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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Pappasalt, Oct 14, 2021.

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  1. Pappasalt Augur

    Hiya, said I'd wait to see the aa xp gain before I continued commenting about xp on these tlps.

    So doing some testing it looks like right now with boost and pot you can get around 3-4% aa per kill give or take pending on location. Looks like it's going to be about 2% aa per kill without any boosts or pots and about 1 aa per 30 mins of quality grinding (I'm talking a regular group no ae manipulating tactics or anything).

    That means to cap aa in Luclin you're looking at about 150-200 hours of gameplay being generous...that's not really counting group setup/travel/etc just the 3-4 hours of straight xp grinding every day for the next 60 days.

    Now as I said in my prior post before I saw the numbers I'd like to suggest again a small increase, perhaps the 50% we have now we keep as base, to the base xp of the servers. I don't expect Selo tlp speed or anything or to finish aa's immediately but that's a lot of gameplay (mind you were still not counting raid hours on top of that or anything else) for something that is to be a casual stroll through the past lol.

    P.S. - Mathematically this is more hardcore/time input than Selo atm lol.
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  2. Draconum Elder

    Two things:

    1) Just because there is a potential of x amount of AA's you're able to obtain during this content does not mean you 'HAVE' to obtain it during this content. I recall even when they were originally released you had to pick your 'top' AA's to grind for in between raids, farming, etc and then if you happened to get them all you'd start to pick your secondaries.

    2) You mentioned this was a 'regular group content' run but that's a pretty vague statement. Not all groups are created equally, my group with two enchanters does great in most zones but if my brother decides to log his two monks on in his groups setup they'll probably kill a bit faster than myself and at a more steady rate.

    Long story short - an exp bump would be neat but it cuts into their potion sales and increases burnout time for a good portion of player base since they will hit caps much faster than just log on for raids and complain on the forums about 'not fast enough unlocks'.
  3. Pappasalt Augur

    1. Im aware but this will only get worse even with the god bump.

    2. I enjoy that you listed running two of the top two dps in your examples lol.
  4. Captain Video Augur

    The base XP rates are considered part of the ruleset; they are locked for the life of the server and will not change. The next XP bump on Mischief/Thornblade will happen at GoD. You can certainly lobby for an XP rate revision for the next TLP cycle.

    If you're raiding on a TLP, then it's not a "casual stroll through the past", as you put it; it's a non-sequitur. 100 hours/month sounds about right for anyone who is seriously trying to be a competitive raider. There is no obligation to raid on a TLP, anyone can choose to play more casually, and then the time commitment is somewhat lower. Getting all possible AAs in-era was rare, and that was in a six-month window. Why would you expect a server designed to recreate the earlier experience to be any different? We already play with a MUCH higher XP rate than they did in-era.

    Consider the alternative of playing on a Live server, where you can traverse legacy content at your leisure, and take as much time as you like to complete the progression milestones.
  5. jeskola pheerie

    Deja Vu... This happens every Luclin release. AA xp sucks in Luclin. It doesn't get decent until POP. In the meantime, stick to Chardok Kennels or Velks Castle
  6. Xanadas Augur

    I don't think the design intent was for "everyone to get all AAs in-era". They give you choices, which imply priority. They want you to have a sense of choice. AA was originally installed to give max-level players something to do that would increase the replay-ability of the game - for a looong time. Yes it's a LOT of hours to "max aa" - that is definitely the intent.

    That being said, I would assert there is still a serious flaw in the way they grant AAXP. That being that some places give better XP than others (durrrr - hear me out), making those the defacto grind spots and making other places undesirable. Why would anyone knowingly grind somewhere that gave worse XP? 3% per kill vs 2% per kill is 33% more grind time for the same AA. Those places become ghost-towns and the content there becomes extremely stale. IMO, either increase the AAXP rate to be so generous that a slight difference in AAXP per kill becomes something you can overlook. Players would grind AA against they favorite mobs, or in their favorite zone/scenery, or some other aspect that makes the game fun for them. If every kill gave 12% in the "good" zones vs "10%" in the so-so zones. People wouldn't care about the 2% loss - they'd go where they like playing, they'd have a good time doing it, and they'd keep playing the game more. Players would spread out instead of fighting over Grieg's End Gates camp.

    But alas, what do I know, I've only played the game for 20 years....
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  7. Elabone Augur

    You will have 5 months of PoP. If youre not capped with 100 banked going into GoD its because you didnt try. GoD has like 200 AA for each class (most have less) which means you will cap within a few weeks.

    As the expansions continue, you get much much much more exp per kill, and the kill time remains the same. Every person on this server that cares will be capped going into Omens. Youre asking for the fire department to come put out a fire because you lit a candle. Calm down.
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  8. Pappasalt Augur

    Well lets see, no the xp is not "locked" it has been adjusted on TLPs before after release.

    As for the comment about how this is to "recreate the original experience" lmao. This isn't even close...I could go on and on about what is in this game now that wasn't back in the day (glyphs, ext target, raid window??) lol.

    To cover a lot of the other posts...hi my name is Pappasalt...I know when experience gets boosted, I know how many aa's are in almost every expansion thanks to google and prior experience, and I know that most of you are the one's who either didn't touch Selo because it was "too fast" or normally leave post GoD or so because it's not the content you know and krono farming drops off.

    So, I am looking out for the long haul. And as I said above this is more time input than Selo. This is Mangler experience with faster unlocks but no increase in xp.
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  9. HekkHekkHekk Augur

    XP increase never matters on these when the population is dead after PoP.
  10. Tweakfour17 Augur

    After GoD isn't the unlock schedule the same as Phinny/Coirnav/Mangler? So not really accelerated beyond "normal" ?
  11. Elabone Augur

    But youre not asking for EXP to be adjusted starting in Omens when AA count actually becomes something challenging. Youre asking for it to be adjusted now.

    So you say you know blah blah blah but your proposal doesnt indicate that. If you want to resubmit the proposal and ask for an adjustment to be made post GoD, thats not a terrible idea, although still not needed imo.
  12. Accipiter Old Timer

    At least there aren't any of the old prerequisites. Used to be you had to spend X number of AAs on the General tab before you could get to the good stuff.
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  13. Allworth Elder

    I agree with the OP. I think the current Mischief experience rate doesn't feel right and is too low. It's impeding my enjoyment of the MMO and making it feel like a punishing grind. No wonder all kinds of services are available for players to go AFK and get AoE experience boosting are cropping up. Necessity is the mother of invention.

    EQ TLP devs change things on the fly and ad hoc basis all the time. It doesn't make sense that the current rate of experience is somehow cast in stone and unchangeable. This reminds me of the misguided P1999 philosophy where even unfixed bugs and half baked features are somehow are seen as canonical and beloved "features" when in reality they are mechanics that are an annoyance and should be addressed.

    I see nothing wrong with Darkpaw polling Mischief/Thornblade players and asking them the following:

    Mischief TLP Rules Experience Poll Question:

    1. Do you think Mischief/Thornblade rate of experience is fine as it is?

    2. Do you think Mischief/Thornblade rate of experience is too low?

    3. Do you think Mischief/Thornblade rate of experience is too high?

    Let those who are paying to be part of the new TLP servers via the All Access Pass at least have some input.
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  14. Captain Video Augur

    Not a wise argument to make in this forum, since it is a bannable offense.

    EQ TLPs have been introduced every year for the last five years, and there were others before that. Player feedback on XP levels has been continuous throughout that period. Devs set base XP levels for each cycle based on what they believe the (vast) majority of the player base wants. Just because you are new to this format and think it should be something else does not automatically make yours the majority view. I strongly suggest that you play at least one TLP cycle past GoD and then see if it's still as bad as you think. As I have said before, if you want to lobby for something different in next year's cycle, feel free.

    Every player on every TLP is an All-Access subscriber.
  15. Dono27 Journeyman

    OP is trying to preserve the server populations for a post GoD world; thus, the need for a change to XP now.

    The problem seems fairly obvious to me. If you aren’t keeping up with current content, then you’ll be almost completely left behind, looking for groups in empty zones. Attrition is exponential. In other words, not everyone *can* invest 100/hours a month, and there is no reason that the standard needs to be so high. If you want to spend 100 or more hours a month in the game, that’s great. There’s plenty of other things to do besides xp. The xp rate doesn’t have to be such a significant factor.

    Server populations had been great because a lot of people came back to the game after long breaks. These are the players that will be lost, because they likely cannot invest that amount of time. The game isn’t better for losing those people. The game suffers.
  16. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I started a Shaman on Phinigel when it first opened but the slow XP made me say F that after only a day and so I waited until GoD unlocked there to play a zerker skipping everything prior to that.

    Shortly before Omens had unlocked I was 65 and had a decent amount of of AA, before I was out of Omens I was capped - though granted this was because I had grinded my face off over a 3 day double XP weekend to catch up only sleeping 4 hours a night.

    Worrying about AA in Luclin is pointless to be honest.
    On live I recall maxing my Warrior's AA out in Planes of Power in only 4 months once I had joined a good guild and that was at a fairly relaxed pace.

    You think you need faster AAXP, but you really don't, would it be nice? Sure it might let you roll an alt perhaps and be able to keep it up to date.
  17. Gnothappening Augur

    Remember that PoP is basically going to be 4 months long. So any AA you are lacking you will have plenty of time to make up.
  18. Captain Video Augur

    The history of prior TLP cycles directly contradicts this. Mangler did not collapse at GoD, there were and continue to be many active guilds. Most are raiding but not everyone. Aradune/Rizlona have recently unlocked GoD and their populations remain solid. (I play on Aradune, btw.) The mass exodus that happens on every TLP past PoP is almost entirely made up of the zerg guilds and Krono farmers who all shift to the next TLP cycle as soon as it opens. There are fringe elements in every cycle who will come to these forums and whine "I don't like the ruleset, I'm quitting unless you change everything around to suit me personally," to which the TLP veteran response is pretty much always "Can I have your stuff?"

    GoD is itself an excellent entry point into the game, and it is quite straightforward to both level and grind AAs to cap during the 70 stretch. TSS is another excellent starting point, with a comprehensive level 1 zone for solo players, plenty of Defiant gear, and the unlocking of hotzones up to 65. The myth that you can't start later and catch up is just that, a myth. Plus, you don't have to invest 100 hours/month to enjoy the game on a TLP, for the simple reason that it is not necessary to raid on a TLP. There are group-content players on every server; you just don't see them moaning and groaning on these forums, because the bottleneck issues for endgame and in-era epic content don't affect them.

    Theoretically at least, the time investment concern will be even less of an issue on the random loot servers going forward, since there will be a lot more high-end loot available in the bazaar that a casual player won't have to grind for. Your bottleneck will be how much plat you have, and we'll have to wait several more expansions before any of us really knows how this server ruleset economy is going to sort itself out. The alarms being sounded by you and the OP are incredibly premature, IMHO.
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  19. theonepercent Augur

    Exp was adjusted on Selo after it launched, no reason it can't happen again.
  20. Captain Video Augur

    Selo was advertised at launch as being a "Fast Progression Server", which means it had a big XP boost all along. The fact they tweaked that % a bit after launch (because it launched at Luclin, not Classic) has no relevance to any other TLP whose ruleset includes standard XP. It ain't gonna happen.
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