Yelinak is FULL of PLers

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Myrrdyn, Feb 19, 2023.

  1. Myrrdyn New Member

    I rarely post on forums even if i play since more then 20 years this game but this time i want to post a BIG CRY after Daybreak, On Yelinak we are litterally invaded by PLers and Kronos Powersellers.
    Nothing is done and zome zones are littlerally implayble cause theses PL groups agro ALL mobs in the zones.
    The economy has taken a way i havent seen on any TLP ...

    I respect players, boxers and most type of play but theses are litteraly a pain when entering in a zone and they are a TON. They affect my timeplay and i can see on general that i am far to be alone.
    PL messages in chanel general every seconds, all days, my ignore list is incredible ...
    Why nothing is done ?
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  2. phattoni Augur

    while i agree it is annoying to have to deal with, they technically arent breaking any rules other than maybe zone disruption.

    ive petitioned about it many times, nothing is ever done about it, they either cant do anything about it, or they just dont care, im leaning towards they just dont care.

    think this is bad, try camping named mobs in current expacs on some servers lol, there are litreally bot crews camping everything, you petition them, and they are still there botting 2 weeks later.

    its not like its hard to catch these people, they are blatant about what they are doing.

    at this point in time, i believe they just dont care about the health of the game, would you like to know why?? because they have no reason to.

    what you going to do, cancel your 1-6 accounts?? lol not a loss to them since the guy spamming that he is pling and doing zone disruption is paying for 18+ accounts.

    also these people dont even pay to play everquest, they have thousands of krono to start over when they get banned. its a never ending cycle.

    i think they should make it that you have to have an actual credit card on file before you can consume/buy/trade krono, but they wouldnt do that and the community would whine and cry if they did.

    tbh i wish krono didnt exist, these problems would not exist if it was not for krono, this is a problem caused by krono and continues to be a problem because of krono.

    and until something is done about krono, it will continue to be a problem.

    they either need to
    1. limit the amount of krono transactions an account can do in a certain time period.

    2. make krono tradable once then never tradable again.

    3. make krono non existant on TLPs till the expac they actually came into the game. this will solve the problem 100%, by the time krono go live, all the plers would have moved onto a new server to keep earning plat.

    and its not like these krono are doing good for the company, they end up on playerauctions for 10$ a pop, where stupid people buy them then get banned a few months later because of it and dont understand why.

    if the people on player auctions are anything like me, when i was playing wow i was selling gold, anytime i made a RTM gold transaction i would petition and report the person for buying gold lol...

    i got to keep the money, they lost their account, it was a win win for me.
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  3. Xhartor Augur

    This is one of those things that worse each new generations of TLP's. The PLers are section of krono farmers and that always recycles to the next TLP.

    The AE tactic they use is limited to mobs that are 55 and below. Since Yelinak is PoP, there should any zone disruption in PoP zones out side of PoI. At this point on Yelinak most of the market for PLing services is people level alts.

    It would help if they included LoY with Luclin, also unlocked the sub-max zones (Veksar, chardokb, CT revamp, ect) with Luclin.
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  4. Zrender Augur

    Can't stand them. They are the reason I stopped playing a couple times. They actually work in shifts and hand off the "team" to each other in a way that makes me really suspect that dpg is actually somehow contracting this out somehow as it's so "official"-like. At the very least it's some sweat shop that probably pays them like a buck or two a day or something. The cash they are making is huge. Multiple pick zones x $50-$60/hr x multiple "teams". Even if the company is just allowing this $5-$10k a day (during expansion releases) RMT to occur they still benefit from the selling of kronos. Or this could be an insider that knows the exact policy on this and is running a side hustle using some contracted help. If they aren't going to do anything about it then it'd be great if they could at least reverse the enc stun nerf that obviously had no effect on curbing the activity.
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  5. filthytlpplayer Lorekeeper

    Let's just set aside the whole "I sold gold in wow but I totally don't in EQ, honest" unlikeliness for a second. How is intentionally getting your customer banned a win win situation, and not just incredibly toxic behavior? Do you know what a win win situation is?
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  6. phattoni Augur

    it is incredibly toxic behaviour, but so is ruining a games economy by buying stuff that you didnt earn. which is why i report them, i find it funny.

    why would i sell gold in eq?? it would literally take me months of playing to make anything, wow i was making 200$ a week sometimes more.

    clearly you dont know what a win win is, it was a win for me, cause i got their hard earned stupidly spent money, it was another win for me, because the accounts were then banned removing the ill gotten gains from the game and saving the economy from being ruined.

    although i will agree i was ruining the economy of the game by selling the gold, i dont care though, it was world of warcraft and that game is literally garbage.

    i hope that all people that are buying gold/krono from third parties get banned. its good for the health of the game.
  7. phattoni Augur

    you must be one of the people buying krono from playeracutions... :D

    and well i was 25 when i was selling gold in wow, i made lots of cash doing it, i am now 42 and have better ways to make money. like a job...

    i also used to run bots in wow, and spam general all day selling gold.

    it was good times, got so many accounts banned for buying gold its not funny.
  8. Myrrdyn New Member

    I am not leveling an alt, i am with my main. As a casual player i came to Yelinak to be able to group with low level and play slowly. Ma character is level 50 actualy and doing a quest in Dulak Harbor. There was litteraly NO mobs ups and when they popep they were agroed by a Pler Bard 65. I stayed a bit thinking he will see me and will let some mobs .. noway .. he pulled like 30 mobs at a time and empty the zone in a minute .. so i left this zone to go elsewhere to get my items .. same .. so i have quit the game.
    Like you said they stay on low middle range but not all ,, zone like PON or Deep are infested by them.
    Daybreak dont care like many said but i see that many customers like me are bored seeking this and no answer from Daybreak. I am really thinking to play another game cause its not possible to play quietly.
  9. Aiona Augur

    The chat spam is annoying, I agree.

    As for the high levels pulling entire zones to PL people and/or KS your named mobs, it happens frequently.

    It's too bad we don't have any tools to combat behavior like this other than becoming the toxic thing we are trying to prevent.
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  10. Xhartor Augur

    The real way to combat something like is either have a wizard that just start blasting first and win the race against the wizard killing the mobs, or to add a bunch of mobs that are too high to be stunned on to there pull. Unfortunately if you are in Dulak neither of those are possible. The mobs in T2+ zones in PoP are generally too high of level for this kind of stuff, and the crowd of people selling this stuff will move on when I new TLP opens in May.
  11. phattoni Augur

    yea i had a similar experience with TLPs i have since moved back to live to avoid the tlp crowds.

    not much can be done about it, it ruins the game for many people and causes large amounts to quit, but yet nothing is done about it.

    im not sure if they are out of ideas or something, but it gets old quick when you are trying to level and all the zones are camped by plers or krono farmers camping all the named.

    makes for a not so enjoyable experience.

    ive never seen them do it in Dulaks, but im not surprised its the first and only zone in game where u can get blue diamonds off a level 36 mob. its a money pit.
  12. phattoni Augur

    would be nice if we had some sort of play nice rules or something.... wait a second...
  13. Kahna Augur

    I will applaud you for being wrong so boldly. Win win is not 2 wins for you, it's a win for each member of the transaction. Your situation is textbook win-lose. You defrauded people and none of what you did had any significant impact on the economy of your server.

    /ˈwin ˌwin/


    1. of or denoting a situation in which each party benefits in some way.
      "we are aiming for a win-win situation"
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  14. phattoni Augur

    it was a win win, it was a win for me cause i got free money and i got people banned, and it was a win for blizzard cause they got rid of someone who was breaking the rules ;)

    so what you got to say about that?? lol :p

    and after all my years of experience, ive learned im never wrong.

    next thing you guys are going to tell me i was wrong for posting on my guild forums about the guilds leader modifying dkp in his favour :)

    or hows about the time the dkp officer was doing blind bids and telling his buddy what the bids were so he could outbid you by 1 dkp everytime....
  15. Kahna Augur

    Yeah no. You stated win-win was two wins for you displaying a critical misunderstanding of the phrase. The two parties involved in this were you and the person you were entering a fraudulent transaction with. Blizzard was at best a third party and you were, arguably, the bigger negative impact on their game than some rando buying gold. You were participating in EULA violations just as much as the folks you were having banned, and you were losing them money by reporting the other accounts, after you had stolen from those individuals. I doubt many of those folks kept playing after being defrauded and losing their accounts.

    You were the only one benefiting from your scummy behavior. Both in selling gold and in reporting your customers, as though you weren't the source of the problem all along.

    Everyone is wrong some of the time. It is part of being human. Lacking the self awareness and critical thinking skills to admit when you were wrong and grow from the mistake is not something to brag about. I am also not sure what about your guildmates engaging in shady behavior makes you some how less wrong in this situation? Or what it has to do with the situation at all.
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  16. Lineater Augur

    Says the guy who thinks the term "money pit" refers to a literal pit of money.

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  17. SoandsoForumUser Augur

    If only there was some way to play a TLP after the power level teams leave.
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  18. RABKkehhalla Elder

    Just pvp them
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  19. Zrae Journeyman

    I was mindblown by the ammount of spam in general and other open channels of PL and loot sales. I thought sg bots were bad and let to do their thing but now we have been invaded by foreign companies open pl ing and you know they sell the krono.

    These guys can't even speak english they type/use pre set macros and just push it regardless of what you type to them. Come come 1 krono 2 hours fast fast.

    The item sellers also use tools like w.a.r.p and bot stuff, open sell literally all day and nothing happens?
  20. MaestroM Augur

    Speaking English is not, and should not be, a requirement to play this game in any capacity.
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