Fixed Internally Yelinak and Random Loot

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by ViciousEQ, Aug 27, 2021.

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  1. ViciousEQ Elder

    Thornblade and Mischief TLPs

    1.) Yelinak currently represents a large portion of our random loot in the top tier, and seems to be rolling Yelinak lot too often. Does Yelinak have more weight than the other mobs?

    2.) Yelinak's Head and Neck currently only drop off Yelinak and not other bosses with the Random loot code. Other heads and necks from other bosses are present when their loot is observed. King Tormax, Dain Frostreaver etc. It stands to reason that Yelinak's best loot (Head and Neck) should be present when his loot is observed.

    3.) Yelinak is only dropping his own loot in instanced AoC DZs and does not drop any bonus loot. This does not seem randomized properly.
  2. Protocol Dragon Defender

    This is a major issue impacting every Mischief/Thornblade player and should be hotfixed as soon as possible.
  3. StrikeCity New Member

    Same issue for us. Please and thanks.
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  4. Barder-mangler Augur

    Pretty sure all of the above is actually an oversight and or/coding error, and not intended, because it makes no logical sense. At the very least, it should be consistent across mobs (Tormax/Dain etc).
  5. ViciousEQ Elder


    Here is a fine example of what is wrong with Yelinak.

    Observe here my guilds AoW kill this morning. About 60 minutes of effort from 90ish people, and it rolled a not even a full single Yelinak's worth of loot. As you see, No Yelinak's Head, no Yelinak's Talisman. At least with a Head/Talisman there would have been something useful, but this loot was all rolled out because it was all worthless loot. That's not even the issue though.

    The issue is two-fold:

    1.) Yelinak loot is appearing far too often for how terrible he is and how often he is killed, and how common he is.

    2.) For whatever reason, when Yelinak loot appears in the first loot pull when a mobs loot is decided, this does not trigger an additional loot pull from random loot. Why is it when Yelinak's loot rolls first, nothing else rolls?
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  6. Finchy Augur

    This needs attention, and quickly. Please address as soon as possible. it'd really be a bummer going into next week's DZs to experience the same mess as this week.
  7. ViciousEQ Elder

    Oh hey KT!


    Oh wait its Yeli...

    Wait where did his head go?

    Neck? Oh hmmmm cool...

  8. ViciousEQ Elder

    The fun continues.

    Oh hey its Tunare...right?


    Just kidding..2x Headless...2x Neckless Yelinaks after a full Growth clear.

    It certainly feels like we see Yelinak loot about 4 times more often than we should for a mob that shares loot with 5 other mobs! Makes you wonder why that might be...hmm
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  9. ViciousEQ Elder

    2x Yelinak Cazic Thule this time!

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  10. ViciousEQ Elder

    We are still avoiding our Yelinak instances until we hear some news on if his instanced version is resolved or not.

    I would advise other guilds do the same. Going up there for no random loot seems like a moodkiller for guilds.
  11. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Yup! by some dev's design 20 years ago there are 4 Yelinaks :/ We have a plan to do something about this, but it needs a patch.
    In the short term, we removed 3 of the 4 from Ranom Loot. BUT! that will make situation 3 below even worse. Yelinak will have a 1 in 4 chance of getting random loot, otherwise he only gets his own loot.
    Yeah well. So.. old game. An NPC can only hold 8 pieces of loot in the equivalent of player bag slots that NPCs have. They wanted to give him lots of stuff, but that wouls sometimes maen some thigns wouldn't drop.
    to remedy that, they took things from treasure tables and forced them on the body slots (NPCs have the same basic inventory players have) so they stock the head in the "head" slot (helm) BUT this is NOT a treasure table.

    randomized loot works on treasure tables.

    the fix is to move those body things to treasure tables, but it is also a "needs a patch" fix.
    I *may* see why this is happening. It also needs a patch. (I am guessing from looking at data until I have more time to test things,. It looks like the Yerlinak in progression instance may be the Yelinak from the dragons dragons dragons raid, not the base Yelinak, and the dragons dragons dragons raid NPCs were not included. It SHOULD have base Yelinak (it has both! have people said they find 2 in the AoC instance?))
  12. Arhok House of Embertune

  13. ViciousEQ Elder

    So if I understand this right, as of right now and going forward until this is patched, Yelinak has a 1 in 4 chance to be random loot in open world, and no chance inside the instance.

    Conversely, King Tormax, Vulak, Tunare, Cazic Thule, and The Avatar of War will be less likely to drop Yelinak loot...hopefully 3 times less likely to not roll Yelinak loot.

    Also is this hot fixable, or will this have to wait until the September patch? My only concern is that we only get 2 months of Velious being current content. =\
  14. suinegEQ Elder

    Yes this is a thing that happens periodically on Mischief.
  15. ViciousEQ Elder

    We sat an alt in the DZ and a second popped after 90 minutes of the zone being up.
  16. Catashe Augur

    I mean this is not part of the bug report but i just gotta ask.. how in the WORLD did this game ever run.. 4 Yelis.. having to put drop items on body slots to make sure they drop... I swear people give you devs grief but just keeping this game running.. my goodness...
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  17. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    But it worked, the dev found a way to have more loot on a named than the item limitations of the loot table. Nice thinking outside the box. :)
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  18. ShaggyG Lorekeeper

    Since we would pretty much have yeli loot guaranteed by killing yeli for now, would it be possible to just take him completely out of the random pool until this is patched? Not much fun to have him in the rest of the t1 loot, especially without his head or neck when we can't get the rest of the t1 loot for killing him in my opinion.
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  19. ViciousEQ Elder

    Lets be honest, he's 1 groupable and has trash loot. Him existing in the Tier 1 loot table to begin with is a total joke period.
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  20. theonepercent Augur

    Getting a raid to the top of skyshrine is equal to clearing ntov. Vulak itself is no harder than Yelinak should he be taken off t1 too?
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