"You are not allowed to loot the item"

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by yodo, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. yodo Elder

    Just killed Pallorax in Korafax and was getting this message when trying to loot.

    Our raid killed the other 2 Korafax bosses then half the raid dropped and got a new DZ to split Pallorax. The raid from the original DZ killed theirs first and people in the second raid were getting this error.

    I know about the changes with loot from last patch(?) but not sure if this was intended.
  2. Tyreel Augur

    You needed to drop the original partially completed DZ, then get new instances on both of the split raids before split raiding any additional content now.

    What happened is 'working as intended' but not intended specifically against your specific use case. Now Raid A only gets to choose loot from Raid A chest and Raid B is stuck with Raid B chest. Leaving the original instance open which ever raid finished first would be the only raid chest anyone that was in original can loot in now. You could have added alts or anyone that didn't participate in original instance and they could have looted from the chest in Raid B.

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