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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Tweadle, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. Accipiter Old Timer

    Your numbers are... odd. If you were to truly promise and provide GM support then you'd have to at least have 16 hours a day coverage (24 if you were really keeping your word). Even at 16 hours a day that's closer to 500 hours. The hourly rate is probably closer to $30 per hour fully loaded (benefits, employment insurance, etc).

    Number quibbles aside, this is correct. This is the choice DBG has made.
  2. Rhodz Augur

    Its a boring week, timing is everything.
  3. Rhodz Augur

    Well I left it in the domain of Part-Time GM support since that is the logical next tier above the nothing we have now. Add another at 1.5k heck go nuts and get three since I am pretty sure we can double that revenue number and still be low. We just do not know for certain do we. Heck start treating this game like a legitimate business that prospers when customers are happy and perhaps the fall off is lessened and the server actually grows from launch. Yeah even part time support yields results as no one knows when or where the GMs may or may not be.
    I can think of three or four spots that would turn up most of the problem children on the server. Once they are gone the need for more is reduced.
  4. Tinytinker Augur

    I rolled my eyes when you mentioned no box server. That would mean families and roommates couldn't play together. But screw everyone else, as long as you get what you want, huh?
  5. Rhodz Augur

    One does not have to go down the twisted lazy road P99 travels.
    DBG does not have to make it impossible only too difficult/dangerous to make it worth anyone's time.
    Well, anyone rational. Even at that P99 failed to stop all boxing, just costing themselves players.
    The IP fix is crude and very retro but lets not get into that kind of nostalgia shall we?
  6. jawgoat New Member

    As has been mentioned there are probably more reliable methods of breaking boxing without involving IPs but even so, would it really be that hard on roommates and families if there were ONE server they couldn't play on? No new or special rule-set, nothing special to differentiate that server in terms of items or progression, nothing that couldn't be done on any other server except no would this be putting out the roomies and families? Extend no-boxing to all servers and yeah, that wouldn't be cool but no one is suggesting that.
  7. Behee Augur

    Ah yes, the asocial server. Where friends and family can't play, because those are the issues at hand and what needs to be removed. (SARCASM).

    And the boxers will be there, because it's not exactly hard to spoof IP addresses for those who want to.

    What's even more absurd is that you can still automate characters using software, so that also doesn't go away.

    It will just be the server where boxers and bots exist, but people with real life connections don't.
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  8. Gingyr Elder

    If the p99 crowd keep throwing up new rule sets maybe someday they will find one they wont suck under
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  9. jawgoat New Member

    That's some impressive drama but doesn't address my question: would it really be that hard on roommates and families if there were ONE server they couldn't play on?

    Forget about how no-box code could be circumvented, its not important to a philosophical conversation about the overall merits of a no-box environment. You seem very opposed to it and I wonder the rationale.

    And to insert a little drama of my own, I think it the height of absurdity to suggest a no-box server would be devoid of RL friends playing together or that "real-life connections" wouldn't exist. In fact, I'd go so far as to say a no-box server would be more social than servers where boxing is predominant (given a healthy population). I will say though that as much as I would love a no-box environment, I have my doubts as to whether it would be viable population-wise. Its hard to argue with pro-boxers when they say EQ has lingered as long as it has due to the prevalence of boxing...I don't know, I'd love to find out though.
  10. Wulerdar Gnome Slayer

    oh oh can I play i want a server that you can only play 8 hours a week so that people can't progress further then others =P
  11. Nolrog Augur

    LOL. You think they could actually ban boxers and krono.
  12. Death Strudel Augur

    The twelve people who want this can't afford a server, let alone a full time GM. Unless the twelve people also ran box farms of 72 accounts.Then...maybe, but probably still not.
  13. Rhodz Augur

    So you asked everyone? Funny I don't remember it.
    I am not sure this is technically a strawman argument but it's close.
  14. MaxTheLion Augur

    Is that you, Soulenticer?
  15. Accipiter Old Timer

    People like you fail to comprehend the makeup of these servers' populations. I'd be willing to bet only about 20% of Agnarr's population would play on a no-box server. And that's at launch. In 6 weeks the server would be dead.
  16. Rhodz Augur

  17. Aeon New Member

    Most problems stem from overcrowding when it comes to most poor social behavior. Starting the server with Kunark and Velious unlocked would go a long way to solve that on the initial launch... maybe even Luclin so Space Cats can join in the fun. Maybe.

    Krono farming can only be solved if these servers were under a different subscription type that krono did not work for and were unavailable to be redeemed on this server as currency. And even then, it would only be half effective since people are very creative on black markets. I would definitely pay an extra 5 a month to see some sort of fix but am skeptical one could be made. Sprouting ideas on an Internet forums is hardly sound business planning.

    No-Box is a No-Go. Many university dorms, Internet cafes, gaming lounges, etc. would be out of the question for playing. True box is sufficient.

    Sorry OP you aren’t having fun anymore.
  18. Death Strudel Augur

    If they make this server, I demand it also ships real, live unicorns to subscribers.
  19. Rhodz Augur

    You are right over crowding is just the killer of all. There was easily enough population on AG to support at least 3 expansions. Throw a wrench into the "program" for real would it not?

    Krono will never be touched just from the wording on the site and terms of sale. Does not make it a good thing just a thing.

    No-box does not require any IP addy nonsense to be very effective. Seems people get on this thing about making it impossible to box and I keep saying that is not needed. Just make it difficult as hell... ah well.
  20. Rampart New Member

    100 hours of GM time a month? That's all you would want? That's like just over 3 hours a day... I doubt the GM could even scratch the surface of the number of petitions sitting in the inbox.
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