you know whats wrong with this game?

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  1. Leex Augur

    Me thinks you just didn't look long enough then went to the forums to vent. Maybe if you looked in the starting area's of whatever expansion you were killing in you'd find some spell vendors..Maybe try using the find..Also, allah has always kept on up it's info, and if you don't know what that is then you never played original EQ.

    I like how you talk about how long you've been playing then act all pissed off about something that even a novice could figure out.

    You've been playing to many games that cater to children, while this game still caters to adult minds..Mostly.
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  2. Potawatomi Augur

    all of this could have been answered by anyone on your server. It's called general chat. Should try it out some time.
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  3. Belchere Lorekeeper

    Not to be critical but...

    You mentioned that long ago, you would run back to your Guildmaster to train, and then get new spells. Isn't that still what you should do, yet you are complaining about it. The only difference is that the spell vendors in question are in Argath, and you're not looking through all of them. Yes, the first level spells were all on vendors typically standing right next to the Guildmaster, yet every class had to go wandering around looking on other vendors for spells.

    Int casters - there were general spell merchants selling Gate/Bind/dispel magic, etc. These were sometimes near the guildmasters, but not always. Hybrids had to go find their parent class spell vendors for many of their spells that weren't sold on Ranger/Pally/SK vendors. Some have mentioned research, which indeed was needed for certain desirable spells. And don't forget the rare spells that were hard to get. For enchanters, pets were only sold in HHK. on a vendor that wasn't especially easy to find. Necros couldn't even get their summon corpse spell from a vendor, they needed to go to Splitpaw.
  4. Endless Augur

    So you're saying that a game that started out in 1999 with X amounts of zones and now has 16 expansions in 2015with vastly more zones is wrong because it is more complex? WTF were you expecting, holy lol.

    I don't understand how it can be any easier for all the "problems" you listed. Getting spells is ridiculously easy. Original EQ, there were spells you were just not going to see unless you raid or had plats to burn. Now everyone can at least get a rki version of every spell.

    That is sad that as a lvl95 you're still using lvl92 spells. But the problem is with you. You can easily get all your spells, without any faction work and off NPC merchants in a zone for that expansion that came out with those new spells. That is too bad you can't just go to your lvl1 guildmaster with the spell merchant standing next to him and get a lvl105 spell. It's sad because you actually expect that.

    Getting rkii requires faction work. Getting rkiii requires raiding. If you can't even get rki for your current level, that's on you. You can figure this stuff out in game if you actually pay attention to what you're doing or you can google it and EASILY figure it out.
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  5. Fanra

    First, EQ has always been a game where you have to go to third party websites to do things. Should EQ require this? No, but that is the way EQ is.

    As other posters have mentioned, the game has been made more "self sufficient" than it used to be. If you are a player from long ago who hasn't been to EQ since then, I would expect you to be amazed at how much EQ has improved.

    Most of which are long dead? Yes, there are a great many fan sites that are gone. But the 800 pound gorilla, Allakhazam, is still there and should have what you need to get spells.

    To get past level 90 spells, let's see:

    91 to 95: Do the Rain of Fear quest Words of the Unspoken in Shard's Landing to get your Alaran language to 100. This requires you to be level 85+ and do Shard's #1: Welcome to Shard's Landing (a quest that you just run around Shard's Landing), and then for Words of the Unspoken, you just run around picking up some ground spawns. The Allakhazam's pages even have the locations.

    Once your Alaran is 100, go buy the spells in Argath.

    96 to 100: Go to Shard's Landing and buy them. Not sure how that is hard unless you have no platinum. For the Call of the Forsaken ones, go to various NPCs in Ethernere Tainted West Karana and buy Rank I spells. Use the Find Window to find them.

    101 to 105: Go to vendors in Katta Castrum: Deluge. They can be found using the Find window (Ctrl-F). Buy them.

    If you have been around longer than most of us, you should know that EQ requires third party websites and that they have added a great many things to make it easier over the years. The idea that PoK has most spells (abeit not the highest level ones) is a huge change.

    I agree that EQ is hard and that requiring third party websites is a failing. But anyone who has leveled up to level 90 without just buying their way to it should know enough (or have assistance enough) to be able to figure most things out (that is, ask someone for help when needed or visit third party websites).

    P.S. You don't need to go to a third party website, just posting here (which is run by Daybreak, not a third party) has given you the answers. I just told you how to get level 91+ spells :).
  6. Reval Augur

    Everyone knows what's wrong with this game, but it's all different things. The first thing that would really have to be done to fix it would be a better way to vote on things, give input, and provide feedback. All current systems for this are bad.
  7. Annastasya Augur

    You don't *have* to use third party sites. At All. Feel free to travel thru every zone, talk to every npc, write down every quest and every clue, loot and categorize every drop from every mob, map every zone by hand that is not already mapped in the game, attempt to combine every item with every other in all possible combinations in all possible tradeskill containers until youve discovered every possible recipe. Sure, it's quite alot of work but i assure you the number is finite.

    Super entertaining. That ought to keep you busy for about 50 years. What other game can say that? Oh, what's that? Ain't nobody got time fo that? Then use the resources available and stop complaining. Or find another game. This one requires a certain level of patience and problem solving.
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  8. Andronicus Elder

    I didn't have any problem figuring out where to buy spells.

    The internet, using a search engine such as Google, is a good thing.

    Learn to use it.
  9. Andronicus Elder

    Oh yeah...... I've been using third party websites to learn about EQ since I started playing in 2000.

    I think this is just another Troll post.

    Enjoy the theme music now.

  10. Reht The Dude abides...

    Let's be fair, you only ran to your spell vendor every 4 levels if you were a caster and more if you were a hyrbrid unless you were a bard when EQ first came out.......
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  11. Lilura Augur

    That's because the TDS zones absolutely suck from what I've seen of them. TT, Cavern and Degmar are all awful designs. Katta and Brother Island are not bad, nice and open and easy to navigate. But I absolutely hate the ones i can get into for their narrow design and insane clustering of mobs, especially TT.

    COTF bores me but at least I can move around.
  12. Mayfaire Augur

    I think a tint-adjustment is needed for those rose-colored glasses you are wearing, me friend. o_O

    To even remotely suggest that things were easier back in '99 than they are now is just...well, absolutely silly.

    Take your example of spells: They are all, up to level 90, nicely grouped together for you just waiting for your plat in the Library in Pok. Were that not the case, I cannot even imagine the effort and time sink it would be to try and find them all spread across Norrath - not to mention that many of them were not available for purchase at ALL in the past. For those, you'd have to kill 100's-1000's of mobs and/or do that dreaded faction you mention. Speaking of faction, faction in the past makes the VoA faction look hilarious in comparison. The only modern day faction that compares to those old-world time sinks are in Plane of War.

    Back in '99, I would have killed to have a handy reference to help me through all of the many things that stymied me in this game. That we now have like 4-5 excellent web sites is a blessing, not the curse you make it out to be.
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  13. Aghinem Augur

    I hope you all realize that this is a troll thread...

    When he said he is 95 using 92 spells and the vendors in POK don't go beyond 90; he obviously knew where to get his 92 rk1 spells because they come from the same vendor as the level 95 spells in Argath.

    The rest of his writings are basically ramblings consisting of the greatest level of incoherence with stupid hypothetical scenarios like "what will everyone do if there is no more 3rd party sites?" and then comes off with the holier than now attitude that he has been around longer than ALL of us. Come on - he threw out the bait and we all took it.

    Everyone has retorted with excellent points such as the find function; a wonderful tool that lists every vendor, zone connection, and quest npc in the current zone you are in. Not to mention, there is a great tutorial called Gloomingdeep that literally holds your hand the entire time on teaching you how to play the game. The only confusing part is the default UI setup, and that is it. For someone who has been around forever, how long has your head been up your own butt as a ostrich while all these user friendly features were introduced? So I call BS on this entire thread and it really should get locked as there is no problem.

    Well played sir on wasting our time - now so kindly move on!
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  14. DrAxe Journeyman

    WTH, they already ruined the lower level game by making ALL spells vender buyable up to like level 90, and you want them ALL to be? ROFL

    I agree as a long time wizard getting the spells used to be fun, but not so much the vender spells, the dropped only spells. It was a great feeling to have either camped certain spells, or finally earning enough to buy them in baz.

    That fun is long gone with named only dropped runes/spell turn in items. It also is not very fun when you know all the new spells are just upgraded versions of your now spells, though honestly i dont see alot of room for growth here, so it is what it is.

    Also, the whole research tradeskill has been totally demolished. firstly all low level spells are now vendered, and even beyond that, old rare drops to make certain spells has been mainstreamed into a totally boring system. This is basically true for tailoring and smithing, though i believe you can still make the old combines, those are made pointless by gear like defiant drops, which completely break old world drops.

    Oh and on another note, like others have stated rk one spells are never very hard to find, just have to look or ask around ingame, they are almost always vender bought, so sadly not much fun in them, as you will have them all ready when you level.
  15. Jinya New Member

    I think you're remembering wrong, because I know for a fact that as a bard at the start of the game (pre-Kunark) I had to look up online where my bard songs were sold at and run from Kelethin all the way to Odus in order to pick up a couple of songs pre level 30. It's always been that not all spells are on all vendors, and that's ok, it makes the world more interesting.
  16. Reht The Dude abides...

    Yeah, but too many people come here, read these ramblings and later regurgitate the rhetoric as gospel, kind of like politics, if we can prevent one of them, it's a win in my book.
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  17. Agrippa Augur

    Everquest is the only game that I can think of that requires more time spent on third party sites than playing it. Want to know what your basic stats do? Hit a third party site and you *might* find the information buried deep somewhere. Want to know what your spells and AA really do? Hit a third party site or download and use a third party spell parser. Aside of kill count tasks, how many quests are realistically doable without fully researching them? Etc., etc. the list goes on endlessly. Yet, EQ is the only game that has kept me playing or coming back to it for sixteen years.

    Edit: Well, the Baldur's Gate series, too, but my time spent on Abeir-Toril is a fraction of that spent on Norrath.
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  18. Triconix Augur

    I'd agree with you, but I've seen empty current expansion zones since I got back during VoA. The [lack of] grouping outside of boxed armies is absolutely pathetic at best. You'll see spikes when expansions are released then it plummets in matter of a couple of weeks. The most I saw ever during a mid expansion in current content was maybe 20-30 people total and I'm on a "high population" Bristlebane server. If it gets in the teens anywhere in TDS I consider it crowded now. It's really pathetic
  19. complexication Kassina

    Y'know, I could have sworn that in order to even get by in this game in the past was to utilize third party websites...could be wrong, but the several 3 inch binders full of quest notes doesn't lie. /shrug

    Be that as it may, you could...idk, ask before bemoaning about how you have to look at Allakhazam or EQResource to get by (you know, like everyone else.

    92-95 spells are mostly found in argath.
    96-100 spells are mostly found in Shard's Landing and Ethernere Tainted Karana.
    101+ spells are found in Katta Castrum: Deluge.

  20. Sindo Journeyman

    What is just wrong is I can't find a Centi long sword ornament.:p