Yelinak unspoken rule question

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  1. Midnitewolf Augur

    You actually have a point but I will go on the say that the reason so many people come back to EQ is due to the memories it creates and those memories often center around shared experiences both good and bad.

    I can barely remember any events that happened in WoW for example, because I was rolling solo most of the time, but I could spend hours and hours talking about things that happened in EQ because the vast, vast majorities of those stories revolve around interactions with people. Hell even my disappointment about the tank getting all the loam pieces I was camping becomes a story. I can hear myself now in the future talking to one of my gaming buddies and saying, "Talk about bad luck with rolls, I was in the hole trying to get loam and the stupid tank kept winning the rolls, it was so frustrating."

    That is the thing about EQ. Interactions with people are what makes the game unpredictable. Some idiot in your party aggro'ing a mob or someone training your party or someone being a jerk with loot drop, all bad events, all memorable stories. It is not a good reason to be anti-social just because you can't guarantee all your interactions with other people are positive.
  2. Xeris Augur

    NBG group is dumb. Period. If NBG was the norm, why would a melee or healer ever go to the Hole? There's no loot for them. Why should you form a group in the Hole and say this group is gonna gear up the casters cuz we can use the Loam, and everyone else is working for free? If EQ was played this way, people would only camp at places that dropped items they specifically needed and the game would break down.

    Also: stop comparing TLP to 20 years ago... People's understandings have changed, TLP's are very specifically about progression and advancement. It's not like in 1999 when an xpac was open for 12+ months and like 1/100th of the server was raiding competitively and everything was insanely casual. Current TLP is not that. 90%+ of population is raiding end game, and you have 12 weeks to see and do everything in the expansion, thus creating pressure to get as much opportunity for gear as humanly possible, thus causing tanks to want to roll need on Loam gear, and so on. That's just how.the game is played now.
  3. Muramx Elder

    It's the same on mischief. I started playing again when the sever was heading into PoP and still had groups of all levels. I noticed I wasn't winning hardly anything because I would roll greed on most of the stuff that dropped because I couldn't use it. I wised up and now I strictly "Need" roll on everything unless I am with a guild group.
  4. Thenextgoldknyght New Member

    TLDR, but NBG died long time ago. I was always under the assumption of NBG, then played on TLP's where everyone just NEEDS regardless. Reason PnP is gone, cuz this starts alot of flames now HAHA.
  5. FranktheBank Augur

    The idea is whatever you decide it is. I personally despise leveling on every TLP. It also doesnt have to be "screw everyone else". It's just being fair.

    Like sieger said, if you want a cleric or an ench at an fbss camp, you are gonna tell them "come to frenzy, but you cant roll on fbss" Who says the idiot monk that wins it is going to wear it? Does the cleric have no for krono?

    NBG was always stupid. In 1999, we were all stupid tho.
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  6. Zedd New Member

    I really appreciate everyone’s responses. There were very many points made and some of them were great points.

    I have come to the conclusion that there really is no two ways about it. After spending the last while reading through the thread and continuing to play, I notice in many of the groups I’ve been in it was always “need on everything” and if someone needs an upgrade people will generally give it to you UNLESS it’s an item worth something.

    So I joined in and did what everyone else was doing… and got a thick banded belt from the supplier. Got chewed out by the tank. This really is a lose/lose situation. I kept giving stuff out that was worth money and found it was never reciprocated for me, so I was always broke. The one item I won that’s worth something that I finally keep and I get chewed out. Kinda silly.

    It is what it is, but I’m thankful for all the comments everyone. I think I’ll just go back to giving items away. Wasn’t worth the in-game arguments BUT I completely understand why it’s done now so thank you. I can respect that.

    Edit; I’d also like to add that I’m a filthy casual and I’m here for the social aspect and nostalgia. Not really into the hard core gearing and progression that TLPs bring. But I understand that some of you are all about that progression, so I won’t judge anyone for needing everything. It does make sense, and for those of you that still expect people to give you every single valuable item just because you need it and they are going to sell it…please read through this thread and I hope it makes sense for you as well.
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  7. Xeris Augur

    I mean, ultimately, you can play the game the way you want to play it. If you are the type of person who wants to pass up loot to people who need it, more power to you. Nobody's gonna complain. As long as you're enjoying your time with EQ that's all that really matters D:
  8. Pizzanomicon Augur

    Everyone needs money for gear, don't think it's that hard to understand. NBG is always unfair in game where you can sell items. Take the rose tinted glasses off.
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  9. Mattling Lorekeeper

    This is a modern EQ TLP problem in general, not just one to do with loot. People who return to the game after X amount of time, especially those who played other MMOs like WoW or GW2, expect a degree of civility that isn't in EverQuest anymore.

    The "Play Nice" policy worked for it's time when expansions were long and progress was slow. But now that expansions are only 2 months long and player turnover is extremely high with people coming and going seemingly every day, it just doesn't work anymore.

    To use your example, how many Thick Banded Belts do you think you're going to see drop over the entirety of your TLP run? The honest answer is probably 1 and it's the one you've seen. We're 3 weeks from Kunark, you're never gonna camp the Ghoul Supplier again and the TBB is never going to be a highly valued item again. There really is no tomorrow for the TLP experience.

    Let's say you want a pair of GEBS, well... the camp is taken and it will be for the entirety of the 2 months of classic. You have 3 choices: 1) Buy them, 2) Don't get them, 3) Make a group and go DPS race the group that's already there. You and many others may not like option 3, but it's the only realistic solution, just like rolling need on everything is the only realistically solution to not getting screwed on loot.
  10. Midnitewolf Augur

    While there is some validity to this but in the end, the game is just much more enjoyable when everyone is being considerate to everyone else rather than trying to screw over everyone else.

    As far as the Need Before Greed situation, honestly I see it as a tough call. Obviously playing on Yelinak, I have seen the full on need (really greed) approach the most often used with a few NBG groups happening here and there and see merit in both.

    My first NBG group was in LGuk and saw me as a Necro, passing on 3 drops of the SSoY only for me to be rewarded a SMR in the end which was a more valuable drop monetarily and infinitely more useful to my Necro than a SSoY. Now one could argue that if we would have all rolled full greed I might have ended up with 3 SSoYs and a SMR but I could have also ended up with nothing. Of course I would have been ecstatic ending up with multiple drops in my inventory, but then the SSoY users in my group would have felt crappy for not getting what they were there camping for. Instead, we all got what we wanted/needed and all of use felt good about it.

    Fast forward to my Necro in the Hole. I was all excited to get a full set of Loam for my Necro. I spent 8 levels in the whole during which 16 pieces of loam dropped of which I only won 1 piece the entire time. In one group, the tank got like 5 pieces of loam and joked about how he damn near had a full set. Needless to say I sat frustrated in a corner that I had literally spent hours hear with the express purpose of getting a set of Loam armor and not one piece was going to anyone who actually could use that armor. It wasn't a fun experience.

    Fast forward the hole again, this time on my Shaman in a full greed group. RNJesus decided to be gracious and award me something like 3 out of ever 4 pieces of Loam dropped. I not only fitted out my Necro completely but also got most the major pieces for a Chanter Alt I started when the bonus XP started. If we have been NBG for both these groups, my Necro would have had a full set of loam (minus robe for obvious reasons) but I would have had nothing for my newbie Chanter. Full greed however, outfitted both in the end meaning I totally benefited from the full greed looting arrangement. On the other hand, due to my luck with drops, there were lots of grumbles in my groups, especially from the casters who wanted the Loam.

    So what was the outcome. Obviously the full greed groups, in the end, netted me more loot than I would have gotten otherwise, but I can't help but think that the overall quality of the gaming experience of everyone involved would have been better if we had all followed NBG. If that had been the case, no one would have walked away frustrated from the experience.

    One thing to consider though is in places like the Hole, would have have actually even been able to get those groups if the Tanks and/or Healers couldn't have rolled on the Loam? Would they have even come to that zone if there was nothing much going to drop for them? If the answer is no, then obviously full greed was the better solution.

    So in conclusion, what I have come up with is that yeah it is frustrating to watch loot you can and will use, go to a class that is just going to sell it, especially if your at the camp specifically to acquire that specific loot item. The frustration is going to be even worse if the item your there for is extremely rare and hard to get. However, in the end going full greed is at worst going to probably end up being a wash as far as the the overall value of the loot. Sure there are times your going to watch what might be your only chance to get a particular items walk away with someone who is just going to sell it but just as often your going to be the one walking away with the item. Additionally there is some benefit to the full greed approach in that it potentially lures classes to an area they wouldn't come to unless they had a chance to profit from drops they might not need. All that in mind, full greed or need if you want to call it that, probably is for the best.
  11. TheChosenOne Augur

    the problem is you're just going to get taken advantage of, a lot... I've literally caught people in past TLPs (because I keep an excel spreadsheet for each server i play on of notes), who "needed" an item like an FBSS or whatever in Lguk, so we gave it to them.. then like 2 days later they're back in a group with me at the camp, dont remember me, and curiously don't have an FBSS equipped anymore... and when one drops, they're saying they need it..

    I've witnessed that happen on several different occasions, people will just take advantage of your generosity and scam you out of loot for their own selfish benefit
  12. Lejaun Augur

    Need before greed died long ago because people wised up. If you played enough, you noticed that your group monk won the FBSS, and they won one yesterday and the day before too. They just put it on an alt/sell before going back to the camp (or unequip if it isn't lore).
  13. uberkingkong Augur

    Also, I'm playing a Paladin, but I have an alt that is a druid, cleric, warrior, sk, etc. So of course I NEED, need it for my alt.

    It's worth a lot in the bazaar, I NEED plat, so of course I'll NEED.

    One way to somewhat make people feel more guilty is if a server has 1 character slot only, so when gear drops that someone could actually use, people won't assume your going to put it on your alt. They'll feel more guilty that an upgrade for you dropped.

    So my suggestion is that the next TLP, one character slot only until SoD, when SoD comes along, people start playing nice on NBG.
  14. SoandsoForumUser Augur

    Does anyone even play this game anymore before posting on these forums? I've met like 3 people in as many years who actually make active alts on the same account as their main. Since they gifted veteran rewards to everyone you're really just shooting yourself in the foot by doing that. If someone is picking up an item for an alt 95% of the time it's on a different account so 1 character slot would be meaningless.
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  15. sadre Augur

    The answer is clear, when you think about it.

    For a long time now, on these servers you never know if you are playing with someone with one character, or a dozen.

    The hidden premise of your complaint, and I understand it, is that you are playing with mains, or that the other members could possibly know if you are a main.

    The old rules don't make any sense when you might be a cafe account in Perth, for all anyone knows.
  16. Panikker Elder

    Yelinak = No bueno !! Seen to many bad incidents and boxers training to get camps from a regular groups. So far ..classic is great ..but no thanks. Also DBG needs to implement private dungeons add timer say 1 to 2 hours. ..then zone goes off and group have to start again. kind of a challenge.
  17. Aeonblade Very Hungry Vah Shir

    The reason for this is new server unlocks attract the absolute worst players EQ has to offer. They are there to make as many Krono as possible before the bazaar is released and then take them back to their main server or sell them for real life cash.

    It's easiest for them to stack dozens or even hundreds of Krono when they can bot 2 or 3 characters and farm plat 24/7 and buy them cheaply in the EC tunnel from people too desperate/lazy to earn the money the correct way.

    I don't really care that they do this, as I'm done with the TLP treadmill and have decided to stick with the servers I'm on. But every TLP release has had this same issue with greedy krono farmers ruining the server the first few expacs. It gets better in Luclin usually as they get bored and move on because it's a lot harder to price gouge and fix the market.
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  18. McJumps TLP QoL Activist

    This one thread encapsulates (almost) everything that is terrible about Classic EQ on a TLP server.

    -Poor loot itemization.
    -toxic players who have ZERO intentions of staying on the server for the long run, only there to loot and scoot the Krono back to their main server.
    -And of course the fact that some of the "best" loot in the game comes from some random camp in a level 40 zone.

    If DPG had any intentions of making the early TLP experience better for players and not maximizing profits, they would launch every new TLP with Classic, Kunark and Velious available from the start. Give it 8-12 weeks of the Trilogy Era and then move on to Luclin, since this is when 90% of the toxic gameplay, greedy people farming Krono for use on other servers and other blights of an early TLP resolve themselves.
  19. TLP Addict Augur

    This is the main reason NBG is mostly dead. Ironically it was exploited by the greediest people.

    Sorry if you genuinely thought you needed that item, blame the people that abused NBG for creating a jaded player base that's just really not interested in what people claim to "need" anymore.
  20. Shemak Journeyman

    Even so, like said before, item are a form of currency that are tradable for any other tradable item. An fbss can buy an smr for a caster etc