Yelinak is FULL of PLers

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  1. zurgar Journeyman

    I have played on live until ragefire came out then I went to rizlona. While there were a few pl crews on those server it is nothing compared to what I seen on yelinak. When I first started there I seen a dude in general saying he was selling pl for Kronos. I sent him a tell to get a pl and he sent me his discord page. He had a 24 hr calendar that was full for weeks. It seems those that love truebox so much don't want to lvl themselves lol. It is really exhausting having to hear people complain so much about the same problem from server to server. I think in the eyes to DBG you guys just complain so it is what it is. From a revenue stand point why would they punish 1 guy that pays for 6+ accounts because of 1 guy that plays 1 account. By getting your way and getting truebox servers all you did was replace boxers crews set on progression and you got mass Kronos farming box armies lol. All you need is a lower threshold for picks in xp zones.
  2. Cheet Elder

    Also interesting seeing rizlona wasn't a massive success when all you hear is how everyone wants boxing.

    The truth is (and Aradune proved) that people want to box if it gives them an advantage.
    Whether that's a 'dps advantage' because they have some issues that need addressed or if it's because EQ is basically a cash flow instrument for some.

    They can't be on equal footing. That puts them behind. It's pretty ridiculous really.
  3. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Based on eqresource's server status history Rizlona is the 3rd most populated server behind Mischief and Yelinak so while it's not Mischief levels of popular, from a business/financial point of view its certainly holding its own.
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  4. Cheet Elder

    When you figure actual people playing?
    It's like 4.

    I get the krono/sub part. Just seems like a big part of the 'we want boxing' population didn't follow that path. They chose to cheat on Aradune.
  5. FranktheBank Augur

    I dont know if you are being hyperbolic or if you actually believe people are 100+ boxing. Most of the people I talk to on Riz are 6 boxing.
    I am also curious how you make the statement that a big portion of the boxing people cheated on aradune. I think you are sipping the forum kool-aid a little too much.
  6. Captain Video Augur

    Anyone who is boxing more than two on Aradune is, by definition, cheating. I played on that server myself for quite a while, and on that point he is right. There have even been prior threads in this very forum asking/demanding that the 2-box limit rule be reduced, because "it is the will of the majority".
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  7. Arclyte Augur

    addicts just can't help themselves

    it was sad really
  8. zurgar Journeyman

    Something like fv rules or that random loot thing would probably bring back 90% of the box crews that have played the last 20 years. It was nice to finally have a boxing server with AoC but other than that it was just the same oh stuff. Wasn't to attractive to a lot of boxers.

    What a lot of people don't get is boxers don't like boxing boxing because they want to cheat. Boxers prefer boxing because we don't have time to log an dedicate hours in a group. It is nice to be able to login really quick destroy some stuff for 30-40 min then log off and go spend time with the family.

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  9. Ishbu Augur

    Despite being grown adults, many EQ players, especially ones on these forums, lack critical thinking abilities and can only see things as black and white. Anything subjectively against a rule makes you a cheater, and all cheaters are equal, be it someone who accidentally did something in game that took advantage of a bug without knowing it or someone blatantly warping around death touching mobs.

    They will pick and choose what they personally deem to be cheating to suit their needs, because they are mentally children who just cant function at a more adult level.

    EDIT - This is not about anyone in particular, it is just how a lot of players in this game have proven to be.
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  10. Cheet Elder

    There were 3+ boxers everywhere from day 1.
    Why even play on that ruleset ?

    Rizlona opened at the same time. Unlimited boxing.

    No kool-aid here. I was a guild officer and the majority of our players 3+boxed.
  11. Cheet Elder

    how about when people type commands that are used in a 'cheat' program... accidently in game chat or discord?
    Ok or nah?
  12. Lejaun Augur

    How do you know what the cheat commands are? Experience with them?
  13. Cheet Elder

    I googled it as soon as I saw it and didn't recognize.

    Thought maybe it was a 'covfefe' moment.

    I was wrong.
  14. FranktheBank Augur

    I type /stick every day in hopes that one day EQ devs will secretly add the function.
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  15. kenmei Augur

    pvp would have solved this server issue. just saying. one way or the other, a solution would have been found through pvp.
    or you all could cry to the internet instead and hope your prayers are answered by the same people who are eating from the money/kronos given to by owners of the bots who are selling the PLS..
    ponder that.
  16. Sakuraba Augur

    Should have a server that is auto-flagged for PvP without actually advertising it, and have it be full loot PvP including your stashed Kronos.

    It would trigger an era of true Online Banditry.
  17. brickz Augur

    PvP would definitely solve the issue since there would be no players on the server to sell powerleveling to
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  18. Xhartor Augur

    I have to agree, a PVP server would not have a problem with people selling AE PLing for krono. The server needs to have player base for those services to be worth selling.
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