your gf plays a paladin. sorta.

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  1. Phrovo1 Augur

    you don't actually need progression for the blocker, the mercenaries for Sul are all group missions so you just need to be in last task when it completes
  2. Chaosflux Augur

    The highest 2 ranks of Spell casting reinforcement, are more critical for soloing then capping CS/CA. IMO.

    The extra duration on Pureforge, Armor of Ardency, AOTI>>>>> the very minor mitigation and avoidance upgrades. Should a bought those first, capped the highest return DPS AA then capped tank aa. Raw survival is great, but not as powerful as that duration increase, Real talk.

    2.0 is pretty nice it allows you to seemlessly rotate heal modifiers (which should be kept in a solid rotation to maintain near 100% uptime as you can get)
  3. Chaosflux Augur

    As far as rotation when soloing

    Something reminiscent of

    Pureforge + max burns + AOTI

    When that's done Armor of Ardency
    (Rolling epic > first spire)

    AOTI is back up here

    Holyforge or Blunted (if you have AA focii) if low risk

    Or Mantle > Guardian if high risk of death

    IJ on recast

    Hold RU PF and VR till all 3 are up use GAOTI if AOTI isn't up

    Rinse repeat collect loot

    Plan pull routine to maximize amount of mobs tanked during armor/mantle etc

    Maximize quick efficient single pulls to overlap Full burn phases.

    That is the safest route.

    If you are batting for the fences or exceptionally tank and quick to react, you can maybe get away with

    Pure > Holy > Blunted in a loop stacking TOK instead of AOTI. Using armor of Ardency to fill gaps left, holding 1st and epic to be used reactively instead of proactively.

    Plan med breaks to fall in deadtime between critical cooldowns, never med if you have burns or tank discs and mana left over, use those resources then med so that lost time is somewhat productive.
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