You have 2 months...

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Yinla, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Yinla Augur convince me to stick with live servers and purchase the new expansion, before I switch to the new House of Thule TLP. :):cool:

    And no you cant have my stuff, the wizzy and army of alts will all retire to the beautiful waterfall in Nederias Landing. :)
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  2. Nennius Augur

    And the gauntlet has been thrown. Everyone get to work!!
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  3. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

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  4. yepmetoo Augur

    I'm sure they are terrified by the ultimatum.
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  5. Nennius Augur

    Yinla's secret identity is exposed!!!

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  6. Nennius Augur

    Or perhaps this:

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  7. Jhenna_BB Augur

    It's hard to find Dilbert as funny nowadays with Scott Adams saying stupid all the time, now.
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  8. Laronk Augur

    No convincing needed, if you think you're going to enjoy the new TLP server you should go and enjoy! I might make a character there and try to raid also.
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  9. Goburs Augur

    Has anybody tried to convince you yet? I mean, I won't, but has anybody?
  10. Jhenna_BB Augur

    Honestly, House of Thule was a great expansion. I feel like we'd be convincing someone to not have a good time not playing that TLP.
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  11. Laronk Augur

    I also liked VOA and that's just the next expansion!
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  12. Vumad Augur

    It's like a new year resolution. You probably wont stick to that new years diet if you have to wait so you can engorge yourself during Christmas. If you wanted to play HoT you could play one of the TLPs there now. Why wait?

    It would be nice if instead of the HoT TLP they just included heroics on live servers in the subscription. Then they could bundle players together on live while forcing them to obtain experience before reaching the end game. FTP paid heroics. Subb'ed is free heroics. Bunches alts together and densifies the earlier game.
  13. Yinla Augur

    If I want to do HOT I can do it on live :p We did do a couple of HoT raids a month or so back for someones rank 3 spells/discs they wanted.

    Starting at level 85 instead of starting from scratch appeals to me.

    I've had a few interesting PMs. :)
  14. Yimin Augur

    House of Thule was my favorite expansion !

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  15. Nennius Augur

    I haven't kept up on this at all. I may have to google that.
  16. feeltheburn Augur

    I am SOOO certain they are scrambling at the edict given here.
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  17. feeltheburn Augur

  18. Yinla Augur

  19. enclee Augur

    Play the TLP, then think about getting the new expansion later down the line. If you miss an expansion, no big deal.
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  20. Tucoh Augur

    Scott Adams is guilty of wrong-think, therefore Dilbert is double plus bad. We've always been at war with Elbonia.
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