Yelinak Questions?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Accendo, Apr 26, 2022.

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  1. Zrender Augur

    It's not standard rules though. It's an accelerated timeline. Some of us are asking for some minor changes to account for that. Double raid loot and some things in place to prevent some toxic behavior are hardly going to make the server any less classic than the accelerated release schedule is.
  2. Starshape Elder

    Can you confirm that Yelinak's ruleset is locked now that we are under a month from launch?

    It would be nice to have this confirmed for all the guild's prepping.
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  3. BraelAradune New Member

    That is debatable. People have been asking for shortened classic and/or Kunark for ages now and then they granted it. This may be the new standard. Im guessing sometime in the future we will get the PoP/LDoN changes that people have also been clamoring about for ages as well.

    They made changes to the keying process in general for both VP/VT that I do not believe are tied to Mischief just how the spawns/drops occur for X time after expansion opens from how they were described initially when released. Unlike Mischief I doubt we will be getting double drops from named, but the other changes they made will still make the keying process tolerable. Not having people automating the groundspawn and selling key sets for the first two weeks may make it even better than it was on Mischief.

    I agree. While I enjoy a lot of the suggestions people are 'begging' for - there hasn't been a completely vanilla basic TLP since Mangler. I don't care one way or the other, but sometimes basic can be good.
  4. Neuro Elder

    It's the only Classic server. There's no other server starting in Classic only.
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  5. Sytrical New Member

    Thank you Accendo for creating this thread. I truly appreciate you and your team taking a moment to inquire on what the community may or may not want, with the Yelinak server. I personally would appreciate having Free Trade added to the server. I really enjoyed playing on Thornblade more than any other TLP I've played on specifically due to having the Free Trade ruleset.

    I would also like to see an increase in the xp rate, perhaps by 25% or even 50% from the typical xp rate. That being said, I could easily live without that if I had to choose between the two.
  6. Basak Augur

    I can get behind this Warrens/Stonebrunt being at launch, give that side of the world more leveling options!
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  7. Hirbow Augur

    For a casual attractive server, Yelinak has a hardcore hidden dynamic atmosphere to it.
    For most non-batphone players, 4 weeks/8weeks timeframe expansions make this server a nonstop hardcore playing field. It will be impossible to keep up advancing casually raiding 2-3x a week without any significant modification to xp/Loot drops. What made Selo's hardcore was not the era in which started, but the fast advancement/progression to it, but it was modified accordingly in ratio to xp/unlocks/drops.

    Please consider modifying the expansion timeframes to 10 weeks (including classic) and/or modifying the xp rate/lockout rate/drop rate.
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  8. Accendo Community Manager

    I don't want to call anyone out specifically, but please keep the questions about Yelinak to actually be questions about Yelinak, and not things you hope will be changed. Base your questions on what you saw in the Producer's Letter here. :) The powers that be are waaaaatching.
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  9. MR_STYLZ TLP Hore

    I feel Yelinak needs that one additional thing to make it popular and a bit more fun.

    A few of the best idea's I've seen (again, not all of these but maybe one)
    Reduce pickzone player limits in zones with epic items
    Free Trade
    Increased Loot
    (Selo's light version) Cap of 8-10 weeks on expansions (or less/possibly combined)
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  10. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    So the only "Fast" part is early on, due to many (many many many!) player requests.
    Starting at Omens of War it is 8 week / 12 week (2 month / 3 month) Fairly standard.
    I'm only talking about this outside a FAQ Because the FAQ will have the same phrasing as the producer's letter.
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  11. Pizzanomicon Augur

    One server launched with Warrens, it was great. Think that was Selo ?
  12. HekkHekkHekk Augur

    Will there be an experience bonus for red flagged characters?
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  13. Tweakfour17 Augur

    What is the XP rate for Yelinak? Same as Mangler? Coirnav? Selo?
  14. Elijaman New Member

    I would love to see Classic/Kunark/Velious be 12 week unlocks. I don't have the time to race through content. I enjoyed Coirnav with this unlock timeline. I believe this enables more casual/time lacking players a few weeks to catch up to content after the racers take a break before the next unlock.
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  15. Ginix Augur

    Will the Devs ever show us some PvP love?

    How about something super simple. A way to toggle PvP on and off. It's annoying having to bother a GM to turn back to blue since this game wont let us coexist.
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  16. HekkHekkHekk Augur

    This is brilliant. End the segregation.
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  17. Rhaz New Member

    Will the AoC's use the Lord Yelinak model? [please say yes]
  18. asdfbot Lorekeeper

    Yelinak is a traditional progression server using the new unlock schedule generally requested by progression server players.

    Was there surveys about this or just a general feel from the forums / discord? How about popping up some forum / discord surveys?

    Are you all dead set on the 8/12 week unlocks at the current normal TLP exp rate? I think this one will be critical for you to put up a hard stance on so ppl can either engage with guilds or pass til next year. From the looks of it, we are getting a sped up version on a standard TLP so if your casual and cant put in 4+ hours a night, I think it will be really hard keeping up unless you don't want to raid.
  19. Kahna Augur

    These folks never keep up, regardless of how fast or slow the server goes. They will quit before PoP because the exp groups dry up because everyone outlevels them and stops leveling alts. It isn't about how fast the unlocks go, it is about how fast everyone else who plays the game goes. They can't keep up, they either need to accept that and learn to play at their own pace or accept it and don't play at all.
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  20. Zilias New Member

    Truebox disabled Yelinak.

    It was introduced as a solution to help build community and stop bot farmers. The bot farmers
    never stopped. Building community is a moot point as well since power boxers are still doing
    just that.

    It did help alleviate people holding camps and quest bottle necks at one point but with AOC,
    multiple zone instances with player thresholds, and lots of quest revamping (still some needed)
    I believe it is now just a hamper to the revenue stream.

    It has also given power boxers an edge in what was suppose to be a way of stop them from ruining the experience of the more casual player that would otherwise dabble with multiple accounts but did not want to invest in extra hardware.

    (that said for the more unique rulesets, it still may worth keeping truebox)
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