your gf plays a paladin. sorta.

Discussion in 'Tanks' started by gnomeboss, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. gnomeboss Augur

    you leveled a paladin to 105 with respectable aa numbers. you did the 2.0 and the ornament quest because your gf thought the epic graphic was "pretty." your gf doesn't want to tank or heal and won't go to zones with undead to try and get slays because those models are "creepy."

    this is my life. please help me throw together a reasonable selection of spells/abilities for dps only. I've seen some decent tott spells, but I've only done a quick look and I know nothing about paladins other than they have a unicorn and log in with raid loot on their cursor. i did get her to make a gaoti hotbutton because that is hot for me.

    any help on this will earn you massive karma. also, when i ask for a dps rotation for a sk in a month, you'll know that the gf has abandoned her paladin. /deep sigh
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  2. Chaosflux Augur

    Pure dps

    Brilliant Consecration Laudation Paean Crush of Povar
    Disruptive persecution on recast

    Admonish + Ostra for HOTT heals while dps

    Righteous audacity for resist debuff < this is usually unecessary, only if getting resists on admonish and ostra

    Big boom click
    Inquisitor judgement
    Valorous rage
    Righteous umbrage

    Not so big boom
    Holyforge or Blunted Blade

    Use IJ everytime its up
    Thunder of Karana if not tanking, on recast

    Keep 2hander out always

    Yaulp always
    Marrs gift everytime it's up if mana <85%

    Never cast Admonish and Ostra during Valorous rage unless emergency

    Use hand of piety/reflexive righteousness/gift of life to emergency heal self or others

    Grief/sorrow to emergency heal self
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  3. Chaosflux Augur

    O forgot to mention hope she's maxed AA she's going to need to Glyph constantly to maintain that rotation for long periods or have a bard and beast in group.
  4. Sheex Augur

    Guess we figured out who the bosses' boss was. GL sir!
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  5. Chaosflux Augur

    Anyways going further

    If she multibinds
    Disruptive persecution
    Crush of Povar

    All fired from 1 key with /autoskill bash turned on

    Another multibind for

    And finally a 3rd
    (Dicho force or contrition)

    If your running hot on dps and not really worried about healing others it's a good time to load multiple yellow heals, because they impact personal DPS the least due to cast time and no target restrictions

    First spire is similar to GAOTI so have her use that as well.
  6. Cats Meow Journeyman

    My Gf's the same, LOL. Doesn't want to heal or tank, but just do DPS, haha. So after trying a bunch of characters, she took over my Berserker and never looked back. She says everything else does so little damage or is too squishy.
  7. Repthor Augur

    Well you got her to play eq with you . Thats you winning right there , for now
  8. Bigstomp Augur

    A dpsing pally can put up some decent hate amounts even unintentionally. Might want to swap out the hate mask if she has one, and use whatever that pally aggro reduction button is.
  9. Brohg Augur

    Bold Attacks AA
  10. Chaosflux Augur

    You can Marr's yourself. But that's unecessary a warrior or SK will have no trouble holding aggro off you even with Bold Attacks on and a hate mask, going full tilt.

    If the tank is another Paladin, momentary loss of aggro is possible, but rare still, if both are playing properly. The only decent aggro spell the DPSing paladin is using is Crush of Povar.

    Your experience Big was probably with Paladins that somehow think using both crushes Is doing DPS. IE: they are using the improper weave.

    Bv, cons, laud, paean, crush with DP thrown in just doesn't generate enough aggro to pull off a good tank. Even with Hedgewizards the aggro just isn't there. If they are throwing in Valiant or something for heals (dumb play, use admonish which is <1200 Hate) it could happen.

    But they are doing it wrong at that point anyways and need to go back to the drawing board.

    Going full tilt, a ranger or beast can tank and easily hold aggro off a paladin doing their dps weave. Let alone any class that has a harmonious and is getting healed. And even if aggro were to switch, the paladin has balefire, and about 10 different life saves that are .3s or instant.

    And they are probably keeping repel on cooldown, so the first round they take is drastically minimized in potency, and shield flash is a click away.
  11. Reval Augur

    Just have fun with it. If her mind gets involved because it's fun, the rest will follow.
  12. Zinc New Member

    I feel like gnomeboss's girlfriend here. I recently got bored of my rogue and necro and PLed a Paladin up to 105. Equipment is so so, visibles are bazaar-purchased glowing seb armor and non-visibles are a mix of TBM and 1 or 2 EoK T1 drops.

    I have the autogranted aa points and have since maxed out Combat Agility, the base damage increase to 2h slashing, and gotten a few others (about 450 points total beyond autogrant). About 12k total aa points.

    I also have the heroic character AC augs, but nothing really beyond that.

    Unbuffed I have 120k hp and my AC is 3264+2060.

    A standard molo'ing line up I use is based on this thread and some others:
    Crush of Povar
    Valiant Deflection
    Preservation of the Iceclad
    Staunch Stance

    I have autoskill bash enabled and try to keep Repel and Disruptive Persecution on cooldown. I am chaining the first 5 spells for dps and using a cleric merc, but I'd like to try and get into using a wiz merc and self healing through the damage I receive. To self heal, I try to use BV and then either VD, Admonish, or Ostracize. But as it is, I still have some difficulty moloing even EoK T1 trash mobs with a cleric merc. I was using a horrible weapon but just recently upgraded to a Skyreach so I hope that helps offset my subpar dps.

    I'll post more specifics as I try out new tactics, but again, I hope to get to the point where I can molo with a wiz merc instead of a cleric merc. Feel free to ask me any questions as I try to learn "how to paladin".
  13. fransisco Augur

    can you play your pal with your necro?
    The necro keeping a mob undead for 12-18 seconds at a time is CRAZY awesome for slay undead. Really speeds things up.
  14. Zinc New Member

    They are the same account so sadly no. I could transfer the necro, but I really just enjoy playing one character. I'm part of a very small guild and one of the others is a necro, so I will be grouping up with one when I can.

    Another question. Do you higher end Paladins still use Sword and Shield? I have seen it suggested a few times to only use 2h weapons, even when tanking, but I guess it mainly depends on how hard the content is relative to your tanking ability.
  15. I-WANT-IT-NOW Augur

    Title is misleading but yes all paladins are girls.
  16. Sissruukk Augur

    Our paladins sure sound manly in voice chat.
  17. I-WANT-IT-NOW Augur

    Hormone treatments
  18. Seldom Augur

    Zinc, using a wizard merc isn't what it use to be. They have stagnated and player dps has greatly increased. It's often superior method to go with cleric merc and focus on optimizing personal dps when in a molo situation. This is especially true once you've obtained a good knowledge of class, skill, aa and gear level. Pertaining to your question, yes, Paladins use sword and board extremely often still(as do all good tanks). For the obvious vast mitigation advantages when needed or utilizing deflection/shield flash etc. Also, the additional AE aggro generated from the EoK rune proc 1h weapons also helps bolster us in one of our weaker areas in non molo situations where that's relevant. You'll gain a significant boost after working on your aa count, augments and gear some more. Definitely on the low end if only pushing 120khp unbuffed. Sounds like you're doing fairly well considering that, keep it up and things will go downhill
  19. Niskin Augur

    Hey Zinc, it's Longpath.

    Soloing with your own heals is going to be tough in EoK, especially with your current AC. The FM Goblins that are around level 102 put a pretty good beating on my tank merc and he has about 4500 AC. Heals are required constantly, not sure that could be kept up with by self healing. And as far as I know those are the easiest EoK mobs you can fight.

    We should camp any EoK named we can over the next few weeks and get you a full set of T1 Group gear. If you have time to be semi-afk when not playing, you can watch for rots in FM and SW. AC augs would definitely help too. I think LC said he was at 4700 AC at one point recently and even he gets pounded sometimes in EoK.

    I find that true soloing and even moloing can be hard without gear from one expansion past the content you are trying to defeat. I can molo low end dark blues in Katta as a Monk with 120k hp's and ~2750AC without much worry that the healer can keep up with the damage. Sometimes the mob will get a lucky round or two and hit for 10-12k several times. That used to worry me at 104, but at 105 with EoK group gear it's not even that bad. Yet those FM goblins, which are high end dark blues, just tear me up. I can't molo them, have to have a partner with tank and healer mercs up as a bare minimum to fight them.
  20. Zinc New Member

    Ok, I won't fixate so much on getting to the point of using a wizard merc. I had just seen that tactic floated a few times and thought that was kind of an end goal to reach for moloing efficiency.

    I'll focus on just aa'ing up for now and getting a decent 1hs rune weap + shield.

    As far as hp goes, I'm missing a lot of hp boosts from aa's like physical enhancement and natural durability. Still so much to get. I'll focus on getting the defensive aa's that increase ac and hp first.

    Now that I look at my equipment, I do have a few TDS T1 non-visibles which are really bad.

    Do you recommend a different spell line up if I am busy tanking? Seems like that spell line up I posted is better when I am in a dps role in a group rather than tanking.

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