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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Accendo, May 3, 2022.

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  1. FalconLord1979 New Member

    first time playing EQ under Daybreak...

    question: does everything such as the old loots and old play style rules apply too in Yelinak? things such as Bard AoE kite, Rubicite BP, Manastone, etc?
  2. Barton The Mischievous

    Some old things are in and some are not.
    AoE Kiting is pretty much a no unless things have changed recently.
    Rubicite I think yes for a limited duration.
    Manastone is a no unless things have changed recently
  3. Bomce New Member

    Basically it is going to be all the old content, with some of the old graphics, with the newer rule sets. If it's been nerfed before then it is still nerfed. They do bring back SOME of the nostalgic drops but as the previous poster said only for limited times then they revert to their current versions. IE the DE mask is all/all for the first month or so then it reverts to the bard/rogue only version. Same for the Circlet of Shadows will be the insta cast to start then reverts to the longer casting version. But JBoots are still the quested version not the dropped ones. At the end of the day unless you are playing SK/Necro/Mage intend on getting KS'd for just about every worthwhile item in each expansion while the krono farmers do their thing unless you get very lucky. Instancing helps somewhat but GEBS, SSoY, the Wisdom caster shield in Sol A, Ogres in WK, all the good drops in MM, you name it will be permacamped by rando-trons till Kunark.
  4. Xondor Lorekeeper

    iirc most people who boxed used a program called EQW to run it in windowed mode.
  5. Smak Augur

    This may have been asked before but, on vaniki server if i play a wizard and level to 40 the cap at start, what spells and items will i have access to? since the spells and gear that drop will be up to gates of discord at level 65 will i be able to use the spells and items i can obtain? and at what level will the spells be cast at when im level 40?

    In my opinion all level requirements on gear and spells should be changed to level 1.

    Found the right info, sorry for posting in wrong thread...

    Q: What are the level requirements for gear?
    A: On this ruleset the required level to equip an item will instead function as a recommended level. If an item has both required and recommended levels, it will use the highest as the recommended level. The required level to activate spells on items will be ten levels lower than on standard ruleset servers.
  6. Gosan Kai Elder

    Try raising the background frames and see if it helps (I personally suggest unlimited). You can slowly increase it or start with unlimited and lower it if needed. Play around with all of your graphic options. You should be able to 3 box without issue with a modern computer.
  7. BlueberryWerewolf Augur

    Definitely in my experience too low frames are worse for autofollow than too high. I've found 60 with shadows off to work fine. 30 was not good. I haven't really tried anything in between because I don't have any issues performance-wise, but if you do, possibly lower than 60 would also work.
  8. Pozzey New Member

    Ummm. I 2 boxed alt tab raided in 2000 on ADSL so, yea, was doable.
  9. Burrito Steve New Member

    Is there an official time set for release? I may have missed it, but I dont see it in the announcement or the ingame calendar.
  10. BlueberryWerewolf Augur

    It launched about 45 minutes ago, but there are login queues.
  11. Ionized-UO New Member

    Yessir! Hopefully we will be able to log in before Kunark is released.
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