[Yelinak] War Veterans - Oceanic/Australian timezone guild is recruiting!

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Starshape, Apr 8, 2022.

  1. Rezza New Member

    Agree, better to know in advance.
  2. Starshape Elder

    Will be interesting what comes of the next announce. My money is on no changes for Yelinak.
  3. Cropp New Member

    I see there is another Aussie based guild recruiting for this server. Seems silly to have 2, maybe have a chat with them. A decent sized Aussie guild would be awesome.
  4. Xhartor Augur

    A bigger issue that the oceanic player base is spread out between Pacifica on Thornblade and Spectral Shift on Mangler.
  5. Keithen New Member

    What is the other guild?
  6. Hobart123 New Member

    Strix Reborn - Looks like the Aussie guild that was on Aradune
  7. Protagonist Tank

    This guild seems to be made up of mostly P99 or new people, not any of the Pacifica/SS/APAC/Wreckers raiding crew. I think that crowd all went the other side.
  8. Kakashi77 Elder

    It gives oceanic/asian players an option to experience EQ at different points of the game. If they prefer God+, they can look at Pacifica. If they prefer UF+, they can look at SS. If they want to start all over again, there's this guild coming up on Yelinak.

    Similarly there is also EC for TDS+ content and Wreckers for Live content. So many choices for +8GMT players. Having variety isn't a bad thing especially since these guilds are thriving.
  9. Abhorsan Journeyman

    Hey Everyone,

    To avoid running two OCE timezone guilds, Starshape (guildleader of ) and I discussed how we can have the OCE playerbase into one place.

    As a result, War Veterans will be closing and everyone will be coming to Strix Reborn and apply here. Starshape has been running guilds for a long time (we actually cross over on a bunch) and having him over at Strix Reborn will be a fantastic addition to the team!!

    This is a great thing, as this means all Australian/Oceanic timezone players will be in one place. We're already seeing great momentum in terms of numbers and this will ensure the success in this timezone.
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  10. Starshape Elder

    It's going to be awesome :)

    Apply on the Strix Reborn discord: https://discord.com/invite/c5TMtj2QMK
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