Yelinak Needs Something More.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Soulsiphon, Apr 12, 2022.

  1. Pizzanomicon Augur

    Making epic quests completable for normal people would be a nice change when Kunark drops lmao. No one should have to spend 10kr for a multiquest because one human has a monopoly on the spawn.
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  2. FranktheBank Augur

    It actually doesn't need anything else. Doing a phinny clone is smart. There is a significant player base that loves playing the absolute worst trash eras of the game, repeatedly and they havent had a 'normal' server in a while. Even longer if you don't count Aradune with its stupid, unenforced, ruleset.
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  3. a_librarian Augur

    It's 5 months faster to PoP from launch. It has way less time in the 50/60 eras then every prior Phinny clone. It's probably a good schedule for people that play >2 hours every day.
  4. Gormgeous Elder

    How are you getting 5 months?

    ... I was typing up a whole list of dates here and realized you are completely right.

    Number of days between May 25th, 2022
    and December 7th, 2022: 6 months and 12 days.

    Number of days between May 27th, 2020
    and April 28th, 2021: 11 months and 1 day.
  5. Xazier Elder

    100% accurate on this, that's why free-trade is so important. I was able to get my Mage and my Monk Epics on Mischief without having to worry about the camp being farmed 24/7. I will never go back to a traditional server unless DBG does something about these krono farming RMT bots that bypass truebox and make alot of content (EPIC item mobs) unnaccesible to the majority of the players playing the game.
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  6. Unzibb New Member

    Hey .
    I want to aske you , are there a way in future you can set up a sale for the Portals , you can put down in Guild Hall, those we could get when bought upgrate for expancions...
    Really Appreciate if you did , could make some under Shop a link with all Portals ? ..Old players stop and then we loos them , ore they leave the guild and take them with them..
    Set them up , you will allso make more mony =)

    thank you hope you will Unzibb
  7. Kurway New Member

    I would like to see Relaxed Truebox unlocked earlier (why not even at launch).
    It will take 1 year to have it on Yelinak while, due to faster unlocks, Vaniki will already have relaxed truebox in august (and truebox fully disabled less than 2 months after).
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  8. trainz Journeyman

    Just increase loot drop to 1.5x or 2x at most and all will be happy. It’s that simple. I will offer my consulting services for free and we can discuss how to drive revenue for this tlp.
  9. Pizzanomicon Augur

    It's sad that free trade is the best solution for it, even though it's still a huge issue because it's literally the same guy every year xD. He's basically known for it at this point.
  10. Haldi Elder

    Those guys are like the Google and Facebook of EQ, controlling the market and manipulating people to advance their profits. Somewhere in a mother's basement there is an RMTer agreeing with me right now. The Geeks win again.
  11. Haldi Elder

    And it wouldn't surprise me if it was an inside job at DPG.
  12. Intercept Augur

    Personally, I think everyone who puts effort into getting their epic will get their epic, just like every single tlp to date.
  13. Intercept Augur

    Perfect, you can keep your epics on Mischief that you have already done cause the server isn't going anywhere
  14. Intercept Augur

    So no one will get an epic because one guy is going to take everything from the server, the only people with epics will be the people he sells to?

    Sounds more like a plot to a bad movie than reality
  15. Pizzanomicon Augur

    Obviously you didn't play on mischief where there was staff intervention ( meaning so many people complained about him that they intervened which never happens ) because the same guy was gatekeeping Lich spawn and people just couldn't actually do the quest. That same guy still sat on begurgle crown and basically the only way to get one was pay him 10kr or get a 6 box crew and sit on top of him and let RNG decide with scripts. Reality is there were never enough Solusek picks to get around it and bringing people to force a pick is against TOS. So .... still sound like a bad plot lol ? By the way, that guy wasn't ever perma banned, just 7 day.

    Some guilds would just bring 2 groups over and sit on top of him until they got what they needed, which that should never be a thing anyone has to do for a level 30ish spawn lmao.

    Also, I never said anyone wouldn't get an epic. I said " certain " epics. I hope that isn't above your reading comprehension level.

    I've done monk, enchanter, and shaman epic several times on various TLPs and had a great time doing them.
  16. Trox2010 Augur

    When was bringing people to force picks against TOS? Guilds do it all the times to get various rare spawns.
  17. Pizzanomicon Augur

    It used to not be against TOS but the past few TLPs it's considered 7 dayable if the abuse is really obvious and it were caught on video or something. So basically no one is punished for it but people stopped abusing it as much as far as I could tell. Definitely hard to enforce.
  18. JustAnotherOpinion Augur

    Here are my suggestions to make Yelinak perfect. What does everyone think?

    Yelinak is a traditional progression server using the new unlock schedule generally requested by progression server players. Yelinak opens at the original EverQuest then unlocks with the following schedule:
    • Four weeks later: Ruins of Kunark
    • Eight weeks later: Scars of Velious
    • Eight weeks later: Shadows of Luclin
    • Eight weeks later: Planes for Power and Legacy of Ykesha
    • Twelve weeks later: Lost Dungeons of Norrath
    • Four weeks later: Gates of Discord
    • At this point the schedule becomes consistent. Enjoy expansions for twelve weeks when a new level cap is unlocked, and eight weeks in expansions where the level cap stays the same.
    Is this too wild of an idea?
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  19. Pizzanomicon Augur

    Speeding up classic and Kunark are always great ideas. I wouldn't mind longer on velious, but that's just me.
  20. Gormgeous Elder

    I've never even heard of forcing picks to spawn for quests being against the ToS. Got a citation or line specifically that it violates?