You know your addicted to Everquest when:

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by JohnathanXFR, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. Mintalie Augur

    No he would not!
  2. Triconix Augur

    You know you're addicted to EQ when...well I don't know because I'm not addicted anymore¯\_(ツ)_/¯. There was a time where I'd do all content really fast. Now I look at hunter and collects and my thought process is hahah I have 10 months still, screw that!
  3. Nick Elder

    You know youre addicted to Everquest when you never have to make plans for the weekend (woooo it's Friday tomorrow!!)
  4. Khoza Augur

    When a roamer, er, your boss, is walking down the line and you try to FD. (God I get some weird looks for that.)
  5. Lilbadaz Journeyman

    You know your addicted to Everquest when: you say you'll spend 4 hours playing a day and turns out you're playing the whole day after taking a long break from the game..
  6. Orbital101 Augur

    When you hit 75 maps done. :p
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  7. Repthor Augur

    when your posting on a eqforum thread called you know your addicted to eq when
  8. Battleaxe Augur

    EQ, even with some rough spots, is your most dependable respite from RL issues which without EQ would be more difficult to bear. (The internet in general helps those who are more house bound for example).

    Broken or not it's still fun.

    Thank you DBG and thank you fellow adventurers.
  9. Miss_Jackie Augur

    You know you're addicted to EQ when: you have dreams about EQ. o_O
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  10. beryon Augur

    You say "plat" irl instead of "dollars".
  11. Ksenija Elder

    Got a ways to go to catch Caudyr ;)
  12. Rhodz Augur

    When your life goes to hell around you but the important thing is logging on...
    When you actually get withdrawals and panic attacks if you cant log on.
    Hope no one still does that but...
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  13. Raludar Apprentice

    I have done this. As well as heading to work on 2 hours sleep after playing most of the night and seeing a gnoll pup standing on the side of the road. That was the last time I ever stayed up that late when I had to work the next morning.

    I've also told my wife to send a company a tell instead of telling her to call them.

    I woke my wife up one morning to ask if there was anything I could pack for my lunch and she, in a sleepy stupor, said there were fire beetle corpses in the refrigerator.
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  14. Lily Augur

    When instead of getting up to see if my husband was home, I typed /who
  15. Arvins Lorekeeper

    Sometimes when I text someone it starts out as rhey

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