Yelinak: Any PST Guilds? / Saturdays?

Discussion in 'TLP Guild Recruitment' started by c313, Jun 1, 2022.

  1. c313 Augur

    Looking for a Guild, lvl 50 Mage. Experienced with all targets up to GoD cause bleh GoD.

    Anyways I am PST. Get home from works usually 6-7 PST (9-10 EST) so far every Guild I've seen is EST or at best for me, starts at 7-8 EST, which still putts me several hours late.

    Are there any Guilds with a PST or fairly laterish EST start time? I also have Saturdays off, and MAYBE will be getting Mondays off, so Sat/Mon EST could work for me. But just suprised to see 0 PST Guilds, at least through my half-hearted attempt at looking.
  2. TheDohn Augur

  3. Gashedeagle Elder

    You can check us out <Legacy in Progress>.
    We start raiding at 6pt. I know you said you don't get home until 6 to 7, but this might work for you as well. Our raid days are Sunday Wednesday and Thursday
  4. c313 Augur