you know whats wrong with this game?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Grumpy007, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. Elricvonclief Augur

    Was that before or after your cleric won that tank aug from the Naggy raid? :eek:
  2. Iila Augur

    Tanks should go get Grand Master augs and leave the nag aug for other classes.
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  3. Koryu Professional Roadkill

    Nagafen aug goes in the Primary, in that case. :p
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  4. Goth Augur

    its old?
  5. Triconix Augur

    Lol read what I said again. I didn't call boxers pathetic. I called the extent of which it has gotten to pathetic. I'm not going verbatim, but I'm pretty sure that I said the lack of grouping outside of boxing is pathetic at most. I'm not sure how you manage to translate/interpret that as calling boxers pathetic. Perhaps read up on some grammar? The pathetic is describing the lack of grouping, not the boxing. Also, I was stating how zones are now practically empty at all times. This is very much changed from before my 3.5 year hiatus. It was very easy to walk into a zone then and just make a pickup group or join a random group.

    People are so heavily reliant on boxing these days that we've forgotten that this game is/was meant to be a socially relaxing atmosphere. As I've said about myself, I've also fallen victim to doing everything on my own, but that's more due to adapting to what EQ evolved into when I came back rather than willingly or originally doing it. Stop being so hostile, you're very protective over nothing at all. Sheesh.

    I do find it ironic that you are calling present day EQ too much content when a vast majority of the population has agreed that TDS is ridiculously small for the length of time we have in it. 7 mini zones with the basic quests is not something I'd call too much content.

    Haha well technically I didn't need anything. Much like you, I was just helping somebody out. They asked for a tank in /gu so I volunteered. I could've went on my merry way continuing what I was doing by myself :)

    Or just get both! Besides, naggy aug came long before GM aug so most tanks already had the naggy aug. They just now benefited from an even better shield aug then moved naggy aug somewhere else.
  6. Andronicus Elder


    Naggy Aug is obviously a Caster Aug!
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  7. Fyrerock Augur

    People have not forgotten, what it felt like to join a group in the olds days, but the game has changed so much that even if you do join a group the social aspect of the play has been removed by the very fast pace of the game. People who box are being social with their friends or in guild chat, when they have time between pulls.
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  8. Tour Augur

    As a healer I find this to be very true in my own experience.

    In a way it's a double edged sword. I like to keep busy, and I like being able to juggle multiple things in a group and especially a raid that require me to make choices over what of my many options for an assortment of tasks that need to be done is the best course of action at the time. I like delving into the finer details and point of things.

    The downside though: this leaves me little to no time to type or converse via chat - there is just too much happening and dropping heals for whatever time it takes me to type out a message puts the tank / group / raid at risk. If I get really long tells from other guild members, mid-raid, I can't help but think, "How did you find time to type all this?" Admittedly my typing isn't spectacular, but it's still scary to start to type something and feel like you're being rushed and then finish and hope your tank is still alive even though all you did was type out a few words. Lot of it ends up being typed in that 1.5 seconds of spell recovery time. <heal><type type type..><heal><continue typing><heal>< more typing that ignores numerous typos><heal><hit return and finally send message>. Tanks can die in seconds or fractions thereof without steady heals. Not to mention AoE's that can nearly one round weaker geared characters, or unexpected adds, unexpected aggro changes, mezs, emote mechanics, etc. And while I wouldn't change any of that - it is a huge part of what makes healing fun - that constant attention and action along with a fast reaction speed does make socializing a little more difficult.

    Voice over IP programs have been extremely helpful though. I have no idea how I played this game before being introduced to them by my guild that requires it for raiding. It makes the game not only easier from a coordination point of view, but far more importantly, just makes it a lot more fun since I can now more easily chat and socialize with group members, provided they also have the program of course, without having to jeopardize anyone in the process.

    And course depending on the content, and group makeup, who is tanking, I know I have a little more leeway. I know which tanks in guild will need constant attention, and which ones don't which allows me to relax my playstyle a bit.
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  9. Xanathol Augur

    The homogenisation of classes, to an extent, is a good thing for the game.

    Low populations are a cancer for a game such as EQ. Even during the PoP era, if you played at 'off hours' for your server, you could spend a lot of time LFG, just sitting and waiting (moreso for some classes than others). As people tire of logging on to only sit and wait the night away, they quit, which in turn leads to less people to group with and thus the problem spreads. If not for mercs, the ease of boxing, and homogenisation of the classes that has taken place, I'd bet dimes to pennies the game would already have died. If anything, there may be an argument to mix the class abilities even further - but certainly not require classes a, b, and c - that would be a deathknell.
  10. Peltier Elder

    Then why you here ?

    Stop being lazy .. /boggle.

    Stop .. being .. lazy ..

    Holy crap can you friggen cry more ..

    Best way to find out what spells you have not gotten, an yet need = OTHER PLAYERS ..

    Your on the forums , crying about how you know nothing about the spells you need now, cause they are not handed to you in pok ..

    Yet .. rather then talk to other players, and find out .. you attempt to push blame over onto "having to look at 3rd party programs" ..

    Rather then asking other players and learning your own da mn .. class ..

    Why do you not do us all who actually enjoy the game and pay to play for the fun WE .. have a favor an take your sorry back to retirement ..

    You are soo da mn weak sauce .. Dev's .. find this player, /delete his character holy crap.

    Been around crying more then most I take it .. As what you really mean ..

    (A)- Your not a new player ..

    (B)- Stop trying to call yourself a new player ..
  11. Whulfgar Augur

    Bigstomp, I do not think this game is a "group/social" game ..

    I do just fine doing my grp content solo .. even having to help former guildmates .. in zones they can't handle .. (/wink)
  12. Gundolin Augur

    I don't understand the original statement. If I remember correctly only spells up to level 8 could be found in every city. Beyond that you had to go to different cities and zones to buy spells. Unless you could find a ride to buy your spells you'd end up having to take the boat. Then eventually you couldn't buy the spells at all and instead had to research how to make the spells yourself.
  13. Iolus New Member

    Consider it done peltier. People who hide behind a screen flexing their a$$hole attitude just scare the crap out of me.

    I mean it really takes a set of balls to sit on your a$$ and drop insults from the safety of a broken computer chair. So intimidating...empty bags of pizza bites come to mind. I hear the Ex & best friend are happy...

    Careful what you ask for, addition by subtraction, good luck with that. My $upport = gone.