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  1. Zedd New Member

    I keep hearing that this server's unspoken rule is that you need on everything. What if somebody...say a tank...rolls need on caster only items and gets several. Then attempts to sell them to the caster group members for full price (He even said "let me look up the prices")? Is this an unspoken thing that we're supposed to do? Every man for himself kind of thing? Serious question.

    I ask because I've given away everything I won as long as somebody else in my group needed the item and that's been just about every time. Is it standard practice to need on caster items as a tank and then sell it to the caster in your group that helped out and has no items in their slots and/or using cloth.

    Example: Saw 3 casters in the same group lose out on a total of 4 pieces of loam encrusted in the span of about 1 hour. 2 had cloth. 1 had mostly bare items. The guy who won was a melee and said he would sell it to them but they couldn't have it. The guy that won it was already pretty decked out. There was even a comment that the casters should just "win a good roll then". I felt really bad for them and after that comment I just didn't feel like playing anymore.

    I'm seeing this take place more and more now. Am I just being too nice and this is how it is suppose to go? It feels really dirty to need an item I can't even use then turn around and sell it to my group.

    At one point I had an Enameled Black BP that I won the roll for (it was an upgrade for me, Cleric main) but the tank in the group told me it would make more sense for him to have it, so I gave it to him. Didn't think twice about it. But I don't see any of this being reciprocated. I have to buy the stuff that I helped to get drop when nobody else can use it or needs it? How do the rest of you feel about this? I'm an old timer as in, hit the meditate button and stare at your spell book to get mana back kind of old timer. I have never, ever sold an item to a group member that needed it and frankly this is the first time I have seen this done. Granted I left around the time of LDoN & Gates of Discord... so maybe times have changed.

    After I got to Sol B and then the Hole, it seemed there was more and more fights over the loot and lots of "sorry but I have to be greedy because I need <this> and <that>" or "I have to be greedy because nothing drops for me".
    The first time I heard someone say that it floored me. Excuse me, what? You have to be greedy? :confused: You're wearing some of the best pre-planar items and wielding a mithril 2 handed sword... We have multiple casters in the group and they could all use the loam stuff. They're still wearing cloth! Not to mention spells are really expensive for some of these spell casters. I felt so bad for them. It's no wonder we started losing members left and right.

    Between the loot arguments in group chat and the arguments over camps I've seen in /ooc, it's left me astonished and I felt really sad this is how people have been acting. I've seen some really awful things said.

    So...I go play a lower level alt and I'm seeing the exact same thing happen only this time, there are level 10s and 15's twinked with gear that drops in the upper 30's and beyond and they still have no interest in giving the gear they can't even use to the ones in their group that doesn't have anything. I it absolutely necessary that you keep that thick leather apron when you have an fbss? Nobody seems to want to make friends they just "need allll the lewts". What gives?

    All this loot is going to change in just a couple weeks anyways and now I'm terrified of continuing. I can't imagine what it's going to be like when the game progresses into some of the Kunark loot.

    TLDR: I don't want to need on everything and then turn around and sell it to my group mates. It feels dirty. Is this truly what everybody else is doing on Yelinak? Is it true that this is the "unspoken rule everyone goes by". The arguments that have ensued over all the unnecessary greed are taking the fun out of playing for me. I even saw someone in a guild who told his guildmate "I'll let ya buy it off me." then called for a price check. Gross guys. Come on.
  2. Xeris Augur

    This is how it is on every server. Most people just need on everything. If you have people that want to pass things on to those who really need it, fine... Good on you for being an altruist.

    If you want to relive the magic of when EQ came out, invent a time machine. Things are not the same, the nature of a TLP is not the same as when the game came out when everyone was bright eyed and exploring the world together for the first time.

    I think there's absolutely nothing wrong with everyone rolling need on everything. It's the easiest way to avoid problems. Let the dice decide. Otherwise you get into problems. Why would I join a group for the benefit of someone else exclusively. I want to progress my character. If I'm a tank and loam gear drops, I can sell it and use that plat to buy tank items. I don't see how this is a bad concept. Could a caster use the loam right now? Sure. But there's no tank armor that drops in the Hole, and the group won't survive without a tank or healer, but they're not supposed to benefit from the group by having a chance to win items?
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  3. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    Only read the first paragraph but yes that is 100% standard. Need on everything. Some players choose to be generous and give away items that others can equip, but there is no expectation to do so.
  4. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Need Before Greed made slightly more sense on Mischief where mobs had a chance to drop a wide variety of items that are beneficial for lots of classes. With traditional loot though there are MANY camps in the early eras that just won't drop items useful for certain classes, so the most commonly accepted option is to just have everyone roll on everything and then people can sell/trade for the gear they actually need in Commonlands. Yeah casters might get shafted in The Hole where 99% of gear drops are for them but nobody should expect them NOT to roll on an FBSS in Guk for example.
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  5. Galaras Lorekeeper

    All need is the only fair way to do loot. A FBSS group in guk stacked with casters so the tank can claim need on the belt with no competition is unfair to the others that helped him get it. Other times, people will do this to try and just scam

    Unfortunately, what I've seen most often is someone trying to run a NBG group and then "accidentally" rolling on something they shouldn't have then leaving when they take the item. I've seen this happen so often that I personally avoid/leave any NBG groups.
  6. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Just think on a free trade server there is even more things you can need on once no drop becomes more common.
  7. c313 Augur

    There is no unspoken rule. This is how its been since they implemented the Advance Loot System.

    In a group of randoms? Everyone needs.
    In a group of Guildies? Congratulations your long lost love of loot is restored as many, if not all Guild groups follow the rules of old.

    If you don't like this, join a Guild group.
  8. Branntick Augur

    It's a matter of pragmatism. If an item can be traded, is it effectively a currency in and of itself. Asking someone to pass on an FBSS for example is basically asking someone to pass on a Krono.

    Not only that, but high ticket items tend to have a pretty skewed value/effectiveness ratio. If you happen to get a Loam Encrusted Robe, you could sell that and outfit an entire character.

    If a caster wins an FBSS they can probably buy 50+ INT worth of gear if they spend wisely.

    It's about as fair as it gets.
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  9. Mrjon3s Augur

    Krono is king. I can loot an item sell it and either get play time or an upgrade. Unless you knew that tank and we’re gonna group with him multiple times you should have taken the upgrade.
  10. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    It is even simpler then that, if you are at max level and at a camp that has one or more valuable drops but none that you can use what is the incentive to join and help out? It would be one thing if you had a steady group and went around to different camps to gear everyone up. But take a healer in a random group at a spot that doesn't drop any items that are "usable" by healers, why would they want to join up for no to little gain?
  11. mikey87 New Member

    yea i miss the old days, where the need button was hit when somebody was going to wear it, and the greed button was hit when people were going to sell it. I cant speak for EQ, but on WoW it felt like people slowly transitioned to needing everything because people started to scam the trust of their group mates, needing things they didn't need and completely dipping out of the group or making some bogus excuse. It caught on and the only way people learned to fight it was to not be the guy hitting the greed button, thus everybody started hitting need.
  12. TLP Addict Augur

    On older TLPs I saw enough people abuse NBG only to turn around and sell the items in the tunnel that I've been pretty much permanently turned off the concept in PuGs.
  13. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Sure it is nice to let someone in the group who can use the item have it, but do you really expect players to stay with a group at a camp that has nothing that their class can use to help strangers?
  14. sieger Augur

    If you want the sort of "group oriented" geared concept, you need to not be in a pug. A group of guildies care about advancing each other's characters. If I'm a CLR healing a pug at FBSS, what is my incentive to be there if I'm not "supposed" to roll on the only valuable item at the camp?
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  15. TLP Addict Augur

    As many moonstone rings as you can carry :p
  16. mikey87 New Member

    99% of the groups that im in are for xp, so yea, i expect people to stick around when there aren't any items they can use
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  17. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    And once you hit max level/AA (or at least all the AA you need)? Why would you expect a player to stay around at a camp when the only thing they can gain is xp that they might not need and still need to work to get the items they need.
  18. Xann New Member

    When I setup my groups, I make it very clear on the loot structure. No needing on upgrades so instead doing a /random for the players who need it.

    Very strange server indeed but like many other TLP's from the start, people just trying to get the money.
  19. mikey87 New Member

    Well, in my experience people usually stick around for a while to help the others get their loot/piece. Its the human thing to do, we group together because we all need help, and so we all help each other. Feels good when this happens, and its a way to make friends :)
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  20. Xeris Augur

    Who plays this game for friends???