Not A Bug Xygoz's Fear in Veeshan's Peak 2.0 Fear behaving strangely

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Coletricklw, Sep 28, 2020.

  1. Coletricklw Journeyman

    We decided to take on VP 2.0 on Mangler and came across some very strange behavior.

    The spell data for Xygoz's Dragon Bellow ability shows that it is single target (I know this cannot always be trusted because of parser interpretation, but I've seen it the same way from two different sites). However, if I bring a paladin in and he has aggro locked down and anyone is assisting him (healing, slowing, nuking, meleeing), they will get the fear cast on them. If I bring in my paladin and only self heal and have the other person do nothing (so not get on the hatelist), they are fine. But, again, targettype is Single, not NPC Hatelist.

    I also see some strange behavior. Xygozwill cast Dragon Bellow three times in a row every time, no matter if only one person is there or my whole group. What's even more strange is that sometimes I resist it multiple times in a row on a class without Fearless AA or using the Fearless discipline. See the picture I will hopefully attach below. But this spell is a -1000 resist check, so it doesn't make sense that a character with 250ish base MR could resist it three times out of six. Additionally, I never see the text about being feared, so there's nothing but the spell icon that shows the spell landed.

    I don't understand this behavior. Is this the intended behavior? An unresistable AE fear on a 15 second timer seems amazingly hard for this level of content. It seems disproportionate to the other raid named in VP 2.0 and the way the fear spell is behaving seems to be at odds with the data/description of it.
  2. Coletricklw Journeyman

  3. Coletricklw Journeyman

    Oh, I also forgot important information that the spell's no_npc_los is 0, which should allow the fear to be walled even if it was an AE. However, I can put my healer behind the doors to Xygoz's room and after she starts healing, she will get feared. I placed them all along the walls such that at least Remedy was still in range, and would always get feared after healing.

    See this for rough location:


    Also, I know a lot of people put Xygoz in 1.0 in a different place, but in 2.0 he leashes when he goes down the ramp to the doorway.
  4. Skuz Augur

    FYI I do not think many or any door blocks LoS and not even every wall does.
  5. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    It is done via script, which breaks many spell rules.
    It is cast three times on 3 random entities on it's hatelist. I don't see any duplication limits, nor entity type limits, so it ends up 1 to 3 people. I expect pets are immune to fear? so it could hit them and they would be unaffected.
    You are correct that this seems harsh, but it also looks as intended.
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  6. Coletricklw Journeyman

    Oh, very interesting. Thank you for the insight -- it definitely explains the behavior I was seeing. I didn't realize scripts could override spell rules like that. Will have to try some different tactics next time!

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