[Yelinak] Strix Reborn - Oceanic/Australian timezone guild is recruiting!

Discussion in 'TLP Guild Recruitment' started by Abhorsan, Apr 26, 2022.

  1. Abhorsan Journeyman

    13 hours to go!
  2. mark Augur

    9 hours to go
  3. Davo The Bard

  4. TheDohn Augur

    First over the wall, lads!
  5. TheDohn Augur

    Huge number of groups leveling together and loving it - counting down the days to the first raid, now!
  6. TheDohn Augur

    Just 4 days to the first raid!
  7. TheDohn Augur

    Several 50s, but several folks still leveling too - fantastic place to be :)
  8. TheDohn Augur

    Still accepting folks ahead of our first raids
  9. TheDohn Augur

    Fun with Phinny, Hate, and Sky tonight - and lots more to come!
  10. TheDohn Augur

    Drop bears everywhere!
  11. TheDohn Augur

    Do you wish you were in a raid right now? Then we've got a home for you!
  12. TheDohn Augur

    Great success with Vox, Yael, and Hate - next up, Sky!
  13. TheDohn Augur

    Do you know where your fairy bread is?
  14. TheDohn Augur

    Don't you wish you were raiding right now instead of the middle of the afternoon? :D
  15. HailstorRRm New Member

    looking to join you guys in raiding experienced TLP player, some of you may know me from Mangler and afew other TLP's Melliodus or jujutsu as im also know.....just starting on this server so only lvl 10 atm but ill be with you guys in no time
  16. HailstorRRm New Member

    oh btw my Main is Meliodus - SK and also have a cleric box
  17. TheDohn Augur

    Sounds great mate :) Welcome to join while you're leveling, plenty of room to be social and find groups. Just hop on the disc and do the app - https://discord.gg/pTwJP25j
  18. Abhorsan Journeyman

  19. TheDohn Augur

    We're still accepting all applicants for socializing or grouping. Here are currently open slots for folks interested in raiding with us:

    Bard: High
    Cleric: Closed
    Druid: Closed
    Enchanter: Closed
    Magician: Closed
    Monk: Closed
    Necromancer: Closed
    Paladin: Closed
    Ranger: Low
    Rogue: Closed
    Shadowknight: Closed
    Shaman: Closed
    Warrior: Low
    Wizard: Closed
  20. Abhorsan Journeyman