you know whats wrong with this game?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Grumpy007, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. Grumpy007 New Member

    I started playing when EQ first came out. There was noting more satisfying then hearing that "you've leveled" jingle and running straight to guild master spell vendor and buying the new spells.

    Fast forward, like many, most gone for good, I left when the powers that be decided to make this a raiding, time sink game instead of casual game. Guessing there's a lesson there.

    I decided to give the game another try a month ago, went all access now I'm level 95 and I'm still using level 92 spells.

    Thing is, the spell vendor in POK doesn't show jack past 90 spells, I have to research third party web sites, most of which are long dead to figure out who/what/where spells are found not to mention the "faction" time sink I have to do for my spells.

    Bottom line, buying & learning new spells is one of the most rewarding parts of this game when you level. Having to search third party web sites for information should be a clue to management you've done/continue to do something wrong.

    Your paying customer

    P.S. Let the "You don't work hard enough/everything is given to you" posts fly. Been around longer then most of you. This is a problem and if you want new players they shouldn't have to research third party sites this games management doesn't support to find answers.
  2. Slasher Augur

    EQ was never a casual game. Maybe you remember the wrong game.
  3. Iila Augur

    Rk 1 spells are sold by vendors in the entry zones of each of the newer expansions. PoK has Rk1s of older expansions.
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  4. Darsh Journeyman

    Something else wrong with the game is Devs ignore the live servers. Things are still broken but they so busy with TLP and then next exp live can just live with broken stuff. I can't say what is broken casue that would be cross posting and they would shut this thread down, which is the only thing they do on the boards anyways.
  5. Grumpy007 New Member

    flasher, Did you mean to: "say it was never a game full of boxed groups"? perhaps it's you that remembers the wrong game.

    I remember a time when there were no boxed groups, and in case you missed the point, you could run to the spell vendor when you leveled and buy your new spells and actually learn how to use them with a group of real, yes real people!... And wanna know what? usually it was where you created the character! crazy huh?
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  6. Aghinem Augur

    I agree. Great feeling, even today.

    EverQuest was as much as a time sync back then as it is today. This game is designed to cater to both the casual crowd and the more hardcore raiding crowd. Not sure what your complaint is.

    Interesting. You are level 95 using level 92 spells ( which are acquired in Argath for the rk1 ) and yet you are complaining the vendor in POK doesn't know anything past level 90. You obviously already know where to get your spells, so not sure why you are attempting to feign ignorance on the subject matter when you have already commented on the contrary.

    Secondly, faction has been part of EQ since the birth of EQ. Not certain why anyone would complain over something as trivial as faction given the fact faction doesn't play any mega role on spell vendors with the exception of House of Thule ( The Dream Delvers ). You are level 95, so faction doesn't even apply to you. A rather useless and invalid complaint.

    No, its a clue you are lazy and obviously want all the answers painted right in front of you rather than take the time to check out EQresource, Allakhazam, EQtraders, etc - to which those sites have detailed walkthroughs, TS recipes, detailed NPC information, quest information, etc etc etc. People have dedicated their time to donate that information through trial and error so you wouldn't have to.
    We are all paying customers...

    Now the true intention has reared its ugly head. You already anticipate the type of responses you are going to receive because you already know how unreasonable you are being. The whole "Been around longer then (sic) most of you" comment; what is that about? Closing out a post with a hostile statement. No one writes something like that without the intention to elicit a negative reaction; and I really believe the purpose of your whole post was to do just that. So congratulations on completely decimating any credibility you have with those closing remarks. There is no way this type of complaint; if you can call it one, is genuine.
  7. Bigstomp Augur

    The problem with the game, is it's a group/social game, and you sound like you're unwilling/unable to find a social network.
  8. Grumpy007 New Member

    Aghinem, You completely missed or decided to ignore the point, I shouldn't have to resort to third party web sites for information relating to the game.

    If you've played the game for a while, and I'm assuming you have, when the game started there were no third party web sites, you leveled, you ran to the spell vendor and memorized your spells and off you went.

    For instance, the find option for the Sk spell vendor in Argath is missing. I had to look on Zam for information.

    You're "lazy" suggestion is why you're game population is dwindling. I've put my time in this game and broken camps, most likely more then you.

    My P.S. is directed straight at people like you. who simply attack the poster rather then admit there's a problem.

    The aim of my post is to the folks that swipe my credit card. This is a problem, and if they're smart businessmen they'll ignore your retort and come up with a solution.
  9. Bigstomp Augur

    When the game originally came out, not all spells appeared on a vendor, in fact I'm not even sure you could use find to find a vendor.
    Please file a bug or feedback if the spell vendor in argath isn't findable, makes perfect sense it should be.
    But saying the game didn't depend on 3rd party sites in the past is wrong. NOTHING was available in game in the past. We used sites like (rip) to help find our way around when we got lost, or we just learned.
  10. Grumpy007 New Member

    Your right Big, there was no find. The EQ world wasn't that big then either was it? Matter of fact I'm still bound right at my guild master and spell vender in the sewers where my character first appeared years ago.

    Try this, lets say you start a class you've never played, for example, an enchanter or bard. Go check out the runes or the concert hall and let me know how that works out for you. Zam is really the only viable site and their EQ support is shrinking if you've been paying attention.

    My point remains, when you level spells should be a reward not a web/bazaar search and/or faction time vampire. Third party web sites shouldn't be required.
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  11. Motherlee Augur

    You mean like maps and recipes? :p
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  12. Grumpy007 New Member

    Long, long ago Mother, no one used or had those recipe web sites or maps.

    What are all those ~new~ players going to do when the last third party web sites shut down?

    Obviously nothing changes on this forum, this forum completely destroyed the game because the dev's only listened to the minority posting here years ago.

    This is a problem, I'm enjoying the game but my patience is limited. Even the information available on Zam is becoming less reliable post level 90.

    If you want me to continue to financially support this game/community, especially those ungrateful folks who post on this thread this needs to be addressed.
  13. Sebbina Augur

    I remember as a wee Druid in the long ago, that some spells were in Rivervale, but a lot were out at NPC. Getting first port spells, and next spells were at one of the NPC i could now port to, and then new ports spells could get me to higher level spells, and casters had to learn research skill to get all their spells or skip some. EQ was never a game where everything was given to you, having friends and being in a friendly guild made a lot of difference. Fortunately, there is a resource for those with little patience, buy yourself some Krono, sell one or two to get a lot of platinum, then offer to hire folk to show you what you don't want to spend the time to learn from the web. As for me, I prefer to learn stuff partly because that is what i have been doing here for 15 years, and partly because it makes me more able to assist folk now and again on their path through EQ.
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  14. Aghinem Augur


    I don't think I have read anything so convoluted.

    A) In the very MINOR possibility that suddenly all 3rd party information sites are shut down, there is what we call - A COMMUNITY. Its amazing the vast wealth of knowledge that has been accumulated all these years that the community is able to answer questions without having to refer to 3rd party websites, myself included being I have done about 70% of the content of EQ with my main - group & raid. With that being said, another site would likely take the place of whatever gets shut down out there like any other site. It is the Internet.

    B) Zam is not less reliable post 90; I have used zam for HoT, VoA, RoF, CoTF, & TDS and it has in fact been quite effective. So whatever you are trying to campaign is obviously nothing but to create a troll thread.

    C) Not sure what your views about the forum has anything to do with the state of the game.

    D) Long ago, people had to rely on paper road maps - then technology evolved and we got mapquest & gps. If those ever go out, I'm sure people will figure out to grab a road map - like people will figure out how to play the game if they have the motivation to do so.

    E) If your patience is limited, maybe you should be elsewhere. Seriously.

    F) You alone do not financially support this game & community. That comment by itself was laughable at best. If you left with your money - I really doubt the community as a whole will feel a earth shattering impact.

    I'm sorry, but your overall demeanor really brings my blood to a boil. You generally bring up a hypothetical situation that is quasi-realistic at best, insult the community that you basically don't care what people say or think because you've been around longer, suggest that new players wouldn't even be smart enough to figure the game out IF such 3rd party sites weren't around, and threaten to take your money elsewhere if the Devs don't really look into this issue.

    This whole thread baffles me being the fact the Devs and Daybreak have absolutely NO CONTROL over what 3rd party sites open and shut down; and its not their job to write up a massive guide. Part of the charm that EverQuest had in the past and has today is the exploration and discovery aspects. Hailing a NPC and realizing you may have stumbled upon a quest or running to a certain opening and finding a new zone that you were not aware of, etc etc. Not everyone wants to have their hand held. This is EverQuest, not EverEntitled. #RantOFF
  15. Necromonious Augur

    The new biggest thing wrong about the game has become the complaining on the forums
  16. RangerGuy Augur

    Something tells me your are sorely misremembering what it was like to get your spells in early EQ. Lots of spells required faction or a quest. Lots of spells required help from other people to either purchase or required travel to different zones that some classes or races were hated in. Lots of spells came strictly from mobs or were added to tradeskills later on. At no point outside of very early could you just run to a vendor and get all your spells, that stopped around level 20.
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  17. Kiillz Augur

    ...maps.....summoning a corpse to lobby.....spells on vendors...a find function.....i mean how much more can the game cater to people who dont remember, werent around back then or just dont care to put forth the effort to go after then to just want it handed to them??
    idk, its never been easier in EQ to acquire things, vendors left and right, dont have to run after a corpse and christ if ya cant find something ctrl f for the win. There has to be SOME effort and some social value and netowork to the game, it was also a game of discovery and not always reliant to websites and 3rd parties, and i remember a time when you had no idea where or what dropped your spell disc whatever and not just run to a vendor and buy it. idk, maybe its me.
  18. Numiko Augur

    no need to check third party sites for this, join a guild and ask your mates, ask in the chat channels or just ask someone in game who is 105 standing around PoK ..... as long as they are not AFK 90% of the time the people will be glad to help you with questions like this..

    most people in EQ are nice, friendly people, and heck you may even make a friend.
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  19. Triconix Augur

    I gotta disagree with this in present day EQ. A vast majority of the game - outside the raid game - is based around a box crew. The social aspect of this game is at an all time low. People just do their thing on their own time and rarely do you ever see people joining together to get something done that was initially meant for themselves and their personal benefit.

    You see current expansion zones completely dead empty but yourself and when you do encounter a group, it's most likely 2-6 boxed characters with mercs. Rarely do you find full groups anywhere unless they want the mission achievements or something semi difficult done.
  20. Koryu Professional Roadkill

    I'm sure it varies by server, but if you ask the General chat channel then somebody probably knows the answer and is willing to help.

    Third party information sites may have removed the wonder and sense of mystery from the game, but they did not make things any easier. You still have to go actually do the quests to reap their rewards. Acquisition of spells has been very much standardized for many years now with little variance between expansions. Rank 1s are always store bought; Rank 2s may have a faction or language requirement to complete the mini-quest that lets you select the spell, sometimes these spells are random drops from mobs as well; Rank 3s are always earned from raids. This is much more convenient than the way things used to be. If you think the world was small and all spells were vendor bought from the start, you must never have earned your Ice Comet or Protection of the Cabbage.