Yard trash that summons - most content unusable

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by PotatoPowa, Jun 24, 2018.

  1. PotatoPowa Journeyman

    This might be posted in the wrong forum, apologies if so.

    Just curious as to why it is necessary for yard trash mobs that con light blue to summon, making root rotting them impossible, and thus locking solo players out of the majority of the game's content?

    There are not tons of exp groups for the completion of daily quests. 91 druid here and I'm already sick to death of the grounds in HoT. Looking for somewhere new to hunt I check out Arthicrex, which is the daily quest zone. Lblue mob I'm supposed to kill summons. Why!?!? It's yard trash. What is the point of this mechanic? Quest impossible to solo. Back to the grounds for more mind numbing grind of the same **&*ing mobs yet again...?

    Daybreak, please reconsider this outdated mechanic which was introduced 18 years ago into what was then a very, very different game. EQ is now a solo game for most of the leveling process. I'd say confining players to a very small handful of zones for that grind is unwise if you want them to remain interested in the game.
  2. Frogbert New Member

    Summoning is most definitely overused (as are stun/charm/root/snare/mez/pacify immunities).

    That said, since you're a druid, you can charm in a fair amount of zones (including Arthicrex) if you need something to hold the target for you.

    Alternatively, a tank merc might be good if you don't want to charm. Losing a bit of experience by grouping with the merc still seems like a better option than your scenario of not being able to kill what you want.

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