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  1. Zamiam Augur

    how bout some xp bonus for the servers being unavailable all day .. or better yet 25% off marketplace so i can buy a 75% xp pot (which i usually do not do) so i can use it next time i can play .. cause more than likely you'll have the bonus during a time I will not be able to play.. but it sure would be nice..
  2. Vdidar Augur

    aren't you quitting?
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  3. Zamiam Augur

    show me a post today where i said i was quiting ?
  4. Maedhros Augur

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  5. segap Augur

    I suppose that could just mean you're going to play for free, but it sure implies quitting
  6. Zamiam Augur

    well you know what they say about Assuming !! :p
  7. Vdidar Augur

    I’m sure companies always give someone free stuff after they are threatened. Last I checked this isn’t DirecTv.
  8. Zamiam Augur

    for some reason you keep trying to put words that I never uttered .. I was not threatening in anyway ..
  9. Troubadurix Journeyman

    Well, a double xp bonus weekend or such would definately be welcomed :)
  10. Dunkle New Member

    pretty disgusting how whiney this player base is
  11. feeltheburn Augur

    good luck with that. #justplay
  12. Roxxors Journeyman

    I got a deal for him. If he sends me a 50 cent stamp and a self addressed envelope, I will send him back a quarter for the 25 cents he lost today. Deal?
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  13. Troubadurix Journeyman

    Well... tbh, seen from an objective standpoint, your post is pretty toxic as well.

    Why not let him want what he wants, without having to verbally assault him?
  14. YellowBelly Augur

  15. Jontrann Augur

    This right here, shows you why you should stay away from coirnav.
  16. Zoso Journeyman

    While there is some whining, I think it's acceptable to be upset about losing access to something you pay for.
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  17. Zamiam Augur

    hey new member , I do not play on TLP . so no worries there.. I at least can stop paying and still play for free on my server.. you however can not , unless you go to live ..

    why dont you go post and be silent in the TLP forums .. move along
  18. Aurmoon Augur

    You do NOT pay for 24/7 uptime. You pay for access to the game when it is available. Downtime due to patches is absolutely NOT something that takes away something you pay for. In fact, it should be expected that there will be significant downtime, at least once a month, for patches. You’re welcome to be upset that the game isn’t available 24/7, but that is not what you bought.
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  19. Zamiam Augur

    I fully expect downtime sometimes significant downtime .. I do not expect to be told 2 hours and 17 hours later with hardly any communication from the devs , yes they did communicate but barely .. thats what I'm upset about ..

    And the dev's have been playing/working on this game as long as me and they know the player base you would think they would of learned by now to COMMUNICATE to us .. it is GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE..

    if they had just come on the forums and said " hey guys sorry for the mishap were having tech difficulties and game will prolly be down for the rest of the day .. " That would of been ok by me and I would of had more respect for the devs than i do atm .. all because they did not COMMUNICATE EFFICIENTLY.. a few extra minutes a few extra words goes a long way .. an apology goes a long way .. even if it was not their fault (which I'm sure it was not) what was their fault was lack of C/S ..
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  20. Aurmoon Augur

    Your request in the initial post was double XP or an XP potion discount in exchange for the servers being unavailable for the day. In fact, the title of this post reads “XP Bonus for the down time.” Nowhere did you mention poor communication being the reason for your request for recompense. You should work on your communication because it is confusing to some of us why you feel you deserve these things.
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