"You are too inexperienced in your craft to even consider attempting this combination."

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  1. Agrippa Augur

    I had been working on my shaman persona's alchemy skill and I've run into quite a few recipes that are restricted to 300+ skill level. These were the first sorts of recipes that I've encountered that are restricted in this way.

    EQTraders does show that these alchemy recipes are restricted, but none of the "Restricted" links there were working for me. I had assumed that they had meant that the recipes were restricted in the same way that all alchemy recipes are restricted to the shaman class.

    It wasn't the most practical way, to be sure, but I was fairly certain that I had used recipes from much later expansions, not just to work on trophy evolution, but for skilling up purposes, too. Was I mistaken there? Are all later expansion recipes restricted in this same way? I'm hesitant to set up a buyer now, as I have no idea what recipes will work properly for my characters/personas at any level now. How far back do these sorts of recipes go now?
  2. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Some recipes you need to read a book/scroll before you can create them. There are also some which are restricted to skill level.
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    Can you provide an example? Many times the error message can mean something else in tradeskills.

    Are you on a tlp?
  4. Agrippa Augur

    EQTC - Item: Distillate of Clarity XXII (eqtraders.com)

    Every alchemy recipe for LS shows that is restricted, but the links there aren't working for me to show what they are restricted for. I haven't looked at every other recipe, but the full message that I was getting with my shaman was that he needed, at least, 300 skill level to even attempt this combine.

    I was fairly certain that I had used several higher level recipes from later expansions for skilling up purposes, as well as trophy evolution. Of course, I was eating a lot of failures, but the mats had been fairly reasonable in market prices. Am I completely mistaken here, though? Are all of the later expansion tradeskill recipes restricted in this way? Or is sort of restriction just for the LS expansion recipes? Alchemy recipes only? I'm left rather baffled here. But I'm not wanting to set up a buyer for mats where the combines won't work properly for any skill level. Is this sort of thing pretty common for later expansions?

    Edit: This was happening on FV server and I have purchased the LS expansion. It is possible that it could be restricted to my character for not scribing every possible book yet, too. I would have expected a different message from that, though.
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    That combine is 570 trivial. So yes, your going to need at least 300 or more

    At eq traders the (Restricted) does not really lead anywhere for me either. Other than to repeat the matts needed.

    Perhaps that is all that designation does. Maybe she will chip in here and explain it better.

    But I do see one matt Serene Sweet Cherry is only forged in Laurion's Song. I know you can make tradeskills from any expansion without having that expansion (on live - not tlp) so I think this means while you can get it anywhere via baz, merchants etc it was from foraging in that expansion.

    This is old but good reading on the restrictive message that might help clear it up

    I had not heard of any new books and just did this run thru years ago even if I didn't need all of them. https://almarsguides.com/eq/tradeskills/300-350/tsbookstoscribe/
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  6. Hegsheoshed Augur

    Doing a recipe for evolving a trophy before 300 hard skill no mods that exceeds your skill level by 100 will do nothing for the trophy. Any odd skill up to the trade skill is just a step closer to 300 at which point all recipes over 335 trivial will give the same experience to the trophy. It's not like it's a raid combine doing high trivial items.

    Running the recipe parsers and working on that 350 skill doing all the crazy weird combines for Tinkering, Fletching , Smithing, Poison.. and... well all of them have some odd recipes but doing them made the skill go faster it seemed. If you do the Master Sketch quest for poison making and don't make the poisons with the 4 quested sketches and jump to making the master sketch you get to do a Burning Rapier quest again. Maybe all the trade skills should have some annoying long epic recipe set?

    Mostly I think they are tired of people complaining about their trophy not leveling for some reason or people making no skill trade skill mules.
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  7. Aanuvane Augur

    The Restricted notation in EQ Traders is only notifying the class/race/deity restrictions. If there is a minimum skill required - it needs to be reported...when I test all these recipes to discover them and log them I'm using a max skilled shaman (all my tradeskill toons are fully maxed). If a minimum skill is reported - it will also appear on the recipe - but in a different place. It will appear under the recipe and above the Notes/trivial.

    For example, Ethereal Sheet of Metal has a reported minimum skill required.

    Smithing Components: Brick of Ethereal Energy(2), Ethereal Temper, Tanaan Smithing Hammer
    In: Tanaan Forge
    Yield: 1
    Also Returns: Tanaan Smithing Hammer(1)
    On Failure Returns: Tanaan Smithing Hammer
    Required Skill Level: 220
    Notes: EQRecipeID: 2741
    Trivial at: 212
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    Thank you for the explanation on restricted, I know you work very hard but it was very confusing cause it says If you see (Restricted) click on (Restricted) to see details. So then you click it and it shows To make Distillate of Clarity XXII (Alchemy: Yield 1, trivial 572), (Restricted) and just keeps going round and round. I could never figure out what was restricted!

    I wonder if where it says This combine may only be made by Shaman that it says Restricted there instead? Like Restricted-can only be made by shaman.
  9. Aanuvane Augur

    That's a site update well outside of my control. (EDIT: I can only enter information into the database and create quests/articles, I cannot make changes to how the site works, performance or how the different kinds of pages display).

    The "restriction" is listed in the recipe - it's that data that makes the "restricted" notation appear at the bottom.

    Alchemy Components: Alchemical Potion Vial, Katuka Bark, Serene Sweet Cherry, Small Vial(5)
    In: Reinforced Medicine Bag, Alchemy Table, Guild Alchemy Table (Placeable)
    Yield: 1
    On Failure Returns: Small Vial(5)
    This combine may only be made by Shaman
    Trivial at: 572

    There is nothing I can do to make that more obvious on the page either - again, outside of my control.
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  10. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    Ah, ok I thought it would just be a database string of text to add. :(
  11. Agrippa Augur

    Thank you again for all of the replies here. One of the main questions that I'm left wondering about is if most, if not all, of later expansion tradeskill recipes are skill level restricted in this same way. As I mentioned, it looks like every one of the LS alchemy recipes is restricted to 300+ skill level. Is this true of the full expansion's recipe list? How far back will I need to go to find "safe" recipes that I'm allowed to attempt and work upon at any skill level? Are there going to be *a lot* of tradeskill recipes that are restricted in this way in later expansions? Or is this something that is mostly specific to the alchemy skill and the LS expansion? Rare exceptions exist, I'm sure, but I'm more concerned about when this became the norm.
  12. Aanuvane Augur

    I know they all aren't restricted because I've used recipes from ToV forward to skill up on some alts, especially fletching and jewelcraft. It could however be that Alchemy and maybe the higher poisons require 300? I'd never use the tinkering recipes for skilling up personally - too expensive.
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  13. Gialana Augur

    It might be that the alchemy recipes that create usable potions are skill restricted in later expansions. I just loaded up a level 30 shaman that has a skill of 1 in alchemy. I tried making Champion's Restorative (with rock salt), which is from Night's of Shadow. The game told me a skill of 325 is required for that recipe, so I couldn't attempt the combine. I then tried to make Luclinite Fortified Drink, which is also from Night's of Shadow but doesn't make a potion. The game allowed the attempt, though I of course failed the combine.

    Keep in mind that required skills can be met with skill modifiers like trophies. So if your base skill is below the required skill but an equipped trophy puts you over the required skill, you can still attempt the combines and get skillups.

    If your goal is just to raise alchemy you could follow this guide from eqtraders:
    The recipes it lists after Philter of the Wolf (trivial 210) require making vials with pottery. If I remember correctly, Nodding Blue Lily is easy to farm in Crypt of Decay if you are high enough level. I think this is what I used on a different shaman that has a max trophy. It's possible I used Deepwater Ink farmed in Siren't Grotto, but that only has a trivial of 302 (ok if you don't accidentally raise you skill with EoK ranks of alchemy mastery and learned recipes). You could also check your server's bazaar for things like Aderirse Bur or Urticaceae. Someone on my server is selling 1k Urticaceae for 22pp each.
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  14. Rijacki Just a rare RPer on FV and Oakwynd

    I check merchants every time I am selling stuff on any character. I often find Aderirse Burr, Urticaceae, Luciderm, Curzon, and others that drop in a wider range of zones. I have a bunch stockpiled before I start an Alchemy run. Currently, I am in the process of getting my alchemist to 105 so I can get the last AA of Alchemy before he 'retires' to just crafting alchemy. His skill is around 300 so I will be starting in on the making stuff to learn the recipe phase. I have all the other skills on another character.
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  15. Aanuvane Augur

    Based on Gialana's feedback - so far I have tested/confirmed:
    • Call of the Forsaken potions, no restriction
    • The Darkened Sea potions, no restrictions
    • Ring of Scale except Xygoz's Tonic, no restrictions
    • Xygoz's tonic - 325 minimum skill
    • Distillates XVIII in Lost Alchemical Potions, no restrictions
    • Distillates XIX, no restrictions
    • Distillates XX, minimum 300 skill
    • Distillate XXI, minimum 300 skill
    and I think you've already confirmed that the Distillate XXII has a minimum 300 skill

    EQTC has been updated with these findings.
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  16. Hegsheoshed Augur

    The restriction makes no sense in that the foraged item is not used in a sub combine like a strand of ether or brick of ethereal energy. It could be that the foraged item is so plentiful that someone felt the need to restrict it since the Draught of the Craftsman would minimize the losses from failed combines using the expensive purchased materials.

    If un restricted the alchemist leveling their skill and evolving the trophy using the draught would still have to go back and do the rest of the recipes for 350 skill. Even with 299 skill the trophy would get no exp to evolve. It is just a weird non sequitur to level the trophy this way since getting the trophy to nudge over every gain of 50 points in skill. Maybe not the best decision then as far as selling Draughts of the Craftsman and saving others from being unable to bypass folly.

    I say let the people with too much money be able to do this and buy out all the Draughts.
  17. Razorfall Augur

    I was making stuff with Kunark Conflagrant Powder to level mine, but I had thousands of it by the time I was working on his alchemy.
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