QA In Progress "You can not loot this item" bug on raids

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Goburs, Mar 9, 2024.

  1. Goburs The Filthy Casualz Leader

    4-5 times now, we have seen someone who was dead, either waiting on a rez, or just not having zoned to their bind point to run back...unable to loot off of the chest.

    Bug seems to be, person is currently dead, waiting on rez or not zoning, and they can't loot anything off the chest if they are still in that state when we win the event, even if they rez up, click the chest to be added to the list etc etc....

    Is this something that's happened to other guilds, and how can this be fixed?
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  2. Bryna New Member

    Yes this is a real pain. We will bid out loot only to find out the person who won cant loot it and have to start bids all over again.
  3. Hammaclar Journeyman

    Been seeing this pretty much every raid night with at least one event. Person wins an item in our dkp auction and then cannot loot despite being in raid and DZ for the fight, but zoning, in gh or lobby or die just as boss goes down.
  4. Herf Augur

    Does the chest at least open up at 14:59?
  5. Kiaro Augur

    Really obnoxious bug
  6. Dre. Altoholic

    A bandaid for this would be if there was a command that the ML could use on a corpse to release any unlooted items and return the corpse to standard looting.
  7. Ratalthor Developer

    Requesting additional info for our testing:
    • Is there a specific raid you experienced this issue on?
    • Which looting system are you using? Advanced or Default?
    • How far away were you when the chest was opened?
    • What is the exact error message you are seeing in the logs?
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  8. Conq Augur

    • Is there a specific raid you experienced this issue on? Randomly has happened to every raid in the last 4 expansions. This has also happened to Alts who were dzadded after the chest was opened and were unable to loot.
    • Which looting system are you using? Advanced or Default? Advloot
    • How far away were you when the chest was opened? At the chest.
    • What is the exact error message you are seeing in the logs? I'll look at logs later and post.
  9. Goburs The Filthy Casualz Leader

    I would try running a raid with Devs, having one of them die, than completing the event without that person releasing or being rezzed.

    My money is on it happening to you as well.

    More frustrating than that, I feel bad for the folks who either need to say "ok give it to the next guy" because they feel even if they petition, they won't get their loot. We've run into so many occasions where a response has just told people they are S.O.L. for no reason other than not taking the time to do what's right.

    Hopefully this is looked into further.
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  10. Gorehammer Lorekeeper

    I believe this bug is also happening in groups/missions (toon offline but in task when chest spawns), as I just painfully had my 2nd aug rot this week because I couldn't loot. :( I've been moloing the 24th anniversary mission Reetuk the Inexorable for type 18 augs for toons who are on the same account (because I'm poor).

    This process has never been an issue for me until now, but I: grab mission on alt account, taskadd my 4 toons from main account one-by-one, complete mission with main, open chest, get excited for the aug that showed up in advloot, click Leave on Corpse, camp to alt on the same account, right-click into chest, "You are not allowed to loot the item: Acolyte's Attacker of the Selenelion", and upon clicking again, "You may not loot that item from this corpse."

    At first I thought it was a Lore Equipped Group issue with my BST, so when the Casting aug dropped I actually deleted the GMM version so I could loot the new one... still couldn't loot. It made no sense, until I saw this thread. The Attacker aug that I tried to loot on my rogue gave the same not allowed message, but that toon is awful and only had a single type 18 to his name, and it was not even the same effect. I'm 99.9% sure if I deleted his only type 18 aug that this bug would still prevent him from looting.

    It's definitely looking like this bug is the chest not having the correct list of permissible looters. It'd be one thing if we were just camping regular named and will get the item eventually, but people are losing raid items they've earned and for me these anniversary missions are going to disappear for the next 11 months, so this needs fixed asap. Are you guys also having this issue with advloot turned off at the time of victory? I don't really wanna do missions anymore to test it and waste my time in the process. =\

    Update: Just did the mission again, but this time I was able to loot for some reason. The only thing I did differently was I attacked the chest instead of typing /open. Not sure if this is a real fix, a fluke, or they tweaked something on the back end.

    Update 2: Have run this mission another 10 times and am not able to loot with toons who were offline for chest spawn. Not sure how I was able to that one time, but it doesn't seem to matter if I attack the chest, or turn off advanced loot, "Give" the item to an offline toon through advloot, nothing. No clue.
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  11. Goburs The Filthy Casualz Leader

    QA in progress? Curious what this stage of the bug submission this puts us at? Who's questioning, and who's answering what here? Forgive me for being naive, I visit these forums about once every 10 days or so.....
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  12. Fenthen Living rent free in your headspace

    Seems like it might also have to deal with the chest being attacked before opening.
  13. Gialana Augur

    You're thinking of Q&A :) QA is quality assurance. In this case, I think it means they're testing it on their end, trying to reproduce the bug.
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  14. Goburs The Filthy Casualz Leader

    Well, that is a good thing!

    Thanks Devs, from all of us folks or w/e
  15. Ratalthor Developer

    Can anyone confirm the exact error message you are seeing when this happens?
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  16. Gorehammer Lorekeeper

    I can't speak for others, including those experiencing this in raids, but this is from my post above where I copied verbatim the text from my screen while at the end of an anniversary mission.
    "You are not allowed to loot the item: Acolyte's Attacker of the Selenelion",
    (and upon clicking again) "You may not loot that item from this corpse."
  17. aiha Saryrn [Bertox]

    If it's any help, this bug has been around forever, I remember being locked out of Tacvi corpses and LDoN raid chests during SoD/UF era when I was 2boxing them.

    I've had it happen many times to characters that were online when the DZ was created, never logged out, never zoned, just sitting in GH until the mob died/lockout created. Ran to zone, can't loot. Almost like it's more reliable to keep the char offline and dzadd after the lockout was created.. there seems to be no rhyme or rhythm to it.

    I've also had it happen to accounts that are 100% free of any type of DZ lockout or tasktimer:
    1. Solo'ing Tacvi on Account-A
    2. Oh a Rapier of Somber Notes dropped
    3. Log in bard on Account-B (Account-B hasn't been logged into for a month)
    4. dzadd bard sitting in GH
    5. Run bard to Tacvi
    6. You cannot loot this item at this time

    It can happen to both corpses and chests, and with adv loot on or off when creating the chest/corpse. Waiting 15 minutes does not work. Dropping DZ and adding to DZ again does not work. Nor does relogging.

    Maybe it has to do with dz/task adding someone sitting in an instance? Who knows.
    Good luck with this one. Not sarcasm, it would be amazing to get fixed finally.
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  18. aiha Saryrn [Bertox]

    Latest patch has elaborated on loot error messages so here's my first fail:


    Plenty more to follow, will update if I get a different error.
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  19. aiha Saryrn [Bertox]

    Going to get in to a bit of details here in the hopes that it helps; In the above screen shot:

    Three accounts are involved. Two (uninvolved) characters have lockouts on Plane of Hate Revisited (TBM). No other characters on these accounts have any lockouts whatsoever (be they task or expedition).

    Rugnort (account1) created group, invites 3 chars from account2 and account3, who log off.
    Rugnort invites Kibakuzai (account2) and Bemu (account3), making 6 (3online/3offline).
    Rugnort grabs task, kills Bynn, loots a couple things.
    Bemu (online the entire time expedition has existed, sitting in GH) runs through Dragonscale Hills to instance, gets error message seen above.

    To be clear, this also happens in Steamfactory/Tacvi instances where I NEED 6 accounts online to create the DZ, so it has nothing to do with having just 3 online.

    IDK if this helps any, but good luck.
  20. Fenthen Living rent free in your headspace

    We have lost loot because of this error, LS raid and mission chests both.
    Players attempting to loot were in the DZ or mission task when it was requested and should not be excluded from looting the chest.