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  1. Zigie Journeyman

    This server starts with standard True Box. Only one EverQuest client may be run per computer.

    That is SOOO funny. Just wondering...if you advertise something like that for people who live in California....would there be any basis for a class action law suite? you know...for false advertising?

    I heard Starkist Tuna had to cough up some cash for not including 8 oz of tuna in a can marked as 8 oz.
    If the truebox is never enforced, is that also FALSE ADVERTISING?
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  2. Lanilya_ New Member

    Next year then... hopefully. I am sad you don't allow Relaxed Truebox at start.
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  3. Gosan Kai Elder

    Take a minute to think back to 1999...

    A long time ago...

    A single PC (for the masses) was not capable of reliably playing more than 1 account of Everquest. First, you needed a dedicated land line unless you were booted off when someone called. Not many people had more than 2 land lines. Second, you didn't have the option to change background frames. This option allows the clients of Everquest to run smoothly in the background while selected on your current client's window. Auto-follow is a complete and utter failure without this option. Third, if you don't remember the specs of PCs back in 1999, google it. The specs of PCs back in 1999 were only a minute fraction of what they are now. Even if you bought a brand new top of the line computer when EQ first launched the hardware would have a hard time handling multiple clients.

    I started 2-boxing when Kunark hit. I had to use two different computers.

    If you want to play more than one character during the launch, until relaxed truebox (Omens of War), on this new server then get another computer (or calculator/toaster/flip phone). Yes, the relax could of happened an expansion or two earlier, but it's pretty true to original EQ for boxing.
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  4. Overcast451 Augur

    I believe back then, for a while - the EQ Client restricted ALT+TAB and such.. when it was the old UI? I seem to recall this as I had an old 486 that I ran also so I could lookup stuff on the web.
  5. Brildon Lorekeeper

    You realize overall the traditional TLPs have done better population then most of the special TLPs?

    Mangler had a better population then Selos through its entirety and still has a decent population for being in like underfoot/house of thule

    Miraguel was dead on arrival

    Mischief has really been the only popular special server so far and we will see how long that lasts, and it looks like more guilds/players are committing to yelinak over vaniki

    it's the playerbase that causes most servers to die at GoD not Darkpaw
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  6. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Reality is every TLP loses players right from the start of it, and if it has bad queues it loses them even before they could play. Then it continues to lose players at a fairly steady rate per expansion.

    So they don't really die, it's just that people kinda do a head-count once the next TLP launches & realize that the server is a lot lower pop than it was at launch, adding all the losses up to that point together & blaming it on the new TLP opening or collectively jumping onto the "oh TLP really do die after PoP" mythology bandwagon.

    (cue Celine Dion)

    Servers do go on.
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  7. Shuey New Member

    I never played on dial up, we had ISDN so I could also race NASCAR online back then. I was able to run 2 instances of EQ and although it wasn't as easy as it is on live today, it was better than forcing people to use a 2nd computer.

    I agree running 3 or more versions of the game was not realistic, but 2 was very possible and how many of us leveled up our alts while we waited for guildies to logon. Relaxed true box sounds like a great compromise, but it should always be active, not a year after launch.

    Those who are difficult to group with and generally unlikable people aren't miraculously going to get more groups just because DBG makes it harder for the people who like to box 1 toon. We gladly swap our toons out for friendly people and will do that no matter how easy or hard they make it.
  8. Rajaah Lorekeeper

    What should I set my background frames at? I think they're at 30 on my 3 characters and autofollow is absolutely horrendous on a computer with 16 GB RAM. Not that bad on my old 32 GB RAM computer (which is a worse computer in every aspect except RAM) but not good either.

    Maybe background frames are my issue.
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  9. Rajaah Lorekeeper

    Oh man, I just got a big hit of nostalgia reading this. Back in 2000 I had an antiquated backup computer and I'd load maps/info up on it while I played EQ on the main computer. Eventually I hoofed it over to the local college (I was in high school) and used their computer lab to just print out all the maps and put them in a binder. I think 2000 was probably my favorite year of my life overall and a lot of it came down to EQ, the plethora of great RPGs like Chrono Cross / FFIX, and just spending a lot of family time with everyone still being young and healthy.
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  10. The_Grim_Ogre New Member

    I still have my old blue binder with all of the EQMaps, including my hand written scribbles with re-spawn times, loot etc etc. Also all of my quest notes, with key phrases since there was no way to track that stuff. It's in the box of treasures I will never give up.
  11. Stymie Pendragon

    I seem to remember not being able to exit fullscreen while the game was running back then. I had a second computer with one of the earliest flat-screens on the side of my desk during Kunark so my warrior could play with my cleric.

    As far as I can tell WinEQ, which allowed running in a window for alt-tabbing, didn't release until 2004.
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  12. nazgull2k1 Elder

    Im sorry, but I call bs.

    The playerbase dies because Darkpaw releases a new TLP right when GoD launches on the previous one.. so the lemmings can hop to the new treadmill and krono farm Golden Efreeti boots non-stop 24/7 365..

    I'd be more inclined to give your thoughts consideration if you actually HAD a TLP that went past POP without a new one popping up to kill it for actual comparison.

    Also - Just to clarify, I dont care what the TLP is.. they're utterly pointless.. just re-doing the same 5 zones over and over and over again. I have no idea how these people keep doing it.. nevermind act like its somehow 'new' or "exciting".
  13. Brollyzeveb New Member

    On Wednesday May 25th... what time exactly in EST will Yelinak be available to login to?
  14. Ssauleron New Member

    TLP are not pointless like the previous user posted. It is short sighted to think just because an individual preference is not made that TLP is pointless. I think the company is trying to meet the preferences of many players and make money. I like TLP because of the nostalgia. Based off my experience people do play TLP. Is it for every player--the answer is no.

    TLP creates excitement. The import aspect of TLP is money is made off TLP--I can see it as a player. People come back to the game because of TLP, I am introducing my wife to TLP this go round. The more people that come back or the more new players we get, the longer the game will be in service. To me that is a win.

    While I understand the desire to a have a TLP go the distance. I think it is good compromise to offer two types of TLP servers. Keep in mind, many people are leaving older TLP because they like the excitement of the new servers. Let people play what they want.

    I think long term releasing one server that has traditional rules is a good way to go to bring others back. I am sorry if your preferences are not met with these servers. My best recommendation is play on the servers you like to play on and keep submitting your preferences to the the devs. It sounds to me though that are not targeting you with TLP.
  15. MacArthurIV New Member

    While I have plenty of preferences and have yet to see a server launch with 'what I want', the reality is that I'd be happy with almost anything if they would just get rid of the RMT krono farmers. Most of the open world experience is chronically tainted by them. Until that issue is resolved, I consider Daybreak/Darkpaw to be disgracing a once-wonderful game in the name of maximizing profit without regard for customer satisfaction. The product they are currently offering is of poor quality.

    Despite that, I still excitedly jump in for a TLP launch from time to time. Sadly the experience usually ends in disappointment when I find that every camp is taken by identical class/race group comps of simultaneous-macro toons with auto-generated names.
  16. Brildon Lorekeeper

    Selos was at around UF/HoT when Aradune/Rizlona came out but was already down to 2 guilds... the population started dropping fast after GoD/OoW... weird

    don't get me wrong, i enjoy the later content, i think the game gets really interesting after TSS... SoF, SoD, HoT, TDS are some of my favorite xpacks, but a large portion of the TLP community play for the nostalgia of the earlier era of EQ
  17. Zansobar Augur

    It used to be 3 months of Classic, they dropped it to 1 month on Mischief/Thornblade. It was determined that is too fast, so it is now 2 months. It is still faster than the base 3 months which was the standard unlocked cadence in the past for every expansion.
  18. Xenokaja New Member

    When is the release date I've seen May 25th and June 1st? Some people have adulting to do and need that info because they have Vacation time banked and need 1-2 weeks to request it.
  19. Barton The Mischievous

    "We're planning on unlocking those servers on May 25, 2022, at 12:00 p.m. PDT.*"
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  20. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casualâ„¢

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