Yelinak is the twilight zone

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  1. whattheheckisgoingon New Member

    I started playing EQ again when phinny released. Played ever since.

    Playing on Yelinak is the weirdest thing ever. The amount of players that think you can get ports to LesserFD, Burning Woods, Field of Bone, Halas, ect feels like bad trolling but it's not. 75% of people who ask for ports to EJ don't understand it's group only not TL.

    EQ players have always faked emergencies or power outages and just /Q when they want to leave, but here it's like 75% of players do it or simply go afk within 10 min of joining a group.

    Every single group targets the highest level mob with the most hit points to kill before killing the low level stuff that you can delete fast. They leave it all up while they take 5 min to kill the toughest one.

    Everyone has different levels of experience but it's like this is a server comprised of first time players. It's absolutely bizarre.
  2. Krimmz The Lizard Journeyman

    yet you are complaining that there is new players coming to TLP? rather then the same x hundreds every year?
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  3. Midnitewolf Augur

    Will address these two.

    1) If you have CC i.e. Chanter. Sometimes the higher level mob can't be mez'ed. They also resist more often and harder to keep locked down. Also when the aren't locked down the are smearing the party across the ground. If you don't have a chanter then the toughest mob will be smearing the party across the ground while the lower level, weaker enemies end up being more like a DoT. Also the lower the level the mob, the less likely they are to hit the players and when they do hit, armor will mitigate the damage. That is why the big baddy needs to go down first. It's hits, hit often and hurts while the lower level stuff is more like gnate. Big Baddy needs to go down now.

    2) Not sure why this surprises you. You got some players who have 10 years of experience but that experience ended 13 years ago. Other players have played other TLPs with different rule sets enough to muddle the waters. Some like me for example, played original and TLPs on and off with a year or longer not playing. Finally some have been playing continuously for years. Oh and lets not forget all the players who play on live that transitioned to a TLP for one reason or anything. All of this leads to a big mixed bag of no one having a clue or worse have information that was right at one time, but isn't right any more but they don't know that because of the gaps.
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  4. MischiefTLP Augur

    There is a TL to EJ, use buff block.
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  5. whattheheckisgoingon New Member

    it must be rough always being negative. maybe look up bizarre in the dictionary and get a better perspective on life. it's too short.
  6. whattheheckisgoingon New Member

    nothing needed addressed I was simply saying the server is bizarre. it's crazy weird.
  7. whattheheckisgoingon New Member

    really how do you cast a group port without joining a group?
  8. Quik Augur

    You can join the group and just have EJ buff block on so the other 5 port but you don't...

    If they have 6 you just do it twice
  9. Gheed Is not reading your response

    whattheheckisgoingon over there!?
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  10. Koshk Augur

    I'm not actually sure, to be honest. Though rumor has it, it's absolutely bizarre.
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  11. jeskola pheerie

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  12. liveitup1216 Augur

    My absolute favorite is casters that don't keep root memmed, and just run around aimlessly when they get aggro. Almost every single spell user gets root. Use it my dudes.
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  13. Rauven Augur

    I've been on TLP since Ragefire and can say this has been very common from Classic to Gates. And it even still happens occasionally in OoW. Your best bet is to post a parse in group chat from time to time and let the results speak for themselves. Especially on fights where a few DPS did nothing (outside of medding in some cases obviously).
  14. Vlorg Augur

    As a wizard, here how it goes.

    Someone ask for a port to EJ in the taxi channel, from commonlands.

    so you port to commonlands and, of course, they are at the tunnel, not near the spires / ring. Possibly in the wrong pick.

    so you wait 5 minute for them to run up there ( or meet them halfway, wathever) but they don't realize you cannot translocate to EJ and they need to join your group.

    But they don't realize they are grouped with XYZ... so you spam them again, wait 5 minute for them to realize they have to disband.. and wait another 3 minute as they explain to their group why they must disband.

    Now you are finally ready to invite them... BUT WAIT, between now and 3 second ago they somehow had the suddent urge to alt-tab and watch something on netflix. so you have to wait some more until they accept your invite.

    Only then, after half an eternity of waiting around, can you collect your .... 20 pp tip ( while krono are selling for 11k+).

    Sometimes, porting people is a whole adventure. Bonus point when the dude want a PoHate port but wait at the BB rings instead of the Gfay spire.
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  15. ikarinokamii Elder

    in general, you should always kill the highest-level/most dangerous mob first.
  16. Midnitewolf Augur

    Sure I will keep in mem'ed for the 1 time every 5 hours I need it along with the other 15 spells I need to have slotted in to be effective at my job. I mean I am sure I have another spare spell gem around her....wait....urr.....ahh....
  17. Nozraku Lorekeeper

    To be fair, if you're dead you can't cast any of them.
  18. Vileborg33 Journeyman

    As a cleric, root never leaves my bar. It and divine barrier are permanent fixtures. And I do mean low level root. It's quick, costs very little mana and means a mob is not beating on me for 50 seconds.
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  19. Maph Lorekeeper

    obviously you not a raider.
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  20. whattheheckisgoingon New Member

    not like on this server... it's wild