Yelinak. No Play Nice policy causes me to leave.

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  1. wade_watts Augur

    Yet another reason why Mischief was successful. All the early xpac krono farming and botting loot became distributed so you could just goto a different camp and get what you wanted or get something else entirely and sell it to buy what you wanted. You could easily make krono on Mischief, but not by boxing others out and being a jerk - it was simply market supply / demand. People wanted to spend the krono to outfit vs. go camp items. Win, win, win.
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  2. Vileborg33 Lorekeeper

    It is horrible in classic. Once Kunark releases, the population spreads out and the tension releases quite a bit. With classic being 8 weeks, it may start easing towards the end of classic but right now every camp is a huge bottleneck.
  3. Indigo_Quarmite Augur

    It's almost as if there is a solution that has been requested multiple times to this. Stop opening with Classic. Just combo classic/kunark or make it the trilogy. To a degree there is still some toxicity but classic makes it the worst as there are just like 4 camps worth having the whole expansion.
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  4. Noobnoob Journeyman

    The play nice policy didn't really protect people that much anyways, because Daybreak has the bare minimum staff, so you do report something, it took a week for someone to respond and let you know they were "following up but couldn't release any details", i.e. doing nothing about it. At least now you know what's happening and what the penalty is.

    On a side note, I was in High Keep with my full group, our pick closed and we entered a new pick. Already a group of three there, so we moved down to the warrior room. Ended up fighting the other group for spawns. I eventually just said, "hey you want a war, we can have a war, otherwise you get the mobs on top and we'll take the ones below". They agreed and that was that. A lot of it is communication.
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  5. Midnitewolf Augur

    I read these posts and feel like I am playing a different game. None of this has been a major problem for me except maybe getting the Guise of the Deceiver which is mostly perma-camp by people legitimately trying to get one for their personal character before the the nerf including soon, me at 50, since I want one for my necro that is race changing to Iksar come Kunark.

    Don't get me wrong, I see bots and hate seeing boxers dragging around 4-6 toons but I have had them impinge on my capability to have fun.

    About the only thing that kind of annoys me is that "Need before Greed" is a completely forgotten concept as it has been very painful spending hours and hours in the Hole trying to replace the cloth armor I got of a 2nd level decaying skeleton, with loam only to see the vast majority of the drops go to a class that can't use it. I have seen 14 drops of loam so far and only won 1 roll. What is worse of the 14, aside for the 1 piece I won, none have went to a caster. In one group the tank even managed to get 5 pieces of Loam in one session. Nice big paycheck for him, meanwhile still in cloth taken for a skeleton at level 2.
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  6. Roflcopter New Member

    Keep in mind that most of this stuff is trash you don’t even need. Skip the GEBs. You really don’t even need them. They get cheap as hell soon enough anyway. You can play naked as a caster until you get your class no drop stuff from planes. Melee, you will be fine with banded or wu’s until then. Tanks, fine steel is more than enough. Weapons… find something cheap. You can usually find a SSOY under 1k anymore pretty easy despite all the derps trying to sell for 1 krono. Never pay for garbage like Loam or Withered. It isn’t needed at all. Starve em out by being smart and not buying crap you don’t even need. Even Sky can be beaten mostly naked.
  7. Roflcopter New Member

    One more thing. Never buy anything with Krono. Only deal in plat. Easy enough to farm a few k even at relatively low levels. Haggle and always set you price in platinum. They want that easy Krono. Don’t give it to them. You didn’t miss anything if they say no or it sells to some idiot willing to pay in Krono. You will live.
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  8. Wordlethedruid New Member

    I wonder if they would entertain a TLP that cost like an extra 5 bucks a month, but had a play nice policy permanently enforced by gms to whole the extra money goes.

    I would play it.
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  9. Nebby Lorekeeper

    Come to vaniki. It seems to be mellow Here
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  10. Midnitewolf Augur

    Actually I was thinking the same thing. I never understood why they just didn't start at least with Kunark open upon release though I guess it is a money thing. I mean I wonder how many race changes they sell each time Kunark releases. I mean I bet there are hundreds of Necros and Monks that will race change the minute Kunark unlocks?

    Seriously though, I really don't understand it. Kunark pretty much defines the game in my opinion and Velious just gives everything a finishing touch. Most of the classed get a much needed finish and polish, gear goes from mostly blah to at least decent, Class defining armor sets come out, etc.

    I mean this is the first time I have ever experience a classic start and it has been interesting, but I don't feel I would have missed much starting in Kunark or Velious.
  11. Muramx Augur

    It's the same on Mischief, don't kid yourself on that. If a named spawns in your "camp" you better kill it fast or some /anon box army will run in pulling a few extra mobs because that want that named so bad and smash everything then run off to the next one.

    I definitely miss people mostly respecting each other in the game.
  12. Tweakfour17 Augur

    They did an AMA a few years ago and talked about a previous server that had an extra premium on the sub just for that server. They said they hated it because the players there felt extra entitled due to paying more. I'd imagine it would be the same with this hypothetical sub; if a gm did not respond immediately people would be losing their minds.
  13. Ponter Elder

    I'm just throwing my words in with the rest of you in the hopes that DPG reads it and does... whatever they do with player feedback.

    I agree with OP. It's super maddening to have to just roll over because you're not the class that will win the DPS race, or the level to win the DPS race, and some jerk just comes in to KS you because it's technically not against the rules.

    I had to give up camping Chief Goonda in WK because some Necro would just pop in an KS him. I have not bothered with Gynok Moltor or Dylin Starshine for the same reason. It only takes a couple negative experiences to completely deflate the experience and make it not worth the monthly sub. The last server I tried to play on I quit because I found out what mage box armies are and wasn't gonna play on a server with that. The server before I ended up quitting because I found out about draught of the craftsman, and other P2W features. So far, I'm enjoying Yelinak for the most part, but I'm also walking a fine line between staying or quitting, and it's directly for the kinds of reasons that OP listed.

    This is my opinion, so the people who's immediate reaction is to say to go back to P99 or "this is how it is," there's no constructive conversation to have here so save your breath.
  14. Hythos Augur

    Everquest has become an emulation of what it was originally.

    Em-ulators can change rules, exp, mob stats & drops through config files. Making changes to the interface requires more work, however.

    If the EQEMU gang were to implement the more recent QOL elements, it would be better than DPG-run servers...

    DPG have stated they don't have anyone who knows the original code, which is understandable due to age.

    DPG & P99 / EQEMU have a gray-area agreement that emulated servers must maintain a level of separation of content & features.
    ** Note - private servers are not beholden to this.

    EQ has become an emulation of itself, which is sad to think that anyone can consider the servers 'competitive' or that there are people who deliberately pay to play on "official" servers for the purposes of being jerks to others.

    Running or joining a private server is the only way to get a fair-play experience, since DPG favors botting & multi-account "boxing" (often used together, but are both distinctly different).
    In my opinion, Botting is the problem, not boxing.
  15. TheAgenda Augur

    So you don't like change. Got it.
  16. Hythos Augur

    Found a triggered bot.

    Automation and bots are easy to spot, but unfortunately they're everywhere and in almost every pick...
    So the person writing about how SolB having 2-3 named-mob areas being controlled by one person with 12-18 characters - repeating per pick/instance, is good for the game but not for players not doing the same.
  17. TheAgenda Augur

    You're just conflating. EQ is EQ. Always has been. If you want P99 go play P99.
  18. code-zero Augur

    Based on my experience you and others like yourself wouldn't know a bot if it materialized in front of a bar buck naked and stole clothes and a motorcycle right in front of you.

    Sure, if you accused everyone of being a bot then odds are some of the accused really will be but that's no proof
  19. ikarinokamii Elder

    I am going to have to disagree. It will get worse in Kunark, because of keys, and epic camps.
  20. Trizek Augur

    It will get worse for those as you mentioned, hunting for keys and epics. Those after just the exp / somewhat decent loot will see a drastic fall in toxic behavior