Yelinak. No Play Nice policy causes me to leave.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Chrossler, Jun 10, 2022.

  1. Chrossler New Member

    I played for only two weeks and I've already gotten sick of the server. It's because of a few things and I am sure they are not new to anyone but I felt I needed to voice them again.

    1. No play nice policy
    2. Bots
    3. People farming for Kr

    There are people ruining the game for a lot of players by playing in an un-fun way. In other words they suck all the fun out of a fun activity. There's no reason to play if they exist. Because of the no play nice policy people are kicking younger players out of camp spots without even saying a word. Sometimes players of a class that can't use the no trade loot will camp a spot and demand money for camp rights. The most annoying thing is that quest items are being camped and then sold for Kr. You will be sitting there and the 50 will teleport in to his bind spot where the mob spawns, sit, say nothing, and proceed to kill the named if he pops without even telling you. All they do all day is camp named mobs. This means that there is a mage/necro/wizard camped at named mob spots required for quests they don't even need, I assume, to make real money. A queue system reinforced by mods would solve all of these issues and we would all play well together. Lower players could finish their quests. Instead if I am camped at a mob i need for a quest as a young player and a lvl 50 mage comes in the only option i have is to log off and try again in the few hours he is not there. Camping things is fun. It isn't on this server due to rude and selfish players. Them making money is not a problem. But, keeping others from having fun when all they have is real life money in mind is an absolute killer of fun here.
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  2. Lumiens Augur

    Maybe some people have fun by making money?
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  3. Talis New Member

    You just described every TLP ever...
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  4. Timmyboi Dunning Kruger Award Winner

    In other news, water is wet
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  5. Gnomie Denser than most

    Unfortunately this is the nature of TLP's nowadays. When DPG said they weren't going to use the PNP anymore, people basically took that as a free pass to poop all over each other to maximize profits.

    There is a huge RMT circuit with Kronos, and some people go to new TLPs to farm hundreds of kronos in the first week and RMT them. Nothing is ever done because as long as kronos are being purchased, DPG will make money. People being toxic in this game and running people out of their camp spots is no different than inner city gang members fighting for territory to sell their product. And just like a lot of large cities, the police (DPG) decided a long time ago to just let them fight amongst themselves and to ignore the problem, no matter how much collateral damage there is.

    Honestly, if you want a more chill friendly TLP, go to one of the ones that isn't as new. The population will be lower, but that's because all the krono farmers have gone to the next spot.
  6. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    You can try Mischief or Vaniki.
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  7. Zansobar Augur

    But you won't see any differences...
  8. Brildon Augur

    It does largely go away after the classic-Pop era, might last a little longer then normal on Mischief due to the freetrade may keep the KR farmers around longer, but classic, kunark, and velious is by far the most toxic times on any TLP
  9. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    Loot rules mitigate the effects.

    I only dabbled on Mischief but I thought the randomized loot helped immensely during classic.

    So far, Vaniki has been very decent in terms of the market (prices) and camps with double loot. I think the only consistently contested item has literally been pre-nerf CoS. (Though, admittedly, you can rub shoulders during peaktime weekdays or weekends but the majority of players have been respectful).
  10. Gheed Augur

    I am actually curious what quest items a level 50 is stealing from a low level mage, please elaborate.

    Camp stealing is honestly pretty rare and generally is seen at high-value targets only. If you want to camp something worth a lot of plat/kr, you should probably have some friends with you. If you refuse to have friends with you it might be because you are also just as greedy and don't want to share the loot with anyone :rolleyes:
  11. Gnomie Denser than most

    Loot rules mitigate random camps, but the new epic 1.5 and 2.0 camps have brought out a level of toxicity in people that I haven't seen before, and I've seen a lot of toxicity in the past.
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  12. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    Vaniki hasn't reached 1.5 and 2.0 so I won't speak to the experience on other TLPs.

    Darkpaw should institute double or quadruple (2x-4x) loot for dropped epic pieces and faster spawn timers for turn in mobs across all TLPs, or other creative solutions. (Some have suggested forcing a pick). I think the epic loot issue has been requested/addressed in the past and currently in other threads.
  13. Triconix Augur

    Fun fact: Water isn't actually wet.
  14. Timmyboi Dunning Kruger Award Winner

    Is this one of those pedantic factoids like "nothing actually touches anything because atoms never actually touch?" Because if it is, I don't know if I'll be able to hold back my pettiness and immaturity by abstaining from a "your mom" joke with regard to things that are and aren't wet. But I suppose I'll just have to do my best.
  15. Tweakfour17 Augur

    I think it's more "Water isn't wet because it is a liquid that wets things. Once you come into contact with water you become wet. Until then water is liquid and you are dry."
  16. mark Augur

    dam i havent played an mmo where there are no bots on some games they ban millions of bots,also being a new player as you are join a guild and think of krono as plat currency but you can move it from server to server and account to account.and it benefits daybreak.
  17. weewooweewoo Journeyman

    OP just got mark’d there’s no coming back from that
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  18. TheDohn Augur

    Like all the yearly TLP tourists, you've discovered that TLPs are not classic EQ. They are modern eq played in classic zones. You don't get to go back.
  19. Triconix Augur

    So much animosity and aggressiveness for just a little humorous factoid. Who peed in your cheerios this morning? Anyways, water isn't wet because wetness is the ability of a liquid to adhere/stick to solids. So a shirt can be wet if it were dunked into water, but the water on the shirt isn't.

    I sure hope you never type "water is wet" on reddit because you're going to flip out when you find out there is a water isn't wet bot that auto replies to you.
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  20. Haze Journeyman

    Get better; this isn't LawyerQuest P99
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