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    Server: Xegony

    Website: https://roiguild.org

    Time Zone: U.S. East Coast (Standard: UTC -5, Daylight: UTC -4)

    Raiding Schedule:
    • During farm mode, our schedule is condensed to just Sundays from 6:30PM Eastern until approximately 9:30 - 10:00PM Eastern. We'll complete a full clear of NOS raids during this time.

    • In the event of a time-locked progression system, we will raid on the release of each new tier. This will give everyone ample notice (typically 30 days at a bare minimum) to schedule and plan ahead. We will then switch back to Sunday evening raids to fill out the overwhelming majority of the farm time between tiers.

      Unlikely as it may be, it's important to understand how our schedule changes if raids ever revert to a flag-based progression system. In this case, we typically raid on launch day and as close to lockouts as possible thereafter until the expansion is completed, although some exceptions to the rule can and do apply. Please note that this can sometimes result in raiding on weekends and/or weekdays, and possibly even during the morning hours, too. While these oddly-timed raids are scheduled well in advance, it's not necessarily a deal breaker if you cannot guarantee your attendance.

      You are strongly encouraged to contact a member of leadership if there are questions or concerns about your availability during progression.

    Guild Information:
    • Realm of Insanity is an end-game, current-content raiding guild on the Xegony server. The guild was formed at the start of the Combine progression server in June of 2006, and since that time we have progressed through all raid content at unprecedented speeds. To this day, RoI holds the title of every server-wide first completion since its transition to a Live server during Underfoot in 2009.

      In short, our passion for raiding and raid progression is rivaled by very few guilds game-wide, and we are constantly looking to augment our ranks with highly skilled, highly dedicated, and highly motivated raiders.

    Application Requirements

    • You must be level 120 with a highly competitive AA count (i.e., there is no "magic number," but we do expect our applicants to have maximum ranks of the most important lines that allow them to be competitive). Progressing your character outside of raids to obtain epics, clicky items, achievements, etc., that provide your character a competitive edge is also encouraged.
    • The use of Discord is non-negotiable. It's not a requirement to speak, but it is a requirement to be on the server and listening during raid time. It's important to note that tanks will be required to speak in Discord as their timely communication is sometimes vital to success.
    • It is strongly recommended that you use GINA and/or EQ Log Parser to track the various different audio triggers and emotes that can occur during raids. You can use another program or method if you wish, but you alone will be responsible for the upkeep and troubleshooting of that software.
    • Prior raid experience is not a requirement. Instead, we are much more interested in your love of the game, your ability to adapt, and your ability to take instruction. Many top-tier players have needed to adjust to our style and pace, and we cannot stress enough how much more important it is to have an open mind, a competitive attitude, and a desire to be one of the best. There are plenty of skilled players whom are willing to coach, so all you have to do is meet us halfway by asking questions and "putting out!"

    Recruitment Needs
    [ Updated 2023-06-13 ]
    • All exceptionally-skilled players of any class, with the heaviest emphases on (in no particular order):

      Shadow Knight

    Contact Information

    • Leadership: Aldryn, Astralx, Fllint, Piemastaj, Reisil, Sancus, Shennron, Tolzol
    • Contact: Please try searching for any of the above names in-game. You are also encouraged to contact Astral, Tolzol, Reisil, and/or Aldryn on Discord. Their usernames are astralx64, tolzol, .reisil, and aldryn, respectively. These messages will go directly to our phones and drastically reduce the response time if no one is available in-game.

    NOTE: If you are a cross-server applicant, please ensure your application is accepted before transferring your character.
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    If you have interest in applying from a different server, its a good chance to get to know some of us on beta, hit me up if you see me on.
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    You should probably add Kim and Q back to your roster.
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  8. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    Forum Quest Champion Sancus likes Vaseline on toast.
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    /Sheex, please.
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  10. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.


    But seriously though, Sancus taught me everything I know about life, including the best things to put on toast. Good luck with le recruiting gents.
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    Can I get high and update the website, he pondered menacingly.
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    Hi all my short term ROI friends
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    Been a while.
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    Possible Tank recruit on Povar server willing to move... lvl 110 31k AA mix of RK II and III discs only missing 2 ROS raid items for gear ranked #7 for ac 5th for hp on Magelo...have discord and mumble... here every single day looking for peers and sensei's!
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    TBL down.

    RoI is recruiting!
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    G4 needs a bard pst
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    What about shaman? Everyone needs a shaman :)
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    TBL is completed. Clerics and Bards where you at?!
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