"Afk sex", has got me booted from groups!
  6. ARCHIVED-Drukin Guest

    No worries on that one, you are safe. The tell would of still went to the Warrior even if the Enchanter had sent you a tell just as you were hitting enter. The only time the tell would go to the Enchanter in this scenario is if you hit "R" immediately after the Enchanter had sent the tell, then typed out the whole "she must be the worst enchanter I've ever grouped with" line followed of course by enter.
  7. ARCHIVED-Kilguril-Zeb Guest

    Something similar happened to me once. I always add a /g prefix to everything I say out of a habit, which proves to be quite a pain. I was with a couple of friends on a LDoN long long ago, now being used to grouping together we just each went our own way and brought a nice amount of mobs with us and fought them expecting some to be mezzed. a minutes passes and the frogs are hitting us at full strength, three minutes and we all die, with a message from the enchanter promtly following up saying we should have told her there were adds in the camp because she didn't notice them (as to how you can miss 10 mobs and an entire group dropping I won't even get). Anyhow, I was kinda stunned by that statement on her side and wanted to share my thoughts with my friends using our chat channel. a second too late I realized what I have done, "Kilguril tells the group,' /2 Gad, that has to be the worst Enchanter I ever grouped with, how the hell do you miss that many mobs?"; "Enchanter tells the group,'thanks'"; "Kilguril tells the group,'oh, I wasn't talking about you' and goes to find a nice spot in the ground to bury himself in.
  8. ARCHIVED-boaster Guest

    I once did /g instead of /gu and typed "This is the WORST group I've ever been in".
  9. ARCHIVED-Brdaan_RZ Guest

    I was cybering with my rl gf mid raid(I am one of 4 main chanters, when I am not 2boxing a cleric too I get bored), and someone sent me a tell asking for SoV, and I replied just a little wrong :smileysurprised:

    I sent one to Ice that was the start of playing with someone else
    it wasn't that bad, but could have been

    I've sent joint guild channel or the eqlive channel mistells all the time
  10. ARCHIVED-moebius80 Guest

    I was once in a ldon group heading south (constant afks ppl not paying attention to incoming calls, etc) i was moaning to my guild about the situation when i start seeing it in group :)

    needless to say we finished right up after that lol
  11. ARCHIVED-CatBrat50 Guest

    Misstells! Gotta love em :)

    I was grouping with a RL friend of mine (we were both in the same guild then also).. So, we are'a shooting /g and /gu chat around like mad, plus in /t hell at the same time.

    Then, I being who I am.. Decided to start messin with his head a little *snickers*. WELL! ;) - He does it to me.. hehee!!

    Got a little hot & heavy. I was laughing so hard, typed /gu instead of /g....

    Dead silence in our guild for a sec.. then everyone cracks up laughing!!

    God! I was so-oo-oo embarrassed!! :(

    *Of course, about a minute later, I get this /t from him saying: "Serves ya right fer pickin on me!" *chuckles*
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  12. ARCHIVED-Siamme Guest

    I once mistold my home phone number in guild chat becuase I have my guild chat and my tells going to the same window and I forgot to hit the R key before I replied to my friend, so it defaulted to guild chat. Boy was I embarassed.
  13. ARCHIVED-Tornicade_IV Guest

    Serial mistelling is my curse
  14. ARCHIVED-Gesiah_Swiftsong Guest

    OMG this is totally me! I am the QUEEN of mistells! I can't go two seconds without a misstell between officers channel, guild and group. Once my officers and I were having a meeting, and discussion a few members when I accidentally said what was ment for officers chat in guild..OOPS. Luckly I was able to come up with a good cover for my MT. My guild has labled me Queen Zelly for my notorious mistells . :smileywink:

    Ellysienne / Zodiaz
    Leader of Shahrazad, Bertox
  15. ARCHIVED-Neitton_Wolfblood Guest

    I once sent a mistell that caused three people to leave out guild. I was an officer at the time and was grouped with some other officers at the time in an xp group. The officers had our own chat channel and we we're talking in /g, /gu and in the chat channel. At the time we had a member of the guild who had epic fever. He constantly wanted us to help him obtain his epic drops, which we had no problem with. However, when it came time to help others or to raid as a guild he would very rarely ever show up. Let's call this person player_X1.

    One of the other officers said in the officer's chat channel that player_X1 had posted a Hate raid on EQRaids. I replied with " I wouldn't trust player_X1 to lead a conga line, much less a Hate raid". Unfortunately, I sent this response in /gu rather than the chat channel. Several people laughed in /gu and then player_X1 responded with some vulgarity and was removed from the guild by another officer. I felt horrible for the mistell but others made it quite clear that they thought it was funny and didn't really consider player_X1 a big loss. A little while later player_X1's sister and her husband logged demanding to know what happened. I tried to explain and apologize in /gu but I don't think she wanted to hear what I had to say. Another officer spoke to her in /tells but she was not to be consoled. She and her husband promptly removed themselves from the guild.

    I later posted an apology on our guild's boards, but to this day I still feel bad about the whole situation.
  16. ARCHIVED-DrkVsr Guest

    It seems some of those mistells were blessings in disguise, specially the ones that got rid of the Epic_only_for_me player
  17. ARCHIVED-stopmoving Guest

    hmmm...let's just say it involved vanilla ice cream and the Kama Sutra and leave it at that.
  18. ARCHIVED-DrkVsr Guest

    Would there be a pole-dancing elf involved by any chance? ;)
  19. ARCHIVED-Iceblossom Guest

    I can't repeat any of my worst mistells. Probably shouldn't have ever said them the first time....

    I did recently say too soon that someone was on my "never group again with list". They said they were leaving but they hadn't actually left yet. I might have hit the statement just as they were zoning, or they might have heard it... don't know.... Sorry if they heard and it hurt their feelings but they are still on the never again list.
  20. ARCHIVED-Qutsemnie Guest

    When you mistell a negative remark about someone where they can hear it the key plan is to own up like you were just leveling from the start and it wasnt an accident. "Im just saying thats how i feel i thought i would be straight with you"

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