XP Scaling, XP Bonuses per zone on TLP Servers

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  1. Tapies New Member

    General question:
    I've noticed that dropping a red mob would give me less xp than a lower difficulty mob - perhaps a way the system is trying to guide me to stay closer to my level range. Is that what's happening, or are the mobs manually entered XP on a DB somewhere a bit all over the place?

    Re: XP bonuses per zone - is it resulting from DB entry inconsistencies, or is it a thing?
    I was talking with someone last night and they were finding they were getting significantly more xp from a blue mob where they were than from the yellow mob elsewhere.

    I am certainly going to be looking to group as much as I can on Mischief, but when I solo I'd like to be relatively efficient with my game time when I'm trying to level up, so any insights/advice on these subjects is welcome.

    If you're on Mischief, my toon is Rahnar, a lowbie Barb Shaman, hope to run into you out there!
  2. Gnothappening Augur

    If you can find a place to plow dark blues, that will be your best option. Reds and such usually give a little more exp, unless you hit the exp per kill cap, but it just isn't worth it in downtime and effort usually. Kill reds to say you did it, but lay waste to dark blues for rapid EXP.

    EDIT: As for the exp per zone. Different zones have different ZEMs. In PoP for example, if you can get into fire, that is the best zone for the average player.
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  3. Ambee Elder

    What? Reds and yellows are much better exp than blues. It's not even close
  4. Tapies New Member

    Hi Ambee - its wierd I have to see if I can reproduce the strange XP disparity I experienced between a red and a yellow, it threw me off. I was thinking 'so I had to burn everything I have to get through that (as I'm not very geared up) and the xp increase was only that?' then I hit the lower con mob and it seemed to be a far better bang for buck xp wise.

    It seems like hitting blues (all blues are dark I'm guessing, didn't see a shade difference) is the most efficient xp to downtime ratio for me right now but I'm hoping to gear up enough where that's true with lower level yellows.
  5. Tarvas Redwall of Coirnav, now Drinal

    XP over time is always the best way to go. If your playstyle is kill a few mobs, then do something in real life, come back and kill a few, then killing yellows and reds may be a good way to go. If on the other hand, you sit-down and go until the end of your session, then LB and DBs are the way to go.

    When levels start to take a while, a simple experiment using your lesson will show you what the best strategy is for you as you divide xp gained by mobs (note their con) killed over that period. Regardless of the best zone/mob type, generally killing something somewhere is better than killing nothing nowhere.
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  6. Xhartor Augur

    A lot of it has to do with kill rate, mod density and respawn timer. The general objective is to find an area where it easy to keep mobs in camp with as little time lost to pulling. This is what makes "Fibblebrap 5: The Rescue" from DoDh probably the best exp zone in game while you are in the proper level range. It has a 6 minute respawn timer, and it easy to keep a heavy flow incoming.

    Low mob HP allows the splitpaw revamp that unlocks with LDoN to pass Plane of Fire in exp(mob are little higher level too). It also why SoF zones are better exp then SoD during the SoD expansion.
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  7. Tarvas Redwall of Coirnav, now Drinal

    I usually have good success doing tutorial till 10, then CR till 20, BFM till 42, Velks till 62, and then work my way through SoF. Zeka is good till 90 - 92. It just depends on what expansions are available.
  8. Terranos Elder

    Probably should reread the thread title and which forum this was posted in.

    Personally at low levels I find that killing white and yellow cons was the most efficient, even if you can kill reds the extra effort didn't result in any more experience.

    Once you get the the stage where killing white/yellow is too much hassle, when you reach this depends on class, then switch to going for dark blues. Light blues should be absolutely avoided if possible.

    Also ZEM is a big factor in where the best xp over time can be found, couple of threads of recent testing can be found here.

    Zone Experience Modifiers. some data. | EverQuest Forums

    ZEM Information | EverQuest Forums

    Generally dungeons are the best xp, but some outdoor zones are also decent and better than others.
  9. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    ZEM is less of a big deal than people think, as others have pointed out how good a zone is to XP in will depend on a multitude of factors, mob density, mob hp/ac, respawn speed, your group composition.

    ZEM matters of course, but only as part of the mix, plenty of zones can have great ZEM & be cleared out so fast the xp/hour is not good, while others can have a poor ZEM but due to density & respawn speed they can be great.

    I'm not sure what the original intent of ZEM were, some say they were put in to make harder content more rewarding but truth is that the implimentation was so haphazard & inconsistent the intent was lost.

    The current team have little to no interest in such mechanics now though, the design of EQ after a certain point actually works to make mob xp almost entirely irrelevant so I would not expect them to do much to make the ZEM table more meaningful.

    Ideally ZEM should have been based on a few parameters, distance from a travel point being the first one, difficulty reaching it being next, the difficulty of the zone itself & how easy or hard it is to escape it without a Druid/Wizard, then considerations for mob TTK (time-taken to kill) & density/respawn.

    Because in EQ each dev was given a zone to work on the cohesiveness of ZEM was never very good to begin with and even though various teams have had a stab at that it's still kinda messy & inconsistent.

    All of that said, killing a Red-con should on a one kill of each con in the same zone basis reward more experience than a lower con in the same zone.
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  10. Fluid Augur

    +1 and something to remember is the earlier the zone is in expansions, the softer the MOBs hit and the fewer hit points they have ~mostly. The trade off is the loot is pretty bad. Old zones like The Hole, OOT elite goblins, are IMO better for most leveling up to 50ish if you don't need equipment. Some of the new low level dungeons are OK. Since this is about Mischief they are already in PoP.
  11. Tarvas Redwall of Coirnav, now Drinal

    That why I said it depends on what expansions are available, though you are right that given the op is on Mischief with a lowbie barb shaman it wasn't really relevant to the discussion.