You Have Been Inactive Too Long...

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Yorag, May 22, 2015.

  1. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    I have also gotten logged out with the You have been inactive too long message on a live server. It does happen really often but it does happen.
  2. JChan Developer

    Is the message exactly "You have been inactive too long"? I can't seem to find this exact message anywhere.
  3. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    I will try and keep an eye out for the message so I can give you the exact wording.
  4. moogs Augur

    Probably says "You have been disconnected" for being inactive for too long. Screenshot it for JChan, whatever it says.
  5. Yorag Journeyman

    The exact message window that appears on the screen after you have been booted to the log in screen is that "you have been inactive for too long".
    I haven't actually been in front of the screen when it occurs as it always seems to happen at night when I'm sleeping or during the day when I'm at work.
  6. Jenarie Elder

    I've seen this and for me it is always after having been logged out or disconnected so I thought it was an internet issue and not a game issue. I think it might be repeatable by starting to log in and getting to the server select and just sitting there a while.

    Every time I've seen it it has been asking me to log in again (the screen where you enter your username/password.
  7. Gialana Augur

    For me, I've only seen the message when I've gotten distracted with something else and ended up sitting at the server select screen for several minutes.
  8. Manapause Journeyman

    This happened to me last night. I'd left myself up AFK at the succor point in Valley of King Xorbb. The disconnect message was that my connection had been terminated by the server possibly due to being inactive for too long. I checked my log, there was no dialogue or indication that I was about to be kicked. My last physical activity was at 21:57 before AFK. The only dialogue between that and 3:05:57am when disconnected was that I'm a slacker and myself and my mount were starving and had need food and drink! ;) (I often leave my toons up AFK overnight with no disconnects, both traders in the Baz and in normal zones.)
  9. Yorag Journeyman

  10. Tvarian Augur

    That's the screenshot we've been waiting for!

    That's exactly what I get. Sometimes I can just select the server and get right back in and play, other times, if it's been too long, it'll boot me from server select to the old-style username and password login screen. At that point I just exit everything & restart fresh. I don't think that login screen works anymore, but maybe it does. I've had problems with it in the past, so I don't bother with it anymore.
  11. JChan Developer

    That message is from the login server disconnecting you after you've been disconnected from the zone for some other reason. Unfortunately, this can happen for a number of reasons including the client thinking that the server is down due to connection latency issues.
  12. Yorag Journeyman

    We are talking about the Bazaar zone here. Does it just randomly go down or disconnect people? I don't think the zone is ever overloaded enough for that to happen. Typically on the Bertoxx. server there are never more than 150-175 trader characters logged into the zone. Still puzzled why this is happening so frequently.
  13. JChan Developer

    It the cases we've seen, it appears that the client is initiating the disconnect from the zone here. Not the zone disconnecting clients. In all of the logs that we've seen there has been this line. Which means that the client initiated the disconnect.

    Networking: connection terminated [client:DisconnectReasonUnreachableConnection,server:DisconnectReasonNone]
  14. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Question, is this an issue with the client software or the connection itself? I can have multiple accounts logged in and yet it usually happens to an account in the bazaar. Sometimes elsewhere but it seems to be the bazaar most often. Though I am more likely to leave accounts logged in unattended in the bazaar then anywhere else.
  15. JChan Developer

    It's difficult to say. It could be a connection issue if the client isn't getting the keep alive packets from the zone in a timely manner. When actively doing something in a zone we send multiple packets to the client which keeps the client from saying that the zone has gone down.
  16. Geroblue Augur

    I thnk it could be the response time. Instead of a typical 100ms, I'm getting ping times from 450 to 1000ms in the game. The few times it gets down to 100ms, my combat slows down. I get a great many 'you can't use that command right now' as my connection slowly catches back up. This can go on for up to 4 or 5 minutes. Then everything is normal, my characters swing, the mobs swing their arms or weapons, spells go off, until the next time. And then everything slows way down, or stops. I;'m in the CDT, and this has only been happening since about June, 2016. I only saw this before, back around 2004, when I first started, when my connection and computer were slow.
  17. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    My response time is generally between 100 and 130 ms pretty reliably and I still can get the logged for inactivity thing come up. I just find it strange I can have several accounts logged in and only one gets affected and its generally a toon in the bazaar. Although I agree really high response time can cause a disconnect it is also happening to people with great response time. And you would think all accounts logged in would get booted if it was response time. In my case it is only bazaar toons that seem affected the vast majority of the time. I think its happned in PoK a few times for me.
  18. Geroblue Augur

    yeah. Thats odd. If its high response time all logged in accounts should be affected.
  19. JChan Developer

    It could also be the bazaar clients aren't getting enough CPU cycles. Are the bazaar clients minimized? If so in, the Display -> Advanced -> Max. Background FPS you might want to increase this or see if you don't get disconnected while in the bazaar if you keep the client non-minimized.
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  20. Dali LB New Member

    This is simply not correct Jchan. It has nothing to do with cpu cycles or the client being in focus or not.

    This happens automaticly in every zone if you havn't moved your mouse or pressed a key in the client for a certain ammount of ime. You get disconnected. Its comming from some years back where you had very high load on some of the tlp's and its never been removed again and is on every tlp server. This does not happen on Live servers, most likely cause they are having mostly very light load.

    Unless there is circumstances with extreme lag which is beyond your control or due to some hardware issues I have very rarely ever gotten disconnected on live servers, and characters could sit for weeks, or untill a patch, in a corner somewhere in the world just being afk.

    It is one thing I have always loved about EQ, that you could leave eg a bard on during the night singing or whatever and come back in the morning as long as you werent doing anything automated stuff against the eula, where certain other games kick you after 5 min afk.

    I can understand this practice during the first couple weeks of a new TLP where the load might be extreme and the login queue is highly conquested. But please remove this feature when either the load normalises or when chars reach a certain lvl. Its extremely annoying that you can't let your Mage be afk with summoned focus items etc. for more than about 15 min before you get kicked.