Yelinak. No Play Nice policy causes me to leave.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Chrossler, Jun 10, 2022.

  1. Xhartor Augur

    I can't for PoR, when some guild decide that if they lockdown the Legendary bone mobs, they can the price high on DK loot.
  2. Gnomie Denser than most

    yeah, and honestly if that happens then 80% of the server will leave and they can sell loot to each other.

    PoR is near the end of the horrible 70's grind where everyone is burnt out on that era, and borderline ready to quit anyways. Having some toxic nonsense prevent progression would be the last straw for a lot of people.
  3. Chrossler New Member

    As I said in my post. There isn't anything wrong with making money. I have also had fun camping for money. But a play nice policy would go a long way for the average player. This is the first of many comments that surprisingly support these people.

    This gives me relief. Maybe I can just level up and ignore gear.

    I am a level 26 Druid hunting Gynok Moltar for the paw of opolla. A lol 50 mage sits there every day camping for the ring to sell the paw for 3Kr and is not kind at all about it. Dylan Starshine was the mob held for ransom. Its not that I am greedy either. I camped friendly with 2 other players having fun til the mage showed up. I dont want to bring in other level 50s to compete because I don't want them to waste 6 HOURS sitting with me at a rare spawn.

    For the folks supporting this behavior or saying get good, green has a play nice policy and it works very well. I would think everyone here knows this. The server could be more fun. And I dont think my opinion matters much but it's just someone saying the server isn't fun and I'm going to go back to green where classic is actually still fun. I'm only leaving feedback for improvement.
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  4. jeskola pheerie

    Please explain how this queue system would work and be enforced 24/7. How many GMs do you think this would take? This is not P99.
  5. Panikker Elder

    Get a group of friends and play on Agnarr server...stuck on pop moving target go slow as you want crazy farmers ..
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  6. code-zero Augur

    DBG attempted to do this on Ragefire/Lockjaw

    It did not work



    Eventually there were people training other groups right in front of GM's/Guide's to force rotations so it was all thrown out, DPS race was instituted, and training was outlawed.

    I saw this happening. One Guide told me that he'd been offered bribes in Krono to find in favor of this or that player~guild. Don't expect any sort of PnP to ever be reinstated past dealing with training
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  7. jeskola pheerie

    Raid rotations aren't the same thing as queues for group quests
  8. sadre Augur

    So this is The Wire?


  9. Chrossler New Member

    I dont see how suspensions would take much manpower. It only took a handful of gms to enforce and people tend to follow rules. But maybe you are right. Maybe a measly 15 dollars is actually worth hours of someone's time here. Maybe that little bit is enough for peiple to blatantly bypass rules. If that really is the case then this isn't a good solution. It's clear the community or the company doesn't care to mitigate this behavior. It's not going to bring in new players for long and I and surely many others won't want to be here.
  10. sadre Augur

    Heraclitus said you cannot step into the same river twice. His argument consisted in focusing on the "wetting vector" implied.

    Eventually he conceded, if one stepped into the exact same cloud of atoms (thanks Democritus!) down the river, indeed one would step into the same river twice being wet in exactly the same way.

    When asked, "But I thought you were talking about the cosmos great Philosopher!" he replied, "No, I've just been sitting here and watching the river flow."
  11. Triconix Augur

    I remember many many years ago when fabled mobs were first introduced. There were player enforced queues for things like Ffbss. I remember sitting there hours waiting for my turn for an alt. Boy, have times really changed. That will assuredly never work today. People are way too entitled and selfish these days.
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  12. Captain Video Augur

    Very few people on here will have played on Green, or any other private server. For those who have, it wasn't always a rosy experience. If you have enjoyed it, and that's the kind of gaming you're looking for, then that's probably the best place for you to play. The DPG TLP experience is never going to replicate that.

    Bad behavior is driven by real money. The reason there are so many people trying to lock down various gear-related items is entirely because there are so many people ready to open their wallets and buy them rather than actually play the game for them. As noted by others, this eventually goes away after PoP; the population will decline, and those who remain are the players and not the spenders. For me personally, the game doesn't really begin until GoD, and whatever I do before then is just preparation; I'm far more obsessed early on with TS than gear. But that's just me. I would encourage you to give the TLP concept another look-see on a server that has reached GoD, or at least play more casually until your current server reaches that point. You might be pleasantly surprised.

    The RMT is tolerated because it puts money in the company's coffers, and that helps keep this game afloat for all of us. Improvement is a very relative term, and must be seen in that context.
  13. uberkingkong Augur

    When the game is easy, people don't play nice

    When the game is a struggle, people play nice
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  14. Tweakfour17 Augur

    VP keys, OW raid mobs, Epic bottlenecks (Verina, Wraith, Vessel, etc) would indicate that even when the game is a struggle people don't play nice.
  15. Gheed Augur

    Appreciate you explaining. That definitely sucks. I would say to worry about leveling to max and then doing quests like this. Best of luck!
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  16. Go Take A Nap Augur

    ya well, original EQ you wouldnt even get a camp spot. Part of what makes EQ so compelling is the difficulty of both obtaining loot and reaching your max level with the aa you want. So i think this is an improvement. Continue to cry for changes though.....maybe they can give you your own zone next. Of course you will have competition. Embrace it and level up
  17. Xeris Augur

    Honestly, play on Agnarr. You will have a significantly better experience. Everyone there is friendly.
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  18. HekkHekkHekk Augur

    Farm tears, stack krono. Thanks for playing, bubba.
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  19. Herf Augur

    Yep, Agnarr.
  20. Brontus EQ Player Activist

    The original poster is spot on. Many returning players have no idea that the Play Nice Policy was jettisoned by Daybreak. I may be wrong but I believe this was done because enforcing the PNP was deemed too costly.

    No amount of sophistry and forum lawyering is going to justify this rationale to a returning player that would like to simply like enjoy Norrath they way it was supposed to be enjoyed by the creators. Fantasy virtual worlds were never meant to be free for alls with no Gamemaster supervision.

    Imagine if we took this attitude in the real world and defunded the police because it was too costly (TM). The result would be a Lord of the Flies meets The Purge orgy of non-stop violence, murder, and mayhem. The citizenry would rise up and stop it.

    Some who have replied here think that it's okay because that's the way things are on a TLP so we should just clam up and get used to it.

    As an aside, I find it a bit hypocritical that these forums have far more rules and those rules are stricly enforced, than the rules that players have to abide by on servers where botters, RMTers, and farmers are free to ply their wicked trade unhindered.

    Pretty much all the major loot drops are being farmed 24/7 by Krono farmers.

    It's bad enough that the original EverQuest was so poorly itemized that forced players to be herded into a few zones to get geared up, now they have to compete with professional farmers, not to mention the mobs.

    I'd like to see Daybreak offfer private picks for players that want to upgrade their loot the old fashoned way instead of buying it for Krono. Daybreak could charge money for this and everybody wins.

    Some purists might protest:

    "But that's not in the spirit of EverQuest!"

    I would reply to them: but neither is Krono, the cash shop, no corpse runs, no GM events/quests and no Play Nice Policy.
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